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A moment of temporary clarity.

The good wife and I spent the last week in the town of Sorrento on the Amalfi coast of Italy. In those seven days I did not look at the internet, nor did I avail myself of any types of news publications. Only on the last day did I break my media and blogging fast when I picked up a copy of the New York Times at breakfast which proved to be unintentionally hilarious.

But now I am back and much catching up needs to be done. So I need to begin reading all of the sites on my blog roll, plus the other areas where I go to get the information that I need.

That is what I’ve been telling myself for the past day and thus far it hasn’t happened. I can’t bring myself to care. The disassociation that I experienced on my holiday is delicious and I do not know if I want to lose it. By going to all of the sites I will begin the process of informing myself, outraging myself, and thus losing this new found freedom of not giving a fuck.

It is not simply a case of being lazy. I feel much more inspired to begin the next series of books that I want to write. I am wondering whether or not the amount of effort that I put into writing on the blog on a daily basis is canceling out my ability to work on my books.

But it is a vicious circle. I sell books because I blog. If I hadn’t started seriously blogging then my books would have dropped off anyone’s radar some time ago. That they continue to sell on a daily basis is due to my efforts here.

I also blog because I want to express myself on important topics but now I am wondering just how important they are. After a very brief perusal of headlines I see that the usual idiots now want to start tearing down statues in Australia. How unoriginal. And how pathetic in its level of banality. Here is how the cycle goes:

  • They begin some outrageous act.
  • Our side responds by saying that this is outrageous and that finally things have gone too far.
  • They get the oxygen that they need to continue living.
  • Either they are victorious or we are.
  • They do it again and we react again.

I’m getting to the point where they can just go and tear down statues. Just do it. I simply don’t care. Like children having an epic temper tantrum they just want to destroy everything. There is no stopping them by stopping an isolated act; one thing just continues to another.

The only way to stop this cycle is to do something about them. Not their acts, but them. But we’re not prepared to do that. We talk about things going too far but we’re never really prepared to actually go too far ourselves. And so it will continue.

I’m sure that this is just a post holiday level of detachment on my own part and that within a few days I will be railing at some feminist, or some faggot, or some politician, or some lunatic on our side, or some thing or another.

But I really like how I feel now.

Perhaps I just need to write my books and do my podcasting. My audience can grow or shrink. What difference is it if I get 5K views a month or 50K views or 500K views? I’ll still want the next digit. Unless I get extremely lucky I’m not going to make it by writing my books.

Or is it only losers who say that?

I’ve worked hard to get to this point but I am at a crossroads right now. This was an excellent holiday. I cleared my mind, and there was a lot of clearing to be done. I have a lot of new ideas. Some of the ideas are for things that I have been struggling to resolve for some time now. This is why I am hesitating to get right back into it. If getting back into it means that I lose this clarity then I have to be careful.

It is some paradox that I find myself in.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Internet breaks are vital. I find i alter between having a lot of creative energy and output, and when I am drained, I feel like I need to feed, or drink in new energy. The day to day routine of blogging is a hard slog. It is literally the front line. I try my best to compartmentalise, and leave a part of every day which isn’t associated with it.

  2. Patrick Albanese

    I get it.

    I used to do a lot of radio fill in. At first it was a blast, but it quickly consumed me. Not the on air part, but the prep. I spent all day in the cesspool of the internet looking for the next thing to be outraged over.

    Soon I became hard to be around. Sour attitude all the time.

    I still do radio, but prefer to keep the outrage to a minimum. As a result, I don’t fill in at the local talk station any more. Which is good. I’m more pleasant to be around and I’m not walking around all day wondering why I’m pissed off.

  3. Yes, I bet Amalfi was packed with tourists. Its a sludgy feeling when you wake up thinking what the hell is going on in this continuous cycle I only do alt=right .politics on the net for a restricted time each day. It is very tiring. I never get through my blog roll in any single day. My web sites are just devoted to photography and flippant little videos.

  4. Anton Popov

    I would take time off from a daily blog and perhaps do it 2-3 times a week tops. Another option is to have e-booklets to be d/l for free once a month. These would include long-term projects, thoughts, and other useful endeavors. Burn-out would not be an issue for some time to come.

  5. By all the Gods and Goddesses Mr. Piggott. It does sound to me like you might be starting to Enjoy The Decline. Welcome to my world. Feels great don’t it?

    In all seriousness – I love to rant about stupidity and statism and SJWs. And there are times when I could let go. That’s why some of my podcasts have nothing to do with those things. That’s why I don’t do a current events podcast. That’s why in the summer when I can be trail running and getting rejected by college girls it’s a major chore to do the podcast some times.

    This is why I am not out to fix, convert, persuade or convince people. This is why I’m not out to Captain Save A ‘Ho Western Civilization.

    I certainly enjoy reading your words and speaking as the selfish bastard that I am I’d rather you focus on writing books. if that means cutting back on the blogging then do it.

    No write another book for me to read and stop your whining.

  6. Brandon

    I often read your blog and then start to write a response which invariably gets too long and then I shelve it. It was the same with this comment. But then I had a moment of clarity: we talk, we comment, we tweet we communicate, we get into arguments with people we love and respect, we isolate ourselves because we find the holes in our own arguments and cannot help but unravel them.

    We know there is no man made catastrophic global warming, sex identity is not choice, sodomy is not a social good, the heterosexual family is essential for the raising of healthy children, race realism is not the same as racism, redistribution of wealth is immoral theft – that is why we have charity; women and their imperatives are the elephant in the room, and so on and so forth. But the main reason we speak out is that we know we will go literally INSANE if we don’t. Even C. J. Hopkins, the leftist playwright, laughs at the absurdity of his peers.

    Black Dragon ( and Aaron Clarey amongst many others argue the obvious. The need for some element of purposeful detachment. Then they both antagonise and rail like the best of use. There is merit in repeatedly pummelling the absurd. And we also highlight those that are fully attired and not just the naked emperors. I came across Adam Gingrich and the networks that include Bill Mitchell, decent Americans that just want secure borders and the MAGA agenda implemented. I am also certain you would find Glen of @NewYorkCityGuns a kindred spirit.

    In the future years these networks of disparate spirits and even races, drawn together by truth seeking may become life lines. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

    • Adam

      Brandon, thanks for the comment. Purposeful detachment is a really nice idea. But like Blackdragon and Aaron, I care too much about what I have been gifted in the form of our culture.

      So yes; I will continue to rail. It is a part of who I am.

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