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With just a warm tickle to go we are getting to the end of the month, which so far has been the biggest to date on ye old blog of this here most humble writer with over 50K views, a 20% increase on the previous month. The comments on the articles are also becoming consistently healthy which I put down to the copious amounts of virgin sacrifices that I have been enthusiastically performing.

We also have good news on the podcast front which has been offline while my worldly goods were transported across the oceans. It appears that various pirates had no interest in my collection of mint nose boogers stuck under my desk and our stuff arrives this Monday. This means that I can get back to the weekly podcast so I thank all of my dear listeners for bravely going about their week without my comforting take-downs of the world to accompany them. So the podcast will be back up next Wednesday in its usual time slot. And the heathens everywhere rejoiced!

But come now, enough of these meanderings; it is merriment and good cheer on which we depend, not to mention the usual bevy of hawt chicks of the week. Press the button and all of your desires will be met. Guaranteed or none of your money back which you didn’t send me because I don’t have things like Patreon to swing my cold and tired ass out in the wind.

One for the nerds, Brawn in the age of brains.

Anyone who has spot-welded or harvested almonds with a mallet and canvas has no regrets in seeing the disappearance of such rote drudgery, from the view of both the laborer and the consumer, who benefits from the cheaper prices brought on by labor-saving devices.

And yet the Greens and the progs would take us back to such a time, when starvation and a miserable death were only one disaster away.


Intersectionality is a prog buzz-word which you may have come across. It is confined to the lunacies of academia but has the potential to burst upon our deeply rotten civilization like other wonderful terms such as multicultural and diversity. But what is it about? The Church of Intersectionality.


What are the most dangerous words in the English language? It used to be, I’m from the government and I’m here to help. But now we have even more dangerous words than that – A new study shows

The article is about a billionaire who is attempting to rescue science from the fraudsters. Kind of like the opposite of Soros.


Your Woodpile Report for the week.


An article about the disturbing rise of supposedly bad food laws in Italy. I say supposedly because some of them are actually very good indeed. Like these ones:

A creeping food xenophobia also appears to be taking hold in the country. Last year, Florence imposed restrictions on so-called “foreign” food from being sold in the historic city center. Fair Verona barred “ethnic” foods. This year, Venice banned new fast food outlets, focusing in part on kebab shops, in order to preserve Italian “decorum and traditions.”

If you don’t understand why these are great laws then this is not the blog for you.


It’s not just intellectuals. It’s ignorant asswipes who use the laws of the free market to become successful and then lobby governments to stop other people doing the same thing. Also known as crony capitalism.


I hear an Aussie woman got shot by a culture-enriching cop over near where the good Cappy lives. How about that? Pretty white Australian girls’ lives matter too. Or do they?

“You cannot place these people in a position of authority (for example with a gun in their hands). They will always shoot as a default reaction to anything that is instant. Neither training nor thinking can change their natures.

“And that is why he shot. He had a gun.”

Yup. Out of all the different nationalities that I had to deal with in Africa, the most ignorant, the most savage, the most stupid, and the most cruel by a country mile were Somalians. Making them your local police is quite possibly the dumbest thing to come out of the culture wars.


Is this fake or is this real? The fact that it could be real illustrates the problem that is crashing towards us like a runaway train pursued by a tsunami.


Some music from the 90s that many of you will probably be unfamiliar with. This is Grant Lee Buffalo, a group named after a couple of generals and some shaggy cow. Their album Mighty Joe Moon was on my rotation list for years and had a big effect on my own music. All of the tracks are standout but I really like this one which concludes the album. Very much recommended and the entire album is also up on Youtube.


And here she is, our final girl for July. She was walking down the street and I said hello, and then she pulled out her phone and said, ‘take a picture of me, you big spunk-rat’, and so I acquiesced to her request and then she sent me the photo with the promise that I would not share it with anyone. What can I say? I’m a cad.


Transsexuals in the military? Don’t make me laugh.


Not all women are like that.


  1. Mr Black

    I’d like to see a law that forbids immigrants from ever holding a public sector job. They arrive with a culture that may very well be in opposition to ours, so they should never hold power or authority of any kind. Let them be productive in the private sector or starve.

    • Kaminsky

      Good, clear thinking on your part but it’s a pipe dream in upside down Western cultures. There are probably laws right now that demand the public sector hire immigrants, so good luck. If anyone tried to ban immigrants from public sector work, it would stoke up leftist racial do-goodery like Funky Cold Medina.

  2. Phil B

    On the “just out of harvard” I call fake for the following reasons:

    1) She would have to be interviewed and approved by the HR Hags who also have the same attitudes and probably the same degree as her and she is “one of them”. Therefore a protected species.

    2) To dismiss an employee, you would have to give verbal warnings, written warnings, final written warnings and then a review before dismissal. An on the spot sacking could/would never occur.

    3) It was (allegedly) a man who sacked her so he would be open to a lawsuit (from her AND the company) for not following the procedure outlined in point no. 2.

    4) She would be risking a speeding fine on her way to the lawyer for multi million dollars of compensation. She wouldn’t waste time on making a video like that when she could be the victim of the patriarchy and get all that lovely money.

    So, all in all, FAKE! >};o)

  3. Hans

    Nice pic of the Hawt chick. I like her balloons.

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