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The far-left want a war, but not a fair one.

By now most of you know that there was a little kerfuffle in Charlottesville yesterday. You can read about it in the mainstream media which will be mostly fake and ignorant, (I saw the ABC describe Antifa thugs as ‘peaceful counter-demonstrators’), or you can read Matt Forney’s article on the subject.

Charlottesville was chosen as the location for the rally due to the machinations of its far-left city hall and their determination to remove a statue of Civil War Confederate general Robert E. Lee from a park that is named after the same man. Needless to say, the far-left were out in force, and by all accounts were aided and abetted by the local police. Which is all well and good until a guy in the middle of the mob panicked and drove his car through a crowd, killing one person and injuring dozens more, (all Antifa members by all accounts), and then a police helicopter crashed killing two police on board.

Things have a tendency to get out of hand where mobs are concerned. I learned this while living in Africa. Stay away from crowds.

Saying that, the young men of the alt-right were well within their rights to hold a peaceful protest, the legality of which had been authorised by a local court after the city had cancelled their planned gathering. It was a given that the far-left were going to show up in force because their existence depends on conflict with whatever enemy they are currently aligned against. It is a negative group identity which The Z Man wrote about the other day.

Blackness in America is a laundry list of grievances against whites and a list of things that blacks reject about society. It has little to say about what it means to be black, independent of whites. Much like the contours of a black hole, we can only know black identity by knowing the surrounding white identity. Wherever white culture ends, that’s where black identity begins. In America, being black means not being white.

The same analogy can be used for the far-left and all of its individual factions. In the 1960s counter-culture the left were rebelling against “the man” and “squares”. Today they have no real enemies so they’ve had to invent them. Things like “misogyny” and “white male privilege” and an endless list of other meaningless totems. In addition to this, anyone who publicly stands against their insane posturings is “literally Hitler” which the more you consider it the more stupid it becomes.

Understand that the types of people that inhabit the far-left have no real lives of their own. Their identity is bound with the collective group. The end of the group would be the death of their identity. They always have to exist in opposition to something.

But as The Z Man notes, the left hasn’t really had a coherent opposition for over 50 years. Which is why the emergence of a genuine opposition in the alt-right has the far-left simultaneously losing their minds and wetting themselves at this external validation. Conservatives over that same time period have used the potential violence of the far-left as a handy get-out-of-actually-doing-something clause on their own part. I have no doubt that over the next week we will see ponderous and boring monologues from these same old fools as they denounce the actions of the alt-right under the banner of, “See? We told you what would happen if you stood up for what you believe in.”

As I noted last year, the far-left are able to cause so much trouble because they have loads of free time on their hands courtesy of the welfare industry. But that welfare is not restricted to governments. Private individuals such as Soros use their money to fund troublemakers. And this week we have seen that large companies such as Google are effectively welfare agencies for members of the far-left.

(H/T to Rollo for the image.)

To be able to simultaneously hold a corporate engineering position and have an official Linkedin name as “Punch all the Nazis” signifies in itself that Google is a welfare job program for far-left ideologues, let alone the fact that they sacked one of their other engineers this week for daring to suggest that men and women might be different. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

Australia is no different in this regard. Qantas wrapped itself in a rainbow colored shroud this week as the company officially advocates for same sex marriage. While I have no doubt that any Qantas employee that flies the rainbow flag on their private social media accounts will have the company’s full support, it will be a brave pilot or trolly dolly who publicly advocates a contrary message. Expect that sort of stand to be dealt with under the guise of ‘not protecting hate speech’ or ‘causing colleagues to feel uncomfortable’.

Now the far-left have moved towards actual violence, a step that many of us on the alt-right have been predicting for some time. That is not a boast. It wasn’t a difficult prediction; anyone could have made it if they had bothered to open their eyes. The fact that the far-left have turned violent while simultaneously decrying the alt-right for their “potential violence” is ironic but not amusing. Their projections were clear to see as I have already stated.

Antifa is a literal joke and they wouldn’t last a second against the type of men that inhabit the alt-right. But what we saw in Charlottesville was a continuation of the state-sponsored legitimacy that far-left groups like Antifa have been enjoying. Yes, the far-left want a war, but do not be deceived into thinking that they want a fair fight. The last time they got that was in 1936 and things didn’t go exactly as they planned. I have seen many men on the alt-right commenting that the military and the police are in support of our side. Well, events yesterday proved otherwise as far as I can tell.

I am proud of the young men of the alt-right who put their bodies on the line in Charlottesville. But we need to remember that this is a fight that has to be fought with more brains than brawn. The local police will undoubtedly charge the driver of the car with murder two or something similar in an attempt to cover up their own failure to control events. And right at this moment the major news networks will be putting their spin on the story so that the far-left will come out looking like sweet little angels.

We know all that. The young thugs in Antifa are really just playing a game. Up until this point there have been no consequences for their weekend hobby of make-believe revolution. They will continue to push the envelope until things get really real and then it will be all wide eyed innocence and mock confusion at the results of their actions. The far-left fear no consequence for their actions. They literally have to attack someone with a tire iron and then have the bad luck to be successfully identified by their opponents on the internet for something to happen, and even then the police had to be dragged in to do something kicking and screaming.

That is the real potential weak point of the far-left; the lack of consequences. That photo of Google employees is exhibit one for the defense. They have nothing to fear and they have spent 50 years stacking the deck while conservatives let them. It is not a fair fight and they will continue to make it as unfair as possible. Until we can turn that around then events like Charlottesville will only play into their hands.


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Richard Spencer is not a leader.


