COTW – Two rules for dealing with women.

Comment of the week comes from Techie Dude over on the most popular article of this week about women running into walls and going “splat!”

I have a couple women friends that are divorced. One, a few years back when she was in her 40s asked if I had any single dude friends. Had to let her down. I did, of course. Monied, single/divorced early, no baggage, living the life friends roughly her age. It was tough to tell her that the women they were dating (and having no trouble getting them) were all in their late 20s, early thirties. These dudes know what they are all about and won’t go near a late 30s and older woman with baggage or hangups, even for just sex. Just not on their radar.

Didn’t tell her this, but after a period, she’ll become attractive to old dudes in their sixties whose wives died, are beyond, or just beyond sex, and just want companionship.

Seen that a bunch as well. To a man, they protect their assets though.

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Friday links & hawt chicks – The economics edition.

This week’s links thread is devoted to economics. The links and videos are informative but you need to take your time to understand the concepts if you are encountering these for the first time.

Over here on the remnants of the alt right we like to rant about saving our cultures from the ravages of the prog left. But the thing that has really enabled the respective cultures of the West to prosper over the last few hundred years has been the improvement of the average person’s economic freedom as well as the systematic unlocking of their economic potential. This built up in Europe over a period of hundreds of years, with the gradual benefit of many small advances, culminating in the extraordinary explosion of wealth in the years of the industrial revolution.

A graph from Catallaxy Files that illustrates this point.

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The sound women make when they run into the wall.

An article written by a woman that laments the fact that traditional marriages and relationships are falling apart, to the disadvantage of women. It’s an important point; if Tinder was working out in women’s favor there wouldn’t be any griping about it. But it turns out that giving men access to loads of women causes men to lose interest in entering committed relationships.

Let us not forget however, that these women themselves are perfectly willing to sleep with men whom they found by swiping an app a few hours earlier, a fact which seems to have been lost on the writer concerned. News flash, sweetheart: it takes two to tango.

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Special podcast episode for Aaron Clarey.

I forgot to post this yesterday as I was a little busy. Instead of my regular recording, I had the pleasure of doing the podcast episode this week with The Great One from the Cynical Libertarian Society on behalf of Aaron Clarey as he needed an episode recorded and couldn’t get to it. So because he couldn’t get to it then I couldn’t get to it but in the end we got to it.

Topics include but are not limited to, Irish Spring soap, transtesticles, hawt Dutch hockey players, traveling advice for Chad, what’s it like living in Holland, why The Great One is useless at picking up female bartenders, and much more.

Gay marriage in Holland – Why Dutch liberalism works.

I moved to The Netherlands just over three months ago and my international relocation from Melbourne has coincided with the furious debate over the upcoming Australian postal vote on gay marriage. Perhaps debate is a slight overreach. It would be more accurate to say that those in Australia who are pro-gay marriage can just about say or do anything they want, from headbutting Australian politicians, to firebombing Catholic buildings and then conveniently dying before justice could be served. Whereas those on the No side of the equation are bad and evil people who must be punished for the sin of having an opinion and wishing to vote along those lines.

I have been observing these tumultuous events from afar, but not just from afar; from the very first country in the world to legalise gay marriage back in 2001. And so I decided to do a bit of digging, a bit of observation, and a bit of using my prodigious brain to examine the present situation in which I find myself – living in a country that gave homosexuals what they apparently so dearly desire. And the effect on the country and its population?

As far as I can tell, absolutely nothing at all.

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