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It’s time to correctly label Nazis.

I’ve been copping flack both here and other areas of the internet for daring to criticize some of the people who were at the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally. Apparently any criticism at all is punching right and that makes me as bad as the cuckservatives.

For the punch the right analogy to hold true then the people that I am punching must by definition be on the right of the political spectrum. Piling shit on ANTIFA could not in any way be construed as punching right. With that in mind I have a little history lesson for some of you.

The Nazis were avowed socialists. They were as left wing as it gets. Their manifesto matches up with the goals of the American Democrat party and the Australian Greens, amongst others. The claim that the Nazis were right wing was leftard propaganda double-think designed for them to conveniently sidestep the fact that their own twisted ideology was responsible for the largest war the world has ever seen and the most awful genocide.

When Hitler’s regime faced off against Stalin it was left versus left. If anything it was a racial confrontation, a battle as to which side had the best purity with regards to leftist ideology. At the start of the war in 1939, a few weeks after Hitler had smashed into Poland and Britain and France had declared war, Stalin smashed in on the other side of the country. This left the Allies with a little bit of a problem. It was one thing to declare war on one giant leftoid socialist state; it was quite another to take on both of them at the same time. So Britain and France just put their hands in their pockets and whistled casually to the heavens in an attempt at saying, “nothing to see here” as regards to Stalin and the Soviet Union.

Hitler and Stalin split Poland down the middle and it stayed that way until mid-1941 when Hitler decided that he’d better move first before Stalin got the jump on him. The invasion of Poland was not a spur of the moment thing on Stalin’s part. He and Hitler had signed a secret pact only a few week’s previously which split Central Europe into German and Soviet spheres of influence.

In this light the battle between the two huge socialist ideological states was not in the traditional sense of a conflict along lines moving from left to right, but more akin to a circle.

The most common error is to postulate a Communist left-wing extreme opposed by an extreme Nazi right wing. Not only does this leave out a substantial body of political and philosophical thought, but the construction falls apart the moment the two socialist ideologies are compared. Any reasonable comparison inevitably forces the confused advocates of such a definition to assert that the spectrum is actually a circle, in which case the terms left and right, much less left-wing and right-wing, are wholly nonsensical.

As you can see from the link, Vox Day and I are in complete agreement on this subject. It turns out that when Day had Richard Spencer on a live discussion everyone was quite surprised to discover that Spencer’s own politics were a little further to the left than once thought.

Criticizing these guys isn’t punching right. There are birds in my yard that have been right-wing longer than them. They are not even to the right of the average cuckservative. This may explain why, when I had Richard Spencer on Brainstorm, we were all surprised to discover that he was to nearly everyone’s left.

The refrain I encounter most often in defense of Spencer is that at least he is out there doing something. With this in mind I suppose that having Fat Cat the clown wandering around on the alt right’s behalf would also be of some benefit; after all, he may be a moron but at least he’s our moron.

But this defense of Spencer presupposes his own personal motivations. Yes, he is out there doing something, but to what end? Is he acting for the advancement of the alt right or for his own personal political aspirations? Just how long do you think it would take for him to throw the alt right under the bus if offered the golden political pathway that he so desperately desires?

Why make ourselves vulnerable to such a likely eventuality? The only upside in having Spencer running around attempting to lead the alt right is that “at least he’s out there doing something,” no matter how stupid or ineffective that something is. The potential downside is that the longer we allow Spencer and his little bloc to marry the alt right with his name, then the greater the possibility that it will lose its cohesiveness in the event of Spencer’s probable future abandonment.

The very first point of Vox Day’s 16 points of the alt right is the following:

  1. The Alt Right is of the political right in both the American and the European sense of the term. Socialists are not Alt Right. Progressives are not Alt Right. Liberals are not Alt Right. Communists, Marxists, Marxians, cultural Marxists, and neocons are not Alt Right.

It was not by accident that this is the first point and it is neither an accident that the first group he identifies as not being of the alt right are socialists.

The Nazis were national socialists. They were supposedly dedicated to the purity of the white race but when they began to lose they left those same white people to their deaths. In his final days Hitler declared that the German people deserved to cease to exist for the crime of having disappointed him in not achieving his insane goals.

