Okay, so this week has been a little … Nazi orientated. So that means a clean sweep of the broom here on the Friday links. No mentions at all of certain flags, certain uniforms, certain regalia, certain incoherent attitudes. Just good clean hawt chicks and links fun. It’s what you want, and if it’s not what you want then that just means that you don’t know what you want, but don’t worry; I know what you want.
You want it, baby.
On to the links and stuff. Viewer discretion is advised. Having a sub-optimal intelligence and a tendency to be easily distracted will harm your …
I’m sorry, what?

Let’s get the nerds out of the way. One for the nerds – The insidious racism of Mary Beard et al.

The BBC cartoon showed a subsaharan African as part of a “typical” Roman Brit in the name of diversity. The UK “bien pensant” establishment now has a binary classification“white” and “other” that is, “nonwhite”, whatever that means, a classification that encompasses anything that is not Northern European and, if Mediterranean, comes from a “diversity country”, that is from a non EU-member. One nonwhite can substitute for another. If that’s not racial supremacism, what is?


One from the good Cappy – How “Good School Districts” ruin families.

Finances (in case you didn’t know) is the number one reason cited for divorce and marital problems. And in case you didn’t know, ALL financial problems are caused by debt – ie – spending more than you make. And whereas it may have been material things such as luxury cars, trips to Europe, McMansions, and fancy clothes, my abbreviated research is telling me its school districts that are disproportionately driving this particular bubble.


One from The Other McCain – Google vs science, feminists vs babies, commies vs history, ad infinitum.

What is missing from this discussion is a critical examination of radical feminism’s anti-motherhood bias. According to feminists, “mother” is a lowly occupation, unworthy of any intelligent woman’s talents. Adopting a quasi-Marxist analysis of men and women as hostile classes, locked into a zero-sum-game competition for socio-economic resources, feminists long ago committed themselves to the idea that the only meaningful measurements of “equality” are statistics comparing women to men in terms of high-status professional careers.


Roy Buchanan plays Hey Joe.

I’ve been a guitarist for almost 35 years and before this week I’d never heard of this guy. Holy she-et.


Dr Jordan Peterson has his panties in a knot because a news article described him as ‘far right’.

Jordan, dude – you don’t get to run around throwing the left’s tools of the trade in their faces and rubbing salt into the wound by making sense and then winning. That puts you in the far right camp. We’re all in the far right now. Embrace it. Love it.


One from The Z man – Tyler Cowen is a bigot.

Tyler Cowen and the men of his class hate you. The reason for that is he knows that if we ever get anything close to the libertarian world he claims to support, he’s standing on a street corner selling pencils. He knows he and his kind are just overgrown toddlers living in perpetual adolescence. Without the Dirt People to keep him safe and supporting a system that makes his world possible, he’s nothing and he resents you for it. He resents that you can live without him, but he cannot live without you.


One from Dalrock – Righteous prostitutes, spreading their legs free of sin.

There is nothing in Scripture that forbids a man from having sex with a woman he is eligible to marry. Because sex is how marriage begins. The only exception to that is Christian men are forbidden to have sex with prostitutes.


That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming. See ya. Don’t you go changing.

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