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Podcast #51 – The Holland episode.

The podcast is back! My worldly goods arrived on our new Dutch doorstep two days ago so I have been reunited with my beloved gaming rig and mic.

In this episode I share my thoughts on my first impressions of living in Holland, just a month after arriving here. Will I say anything controversial? Does the sun rise in the east?


Breaking the boundaries of civilization.


The false dawn of the Australian Conservatives


  1. Roofless

    I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast and I’m happy that you are living in a community once again. I have recently touched European soil again after living in Australia. I always had the same views and feelings as you have had. I’m not Australian but my parents migrated from Europe in the 70s (Greek/Scottish).
    It feels so good to walk in the streets in Italy; a sense of freedom and yet a touch of chaos. People socialising, talking on the street, drinking freely, out at night, warmer colleagues, friendlier outdoors, non deadly sun rays, the beach, catch a train anywhere even to the bench and that feeling of belonging.
    I was in Melbourne prior and it was so sad. The traffic, not being able to find a place to rent (even on 100k wage), no sense of community, and yes surprisingly too many foreigners.

  2. Brandon

    Listened to the podcast whilst driving home from work and the comment about “…written with crayon..” had me roaring with laughter…

  3. Joe Rezabek

    I always find your podcasts entertaining and interesting. This one had particular relevance to me as I had recently had a similar encounter with EU bureaucracy, in this case the Czech Republic. I have purchased an apartment there. That was the easy part. I wanted to obtain an ID card, which is necessary for social security, health care etc as well as important things like being able to hire a bicycle.
    I was born there, have a Czech/EU passport. As in your case, after a few frustrating attempts to explain reason, it came down to getting my marriage certificate stamped with an apostille before they could proceed further. They also admitted I could get a “temporary” ID card but that wasn’t convenient for me. It’s not life or death but a pain, given it could and should have been resolved quickly and easily. I will follow your suggestion when I return there next year. Otherwise I loved it there and plan to spend a greater proportion of time in Europe in the future.

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