And now I’m supposed to believe that I’m “punching right” for questioning the wisdom in allowing and even supporting these same idiots to gather under the banner of the alt right?

Give me a break.

But out of chaos comes opportunity, and if we are smart and decisive then we can use this moment to challenge the left’s historical deception that the Nazis were on the right. Remember, SJWs always project. Why is everyone who disagrees with them a Nazi these days? Why are they so quick to use that label?

The answer is that they are in fact Nazis themselves. Their ideology is one and the same. We need to give them back their own dirty history. And we can start that process by correctly identifying why we do not want Nazis in our midst. They are socialists which means they are progressive leftists. Nazis are ANTIFA. Nazis are BLM. Nazis are SJWs.

Start labeling them with it and watch their heads explode.



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  1. I’ve had a very tough time convincing people that Hitler was a socialist – but he sure as hell was, especially economically. But that doesn’t make him left-wing, or right. He was something else entirely: economically of the left, socially of the evil. Just like Stalin. If you lump everyone into left or right, you end up like Thailand with red shirts and yellow shirts. Purile.

  2. The common response to “Nazis were socialist, just look at their name, so they are on the left” is “well, the nationalist part changes that”. They don’t have a rational argument because leftists have convinced everyone that Nazis are the extreme right. Makes it very hard to argue to any good effect.

    I am wondering if the term “alt right” is lost to the same extent. I have considered myself alt right since the phrase came into popular usage, but it is now inextricably(?) linked with the white supremacy movement.

    On a related note I just put up a post about the conflation in the media of the terms supremacist and nationalist. Commentators and news readers are using them interchangeably wrt the Charlottesville story and its followup, even though they are completely different things.

  3. James Scott

    The Socialist part of National Socialism involved redistribution of all the wealth the German Gov’t had to claw back from the jews who used the money from debt scam to buy up Germany just like they have now done to the rest of the west.

    If you really think the NSDAP was a leftist government you are delusional.

  4. Andy in FL

    The original 25 Points of the National Socialist German Workers Party from 1920:

    Yes indeed, those Nazis sounded like a bunch of far-right wingers advocating for limited government and individual freedoms! Well, except for all 25 of those points and except for what the Nazis did in actual practice. Not included in those 25 points is how the Nazis in practice shut down freedom of religion, freedom of the press, the right to own guns, and took de facto control of the means of production, although allowing the owners of industry to maintain ownership in name only. I forget off hand, but what is it called when the state takes control of the means of production?

    What I find interesting is how the Nazis learned about eugenics from others, especially including American progressives, who in turn were informed by those who wanted to effect a Darwinian version of the perfect man and society by euthanizing or sterilizing undesirables– in America, the criminal class, blacks, and the low IQ mental defects (which continues to this day in America under Planned Parenthood, and in Britain under the NHS), known in Germany as the Untermenschen. The Shoah (Holocaust) can trace its origins in the ideas of Darwinian Evolution and Progressive Eugenics. It was Darwin’s idea that only the fittest will survive, so why should the all-powerful State not advance this concept along a bit by using a little modern science?

    Communists, Nazis, Fascists and modern Progressives are all branches of the same tree, and are each wholly antithetical to individual freedoms and Judeo-Christian ethics. What motivates all leftists the most (although most are not aware of it) is their hatred of the one true God.

    It is, and has always been, a fight between the forces of good and evil in the world.

  5. ia

    I just assumed alt-right were first and foremost race realists. The political strategies aren’t really Spencer’s main interest. It’s pan-European identity. That’s why he had one of his first conferences in Budapest where he was arrested a few years ago.

    I don’t think alt-right is a political movement so much as a cultural one.

  6. Except for the fact that the #Holohoax is a massive lie and most of what we are told in the (((media))) and taught in the schools is inaccurate and essentially libel. Gun rights were actually very open in Germany, which is one of the oft touted canards of the regime. You are in serious need of deprogramming or balance of perspective by neutral or pro-NSDAP sources, which by the way, are exceptionally rare due to, of all things, Jewish censorship. The alt-right is a movement to recover from the destabilizing and demographic replacement of western civilization by ethnic infiltrators. It’s hard to “correctly” label “nazis” when the term itself was coined as a slur (by a jew called Kurt Tucholsky) and authors on the subject are almost exclusively disinformation artists.

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