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Greetings, my fellow worthless deplorables, cretins, and insufferables. After a short break due to holidaying on the sunny Amalfi coast, the weekly Friday links returns to you in full and uncontrolled throttle, which is just how we like it.

Apparently there has been a hurricane this week, but I’m not really interested in that. Apparently little young Kim over in North Korea has been firing his missiles over Japan, but that don’t interest me either. Apparently everyone is getting thrown off the internet because it’s owned by Google and Facebook, but I’m still here so what do I care?

I care naught, I care zilch, I care in a zero fucks kind of way. Just so long as I have me cigars, a good kitchen to cook in, a bottle of wine at my head and feet, and my good wife to pat me on the arm as I shake my fist at them there young people on my front lawn, then all will be fine and dandy in my little world, yes-sir me.

So with that in mind, let us turn our collective fearful yellow eye to what outrages saw fit to remain in an opened tab on my browser over the past week.

Some art for you. While on holiday, a Dutchman challenged me to come up with three Dutch painters. I could only reply with a lousy pair, to my frustration. So with that in mind, here is View of the Defltse Vaart and St Laurens church 1840 by Cornelis Springer. I think it’s quite nice.


Post of the week goes to this one titled, Paying the price for the breakdown of the country’s bourgeois culture.

That culture laid out the script we all were supposed to follow: Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard, and avoid idleness. Go the extra mile for your employer or client. Be a patriot, ready to serve the country. Be neighborly, civic-minded, and charitable. Avoid coarse language in public. Be respectful of authority. Eschew substance abuse and crime.


The theory of diversity explained for us ignorant and uncaring folk.

Men and women are not different, which is why we need quotas to ensure in this position there are equal numbers of men and women. The outcome of the position will not be changed if we have enforced equal numbers of men and women, because men and women are not inherently different. But since Diversity is our strength, the outcome under mandatory quotas will be better, because there are no differences in performance between men and women.

The preach diversity but what they really want is for all of us to be the same and interchangeable. They want us to be ants or bees.


The logic of risk taking by his great worthiness, Mr Taleb.

We saw with the earlier comment by Warren Buffett that, literally, anyone who survived in the risk taking business has a version of “in order to succeed, you must first survive.” My own version has been: “never cross a river if it is on average four feet deep.” I effectively organized all my life around the point that sequence matters and the presence of ruin does not allow cost-benefit analyses; but it never hit me that the flaw in decision theory was so deep.

A very worthy piece. I found myself nodding in agreement throughout which meant that I already knew this stuff but hadn’t seen it articulated. So where did I learn it from? Playing poker, of course.


Richard Florida is sorry that he was so wrong about hipsters making cities a better place to live.

His observations quickly formed the basis of a set of breezy technical solutions. If decaying cities wanted to survive, they had to open cool bars, shabby-chic coffee shops, and art venues that attract young, educated, and tolerant residents. Eventually, the mysterious alchemy of the creative economy would build a new and prosperous urban core.

Today, even Florida recognizes that he was wrong. The rise of the creative class in places like New York, London, and San Francisco created economic growth only for the already rich, displacing the poor and working classes. The problems that once plagued inner cities have moved to the suburbs.

The worst thing about him isn’t that he was wrong. It was that he assumed from the beginning that he was so right without any evidence to back up his mad proselytizing. The important thing now is to never ever listen to him on anything ever again. You had your chance buddy, now piss off.


Whistling is alpha. How to whistle with your fingers.


Your weekly Woodpile awesomeness.


Using gumballs, Roy Beck demonstrates why immigration does not work at all.


Using his mouth, Gavin McInnes demonstrates why he is a complete and utter moron.


The college professor who attacked a Trump supporter with a bike lock now faces up to 40 years in jail.

In an online statement, Clanton wrote “Dealing with an unintelligible internet force smearing and threatening me online was not easy, and created stress to say the least, but I had every expectation that very few people would take them seriously, especially considering the character and credibility of their sources.

Which is why he was hitting people with bike locks to begin with.


The Friday links musical interlude. This is the opening track from Amorica the third album from The Black Crowes. The album stalled on release due to its risque cover with stores like Walmart refusing to stock it. I consider it their best album by a very long margin. Every track is a winner, particularly the closing track, Descending. But lets go with Gone, the opening track as I said. It sets the mood. No video here so just put on your headphones and enjoy.


And while you’re listening to that musical greatness, why not peruse a young lady who has reached the coveted heights of the hawt chick of the week? Thanks for watching, it’s been real, I mean that, trust me, I’m a social worker.






Why it’s crucial that you get your act together.


  1. Adam

    Nice rainbow banner on WordPress. Some gay in charge is having a good laugh about it.

  2. Brandon

    “Some art for you. While on holiday, a Dutchman challenged me to come up with three Dutch painters. I could only reply with a lousy pair, to my frustration. So with that in mind, here is View of the Defltse Vaart and St Laurens church 1840 by Cornelis Springer. I think it’s quite nice.”

    Agreed. I’m recently back from Rome and there is scholarship on the relationship between Dutch and Italian masters from Renaissance through the Baroque. Without the Netherlands there can be no adequate discussion of the emergence of capitalism and the third flowering of Western culture and civilisation itself. Caravaggio never met Rembrandt, Rembrandt never saw a Caravaggio painting; but the impact, via inferior intermediaries, was profound.

    Durer, the Breughel’s, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Rubens constructed the language of the domestic and the personal portrait discarded by Da Vinci. They created the visual landscapes we currently inhabit. They have survive modernism intact.

