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Transsexuals in the military? Don’t make me laugh.

President Trump, that’s president in case some of you filthy lefties had forgotten that he won, president Trump banned transsexuals today from serving in the US military. The media are collectively losing their shit like this is a betrayal of American values or something, when in reality the law was only brought in several months ago on the ass-end of that Obama fucktard of a presidency, and it had a veto date of a year.

But to the media, which means to the left, anything that they bring in is “American values” and anything which the right brings in is “evil and hateful and bigoted and awful”. Or something like that.

Whomever the fuck it was that thought it would be a good idea to get mentally deranged lunatics who think they are the opposite sex to be intimately involved in a career that requires you to mercilessly kill the other guy before he gets you, needs to be trussed up on a rail and ridden out of town with feathers falling off him.

It’s not that I hate trannies. I don’t hate them because they don’t usually come up on my daily thought pattern. That’s how far beneath me they are. They are literally bottom dwellers who should be in a mental institution. That was the whole point of Klinger in M*A*S*H, wasn’t it? He wanted to get of the war and get back stateside on the technicality of being a raving fucking loony and his out clause was to wear high heels, knickers, and a dress. Now they’re using him as a poster boy for the trannies in the military who want their rights back.

Want their rights back? What the fuck? You don’t get rights because you want to dress up as Dolly Parton. And how do you discriminate against trannies? They’re not a race. They should be shamed at every opportunity. You’re supposed to be a man but you put on lipstick and mascara and you dress up in women’s clothes and you totter down the street with your calf muscles bulging with the strain, and you look like a fucking nutcase and stay the fuck away from me and my children.

What’s so hard about that? It seems perfectly fucking obvious to me. Can you imagine being in the armed forces and your commanding officer is a trannie? What sort of fucked up shit would that be? Here you are, you’re in your landing craft crashing through the freezing chop off Omaha Beach, machine gun bullets zipping overhead, the landing craft just next to you takes a direct hit with mortar fire killing everyone inside in a bloody pulp of burnt flesh and bone, the beach is getting closer and closer, and just as the coxswain lets down the ramp and thus exposes you all to the enemy fire which has a really high chance of killing you right then and there, you hear the shrill and unedifying tones of Lieutenant Sandy Wilson who spent most of the morning putting his fucking lipstick on as he calls out from the back of the landing craft,

“Go on, my boys! And show these beastly Germans that we are going to give them what for! And .. oops! … my hat blew off! Someone get that for me. Private Jones! Private Jones, I want you to swim over there and get my hat. I don’t care how heavy your kit is Private Jones, I purchased that hat at Harrods and it is pure silk. Go and get it right this minute or I shall put you on report.”

I mean, I’d just turn around and shoot the prick between the eyes right then and there.

The funniest thing about Trump throwing these low life scumbags out of the military has been the reaction around the world from other armed forces.

In response, Rear Admiral Burton of the Royal Navy tweeted: “As a Royal Navy LGBT champion and senior warfighter I am so glad we are not going this way.”

And Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Jonathan Woodcock tweeted: “So proud of our transgender personnel. They bring diversity to our Royal Navy and I will always support their desire to serve their country.

“I suspect many who doubt the abilities of our diverse service personnel might be more reluctant to serve than they are to comment.”

In February, the Army’s LGBT champion, Lieutenant General Patrick Sanders said: “Only if individuals are free to be themselves can we release the genie of their potential.”

Can anyone tell me, and this is a serious question, can anyone tell me what the fuck an LGBT champion is? Do they have races and stuff to sort it out? And senior warfighter? This the Royal Navy remember. The same crowd who got taken hostage by a bunch of camel fuckers back in 2007 and have about 3.6 ships in total which means they’re basically a jobs program for the unemployed.

And look, it’s the old “diversity is our strength” routine. Is that the same kind of diversity like hiring a Somalian to tote a gun around while wearing a police uniform who shoots women in her nighty through the fucking car door? Is that the kind of diversity that you mean? How exactly is that your strength? How is this diversity going to help you out the next time some awful nasty Iranian naughty boys go and take you hostage again? Are you going to cause them to laugh themselves to death? Or are you going to put on some cabaret show and somehow bridge the gap between warring nations and get everyone to be sodomites together?

Mock them. Shame them. Laugh at them. Cause them to slink away and cower in the dead of night where they belong. They have no place and no right to live amongst the clean and good. They are diseased of the mind and of the flesh. And if you’re counting on them to protect your country from foreign aggressors then you’re just about as crazy as they are.



