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Podcast #54 – The crowdfunding episode.

The one where I describe why crowdfunding is a scam.
Also, adventures on holiday, a scary plane flight, and something about retards.

Links mentioned in the episode:

The article on the Kanoa headphones and the company failing.

The review that caused them to go bust:


A moment of temporary clarity.




  1. Thomas

    Great podcast. Just read your book and enjoyed it. Clarey is early 40s now. Good to listen to a fellow aussie.

  2. Mr Black

    That earbud review is video brutality. That company must have lost touch with reality to think a product with that many bugs was going to find a favourable market reaction. Even if he didn’t review them, as soon as customers get them the bad reviews will flood onto facebook. What was their plan?

    • Adam

      I think their plan worked pretty much as expected. Take the money and run.

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