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I am not a racist, but …

This is a repost of a previous article.

The above video has been doing the rounds as apparently it is on a US campus where a white guy is taken to task for having dreadlocks which is racist, of course it is. Personally, I think the video is a fake and that they’re both very bad actors. The guy overacts and the girl has the energy of a goldfish with alzheimers.

The unfortunate thing is that this is now believable. Wearing a sombrero is racist, eating sushi is racist, watching little black kids chase goats around a track in Uganda and betting on the outcome is racist. I mean, who wouldda thought it?

There is no moment when we arrive at peak racist, and that’s the whole point. All of this is merely a massive power-play. It’s a gigantic shit-test and when you think about it that way then which side seems to be racist now? Of course, anyone who screams racist at the drop of a hat is undoubtedly a gigantic racist turd-burger themselves. But let’s have a look at this a little closer.

Over at the good Heartiste there is a post about how to shut down social-botherers who bandy the racist smear attack about with great ease and comfort. His approach is ultimately to use irony and it is the correct tactic. But when I lived in Uganda we came up with a much better come-back which I have used always to great success. It shuts them down like taking a big wet fish and slapping them a good five or six times across their stupid faces.

In Uganda it was a frequent occurrence to come into contact with an SJW. Usually they traveled in groups and they would be doing one of two things while they were there. Either they would be working for an NGO or they would be in the Peace Corps or some sort of similar organization. Nothing gives SJWs the feel-goods quite so much as to volunteer to go and work in Africa as manual labor. Like they haven’t got enough of that sitting around.

These dimwits were constantly on the look-out for any act perpetuated by a white dude, (white chicks couldn’t be racist over there; it was a physical impossibility), so they could immediately jump in and proclaim their goodness with the great denouncement. Frankly, the fact that the vast majority, and I mean the vaaaaaast majority of white girls who volunteered in Africa did so only because they wanted to sleep with African dudes, speaks volumes in of itself. Which was particularly crazy considering the AIDS rate at the time.

Anyway, let’s cut to the scene. Here is Adam, doing his thing with the locals, and a group of little white turds enter from stage left and make the accusation, (the reason doesn’t matter of course), that I am a racist. It is now up to me, the ball is in my court. The correct response is:

I am not a racist; I’m racially aware.

Boom, smack-down, total time-out as opponents are carried from the ring bleeding from all orifices. The Ugandans would laugh, the white guys would be all uncomfortable, and the girls would start hitting on me.

I’d like to take credit for this one but credit must go to Milo. Go back and watch that video and just imagine the scene if the white dude at the first moment of the accusation played it this way. A nice pause for effect and then the line. What the fuck could she say then? Nothing, of course.

Of course, calling anyone a racist is a tautology. We’re all racists. If you don’t believe that then you’re just not being racially aware.



I no longer read books by women.


I don’t give to charities.


  1. Adam

    And what if they ask what that means?

    I looked it up. You could say it means you know there are differences between races. But that might get you in trouble.

    You could say it is having pride in one’s race. Surely that’s a winner? Who can argue with that?

  2. Well I’m not a racist because I am totally against anti-white race hatred.

  3. Dan-0-lee

    That’s video is what a SJW would call a micro-aggression if done to a minority.

    I call it socially-sanctioned bullying.

  4. Phil B

    The old “Please don’t call me a racist as a punch in the mouth often offends” is as good as any. Cue the little darlings bate off and then just laugh and walk away is the best way to deal with it.

  5. BWV

    The correct answer, which I have used myself on a number of occasions is, “So what? Now, as I was saying…”

    If you care whether someone thinks/says you are a racist, you make yourself easy to manipulate. That’s why they do it.

  6. Its good. I was using the line > ‘ Yeah I am a raceeyist and a Nazi and I eat little kids too ‘<
    But compared to being racially aware , well I was in redneck territory.
    We say Raceeyist in NZ , if we want to make a nasty take on the lower class pronounciation, of the person who is accusing us.,

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