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  1. bob sykes

    DSJ. Transsexuals are literally insane and are in urgent need of psychiatric care. It is an absolute disgrace that the psychiatric profession refuses to treat them. People rant on about Baby Gard, but the refusal to treat transsexuals is the same thing.

    • Presumably Livingstone

      The psychiatric industry is a major part of the problem, not the solution. It is a psych-warfare program designed to topple the West. Look into the ethnic background of many notable individuals in the field, historically and today, and you will surely begin to see a pattern. There is no such thing as “mental illness”, nor “chemical imbalances”. Madness is a spiritual problem, and it requires spiritual solutions.

      Read those and see if you can begin to put 2 and 2 together. Be advised, this monstrosity did take root in Soviet Russia, but its origins are not Russian. Just look for the overwhelming preponderance of one particular ethnic group. In all political, cultural, spiritual/religious, and economic/financial matters, always “consider the source”. Who is the individual you are dealing with? What are his loyalties, beliefs, and motives? Never give anyone the “benefit of the doubt”. Stereotypes tend to be true, not false.

      • Steve

        Why don’t you just say it?

        Heil Hitler!

      • Mr Black

        Do you mean the Jews? Don’t beat around the bush, if you want to be anti-semitic, just claim it.

      • Presumably Livingstone

        To Steve and Mr. Black, since I can’t reply to your comments, for some reason:

        Let’s not have Hitleritis. The European/Jewish conflict goes back way, way, way further than 1933. But all of those thousands of years of history exist in a massive “memory hole” or historical blindspot. Conveniently, the only era of this centuries long conflict we are allowed to look at is the time from 1933-1945, wherein we find the useful bogey man, the prince of darkness himself, who was completely full of irrational hate, for no reason whatsoever. Jews never did anything wrong in all of human history, right?

        Get over the Hitler fixation. Nobody cares anymore. Nobody is afraid of being called “racist” anymore. I’m much more interested in the 2500 OTHER years of Western Civilization, that did not include Der Fuhrer.

        Yes, I’m suggesting that jews are up to no good. Would you like to address the links I provided? Or are content to simply trot out the tired old “NAZI!” canard?

  2. Hans

    Degenerate Trannies and Homos/ Rugmunching dykes should be forcibly sterilised, and incarcerated for the term of their unnatural life in mental institutions. Or just shoot them.

  3. Brandon

    Is there a family or community of friends not touched by some form of abnormal sexual preference and identity? I knew a man in the 80s who’d had the operation and was a “transsexual” before we had transgender. S/He was so marginalised, so anguished, and unemployable. Having had the operation but not yet all the hormones therapies he looked garish and no chemicals would have made a difference. I treated him with compassion. Nothing else was humane. I got an insight into his agony. He knew he would never be “a woman” and felt trapped.

    I worked with a guy who was going through transition. He started to wear a blouse, make up, pearls. He had to do so for two years to qualify for the operation and hormone therapy. I once saw him out of work with his young son and he was in full lumberjack gear. I don’t know how it worked out. Not good I guess.

    My elder brother had body dysmorphia as part of his schizophrenia. He was over 6 foot, worked out like Arnold but was broken inside. He ended up on major tranquilisers, obese and still hearing voices until his untimely death. Again it was agonising to watch and listen too. It was just one fragment of the delusional world his paranoia had woven and the medication merely suppressed the verbalisation but never the thoughts. All these people were human. My brother is woven into my personality like a martyr. All lived in some form of agony and isolation. All were partly or completely failed by the health service. All deserved kindness and treatment and healing.

    What gets me about the 50 genders, men have periods, brigade is how much harm they are causing to tolerance and understanding. They are requiring us to accept something that they barely accept themselves. The college system and mental ill health services in America are abusing these children/adults, how many of them will be dead in 10 years’ time at their own hands. The gay “community” can be a ruthless place but this treatment of these obviously deranged or deeply confused people reminds me of how the Iranians used to use their most deranged jihadis to test Saddam landmines. We “CIS Normies” are the landmines in today’s analogy.

    Through friendships and past social circles I met all kinds of sexual behaviours and affectations in the cultural club new romantic 1980s. So many on the left were “experimenting,” usually using drugs and moving to London’s Gay scene. Not me. Not many of my friends. Obviously most of the people today with incomprehensible gender descriptions would have been part of the gay diaspora. In some cases growing pains that led back to heterosexual normalcy in other cases a life style compulsion or choice.

