I am not a racist, but …

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The above video has been doing the rounds as apparently it is on a US campus where a white guy is taken to task for having dreadlocks which is racist, of course it is. Personally, I think the video is a fake and that they’re both very bad actors. The guy overacts and the girl has the energy of a goldfish with alzheimers.

The unfortunate thing is that this is now believable. Wearing a sombrero is racist, eating sushi is racist, watching little black kids chase goats around a track in Uganda and betting on the outcome is racist. I mean, who wouldda thought it?

There is no moment when we arrive at peak racist, and that’s the whole point. All of this is merely a massive power-play. It’s a gigantic shit-test and when you think about it that way then which side seems to be racist now? Of course, anyone who screams racist at the drop of a hat is undoubtedly a gigantic racist turd-burger themselves. But let’s have a look at this a little closer.

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Happy wife, happy life?

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happy wife

Every time I hear the utterance of the phrase, ‘happy wife, happy life’, I sigh a little bit at the poor schmuck saying it. Last night I was watching a cooking show, (so shoot me; I like cooking), and this brow-beaten beta male with a genuine harpy for a wife rolled it out no less than three times. So let’s have a look at what’s going on with this phrase.

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I was once an approval addict.

This is a repost of a previous article.

I recently watched a video by a chap on how to cure an approval addiction. His advice came down to this little snippet:

“Learn to feel okay with not feeling okay.”

As a fully recovered approval addict I’m not too impressed with this advice. It might sound acceptable to some of you, but in essence the very act of seeking approval is because you don’t feel okay. The speaker is trying to tell us that this can never be cured and you must just learn to live with it. He is effectively saying that change is not possible. I disagree with this message. Here is his video:

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On holiday for a week.

With the move finally complete the good wife and I are taking a short break as a nice reward for a job well done. We are off to a sunny locale which has an abundance of good food, excellent wine, and hopefully some random eye candy.

I am also taking a break from the internet. No computer, no phone, no nothing. With that in mind I have set up an article for each day next week which will be a repost of something that I have already published. I have chosen articles from early last year when I was really ramping up the output level here on the blog but the audience was still rather small. As such, many of you may well have missed some of these pieces and I think they hold up well.

Any new commenters will have to wait to have their comments approved when I return next Saturday. And to all my regular commenters, try not to get up to too many shenanigans.