  1. gdw

    #DumpKelloggs: Kellogg Foundation Supports Group Headed by Cop-Killer-Loving Black Lives Matter Founder

    “Since the Kellogg Company has said that they were pulling advertising from Breitbart News because Breitbart doesn’t match their “values,” it’s worth looking at the values the company, through its namesake nonprofit arm the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, is supporting with the $525,000 donation to BAJI.”

    Some very interesting stats, worldwide:
    Black Lives Matter: The Rise of the “DINDU”

    Go to minute 1:00, watch for 10 SECONDS, what’s that say about BLM supporters?

  2. gdw

    Some very interesting stats, worldwide:
    Black Lives Matter: The Rise of the “DINDU”
    Pants up don’t loot!

    Go to minute 1:00, watch for 10 SECONDS, what’s that say about BLM supporters?

    The Fall of South Africa: Zimbabwe 2.0 – LAND GRAB

    The reason why Zimbabwe is in a mess

    “There is not a single successful black nation anywhere on earth.” -Foreign Policy

  3. gdw

    CULTURE NOT RACE – Why Black Lives Matter Is A Step Back for Equality

    The Truth About ‘Black Lives Matter’

    MTV Says Black People Can’t Be Racist

    Cult of White Privilege IS EthnoMasochism

    Microaggressions & The Rise of HYPERSENSITIVE Victimhood Culture

  4. gdw

    I almost hope these traitors and their pot banging, load mouth, chest thumping thug, idiot left cowards actually do fall into the
    Soros/Obama/Clinton Purple Revolution trap. I know there are a lot of others quietly thinking the
    same thing.

    Liberal left progressive, SJW snowflake reality check coming?

    “Now let me tell you the critical significance of what you’re seeing—within every single bit of red you see on this map, lies the largest army the world has ever known—tens-of-millions of American hunters who are nearly all ex-military soldiers with combat experience, and are not only heavily armed, but would take to the streets of their nation in an instant if called upon to do so by President Trump to save the their nation.
    For anyone of you believing this couldn’t possibly happen, you couldn’t be more wrong—and America’s own history proves it.”

    ‘Donald Trump Victory Averts World War III, But Starts American …’

    • BWV

      I’m looking forward to it. Don’t really care if it’s BLM, Antifa, whatever. Let’s get down to business and see how long they last.

  5. I go up to the high country for a few days, so I didn’t hear a thing, and look what happens. The interesting thing about this is trying to piece together what actually happened from the various media reports. They have done their damndest to make it appear the alt-right is 100% at fault, but they know they have to give some semblance of the facts, so some of the truth of the matter is leaking through. It’s fascinating to see them trying to spin it.

  6. I really just don’t get the points of these types of rallies, especially since they’ve turned violent.

    Bottom-line: the world has an established narrative, of alt-righters being Nazis and of Nazis being these dangerous violent scumbags, while AntiFa and other violent communists are harmless lambs; the media and others will back this narrative to a T. At first, the nonviolent rallies where no one fought back were great for showing this narrative to be bullshit, and showing that AntiFa and their ilk had to silence free speech at all costs. Then the rallies started getting to be give-and-take fuckfests, but at least this showed AntiFa to be just as violent. Now… well, the alt-right has caused the first confirmed casualty. These rallies don’t do shit, especially since the internet now exists. Stop playing their game and start playing ours.

  7. gdw, ever think about starting your own blog instead of hijacking someone else’s comment section?

    “Now the far-left have moved towards actual violence”

    Now? Check news on Trump rallies pre-election, check out Berkeley before and after Milo. Full on violence for the past year or more.

    Allen, I’ve read reports of Antifa throwing bricks at attendees as they arrived and police funneling attendees into Antifa after they canceled the rally.

  8. Another Adam

    “The local police will undoubtedly charge the driver of the car with murder two or something similar in an attempt to cover up their own failure to control events.”

    Well he only murdered a single person, I believe, so he’ll probably get away with just the one murder charge.

    • BLBeamer

      Ummm, “murder two” means murder in the second degree NOT “he murdered two people”. Since one person died that is one count of 2nd degree murder, plus probably numerous other counts of attempted murder or something like that.

    • I’ve read a story that the Police, when they brought him in, said it wasn’t malice, just that he was scared. Video shows the car had been attacked. He may get off on self defense. He certainly won’t be convicted on a murder charge.

  9. BWV

    I have enjoyed the past few days, pointing out to cucks and lefties that no, the “Nazis” you’re all so eager to condemn are not as bad as Antifa/BLM/DNC. Not even close.

    The “Nazis” didn’t chase God out of schools and the public square.
    They didn’t create the PC Cult that is strangling the life out of America.
    They didn’t create the corruption in DC.
    They didn’t teach your children to hate themselves, question their sexuality, and hate the traditions of their own people.
    They didn’t bring in illegals and rapefugees to murder, kill, dig in your pockets, or take your jobs.
    In fact, they are responsible for pretty much NONE of the problems facing this country today.

    So if a white person wants to cuck, er… denounce… the only people who are, at the moment, willing to bleed for his right to exist, go ahead.

    But I’ll be damned if I will.

  10. Jim Christian

    The Lefties took their show on the road to see how it would play a little further down south. It was UVA, it was Virginia, a “Blue” State of late (but not truly, not that far South of Washington) They got their asses kicked. Best of all, most of the victims the Blacks were robbing were White Antifa Democrats. Bet that was an eye-opener. I look forward to their going deeper into Red States, I hope they may meet men with concealed carry handguns, legal every one. Backed by “Stand Your Ground” statutes, the men of the South will draw their weapons and shoot the Antifa punks and miscreants into a complete and perfect state of death. And Antifa will only have themselves to blame. No great loss, however. A southern man didn’t need them around anyhow.

  11. Things have a tendency to get out of hand where mobs are concerned. I learned this while living in Africa. Stay away from crowds.

    Hell yes. African mobs are terrifying.

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