    The idea that we heterosexuals are required to authenticate their narratives would have been seen as ludicrous by both sides in the eighties. But today’s ruthless left has exhausted genuine social disadvantages and workplace exploitation all it has left is these squalid culture wars. Vox Day says SJWs always project well they have gone to town on this occasion.

    All this lunacy was broached by Frederick Engels and mapped by Wilhelm Reich and Rosa Luxembourg. This new generation of the genuinely mental vulnerable are be shovelled into a skip to prove them right. It’s another giant s*** test. The point of these ludicrous policies is to test just how far they can push it; how much insanity will their followers mouth, how much insanity will we collude with.

    • Adam

      Absolutely, and to add to your final sentence, how many children will they destroy.

      Growing up in the 80s and working as a musician and actor, I was on close social terms with the local gay community. They kept to themselves, they did their own thing, and they made fun of the straights. They didn’t abhor the straights but they mocked their lifestyle. Being gay was a cultural alternative to the mainstream but one which was mostly tolerated as long as they policed themselves.

      But they all had one thing in common – the were fully fucked up. Their lives were deep wells of unhappiness. I think that many of them went into it because they wanted to feel unique and special and then they got trapped in it. They irony today is that there’s nothing at all special about being a fag. The line forms to the left. So they have to keep upping the ante and the progs are in there egging them on. Like I said in that piece that I wrote last year, the gay community is simply being used by the progs to crush through all of the cultural Marxist ideas. The left looked at the military and thought, hey, we better get in there and fuck that up too, and full credit to the bastards, they did. And the easiest way to fuck something up is to rot it from the inside by filling it full of mentally unstable degenerates and browbeating everyone else to toe the line while you get rid of all the real people in the organisation who refuse to pander to the insanity.

  4. Heh. Rear Admiral. They got that one right

  5. Adam

    This is a little bit off topic but in some Victorian high schools they are implementing transgender activism in the form of the ‘Safe Schools’ program. It is woven into the curriculum, parents aren’t told about it and children are instructed not to talk about it outside the classroom. It was brought in under the guise of an anti-bullying program but they are teaching 13 year old girls how to masterbate with electric toothbrushes. They are teaching 13 year olds how to use dildos, they have them sculpting vaginas & encourage boys to wear dresses to school. One mother took her son out of Frankston High because he was so upset wondering if he was gay. And the Vic premier wants this in all schools, public and private by 2018. All Victorian parents need to be aware of this insidious movement to sexualise our impressionable young teenagers. They are being groomed for sexual exploitation. The people in charge of this program must have pedophile leanings. It is sickening.

  6. 1armwampa

    Hi Adam,
    What’s your take on this particular case? I mean, this woMan is gorgeous and would have had many men retching when s/he came clean the other night. I could imagine men watching this show just for perv on this ‘woman’ only to have their fantasies shattered in the most devastating way. I even found myself doing a double take and wondering if I’d hit ‘that’.

    It is most definitely a mindf#%k of the highest order. Not just for her/him but for all the men who have drooled over ‘her’ for several seasons of the show.

    I suppose having examples like this just helps the left with the normalization of this mental illness.

    • Presumably Livingstone

      There is a very high likelihood that the PTB would enlist certain real females to pose as “transgender” in order to gaslight the population, and destroy our ability to tell the difference. The solution? Completely shut off and ignore all “mainstream” media and culture. They are definitely trying to warp your perception of reality. No TV, no Hollyweird movies, no magazines…

      The individual in question does look suspect in several of the photos though.

  7. I’ll have you know I wore panty hose in the jungle on patrol. Best anti-leech device there is. I learned it from my cousin who was a Navy SEAL in the teams on the Mekong river. His biggest worry was the VC would capture him and find out he was wearing panty hose. I always thought he should have other worries if he was captured.

    This isn’t leftist crap or even Marxism, this is directly related to the KGB in the bad old days. Their aim was to sow dissension in the US and western militaries any way they could. This is just residual nonsense, but our fools don’t realize it.

    • Adam

      Yeah, the Russian military must be rolling in the aisles right now.

  8. Trump has finally done something that makes him worth having voted for.

    Only one problem. Right this moment left-wing federal judges are seeking ways to overturn his decision. If they haven’t already done so.

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