    After visiting the excellent Amsterdam Rijksmuseum twenty years ago, I have a soft spot for de Witte, Saenredam, Breitner, and Weissenbruch. In my limited experience, for the viewer experience, the Rijksmuseum is only beaten by the Uffizi.

  3. ¨The preach diversity but what they really want is for all of us to be the same and interchangeable. They want us to be ants or bees…¨

    Not quite. What they really want is our destruction as a people (which is, after all, an inevitable by-product of homogenization). Should they achieve that, the enslavement of any survivors would be a happy bonus to them, but it is not their primary goal by a long shot.

    • David Moore

      “What they really want is our destruction as a people ”

      The goal is destruction of the individual. That, of course, is at the heart of everything that could be considered as Western’ values and culture.

  4. Kebie

    HAWT chick and Black Crowe, what an amazing combo. Now back to the chick and the music.

  5. Hi Adam, I read and was quite moved by your post on a surviving a feminist single mother. It made me tearful, mainly hearing what was said to you about your father. Of late, I am hearing more comments online regarding children of single parent households and outcomes (mostly unfortunate outcomes). Like yourself, I survived a difficult upbringing where very negative comments were made about my Dad, and men in general. My Mom worked and was a great provider, but in my parents generation (born in the 30’s) children were for the most part “to be seen and not heard” and they both grew up with that themselves. The lack of being nurtured in good communication, having their feelings matter left them both without an ability to speak about feelings, self esteem. I don’t think my Mom even realized she had no self worth. She had also been molested by her step father and had never sought treatment (as was common in that generation). I grew up without any self worth as well. However, with not seeing my Dad much, and my mother working all the time I have to say I raised myself and was lucky to find a peer group of intelligent, self reflective Gen X teens that were also raising themselves (mentally, emotionally) for similar reasons — their parents did not have language for emotions. Some of my friends were avid readers of psychology and as a result we had many discussions over the years about our conditioning and lack there of. We had support in reflecting and learning to be better people. Most of my peer group were boys but not all. I was a tom boy, and was treated as “one of the guys”. My gut feeling reading your post was that your mother was mentally ill and someone who lacked emotional health and skills to communicate in decency. This was I think a bigger factor than the single parent status. This is what would have led her into extremist thinking as a “feminist”. In her case, it sounded more like hating then believing in basic equality. It was embracing a ‘victim” mentality and embracing hate and ignorance. Likely due to poor mental health, low level of wisdom/intelligence/self reflection and not having been treated for mental health issues. The biggest issue we face I believe is ignorance, low intelligence, lack of wisdom and the ability of self knowledge and self reflection. Missing the ability to “see through our own bullshit”. Luckily, I had friends to help me with this, to call me on my “bullshit” as I grew from teen to young adult. We are still friends to this day, and still are honest with one another in a no nonsense factual way (no insults or shame). I felt sad to hear your comments in section 3 about not forming relationships with girls, and suggesting that this is the way to go for men. (hope that I am understanding that correctly and not taking it out of context) People who have such a blueprint for life (male or female) will certainly miss out on sexual love with the opposite sex, though that is fine for non-heterosexuals, it is problematic for those who are heterosexual. One of the great lessons that was modelled for me by my mother was not to judge persons by how they look, style. She would talk to anyone and judge them on their character. This was how she was face to face. She did have the ability to do that in the moment. Yet her emotional issues remained for men “in general” and were never dealt with so she lived a solitary life (no partner) yet had close male and female friends. The challenge for people who are intelligent, self reflective, compassionate is to find the same. It is a rare quality and not based on biological sex. The world is more populated with people lacking those qualities. I feel people who recognize this must stick together and spread the view of valuing good character, compassion, and lessons on “how to” overcome poor upbringing/conditioning. How to be good parents. How to teach our children. I feel we must have children because the biggest portion of the population is certainly having children. The movie Idiocracy is a must see for those who think having kids is a mistake in these times. I have been, for the most part, a good parent (so my kids tell me). My sole goal in raising them was for them to be confident, since I feel that a confident person can go into the world and find what they need or create it. My daughter, 22 has done that. My son, 14 is socially confident & charismatic but does not feel confident that he is intelligent due to school experience– heartbreaking– and working on it. Because he is intelligent, driven, amazingly wise, self reflective and compassionate — dummies just don’t end up like that especially at his age. I am so proud of both of them for their character and abilities. I must thank an amazing single mother Sylvie I met in college for providing me with the view of parenting. Her daughter was amazing and she had a good relationship with her father. She told me rule #1 was never to say bad things about the other parent to the child. She said her daughter had asked why they divorced. For the time her answers were simple, we did not love one another in that way anymore but we both love you and are friends. She said that that was as complex of an answer she would give her daughter until she was old enough and mature enough to know more. She said she will know by the nature of her daughters questions if she is ready to hear or know more. But the most important factor was that the parents get along and treat each other with respect. This view guided me through my separation and co-parenting my kids. Never saw a lawyer or a court room, and we continue to get along to this day.
    If you agree with any of this, please share. People who want to live in a better world, have a more satisfying peaceful life have to start speaking out more. Youtube is full of moronic videos. We have to tip the scale! best wishes, Carol

  6. What an incoherent moron.

    [quote] men and women are not inherently different. But since Diversity is our strength, [/quote]

    If they aren’t different what f’ing difference does it make whether you hire one over the other? How can diversity (note the author’s capital D) make any difference if it is a diversity of two things which are exactly the same.


  7. Good post Adam, I managed 35 seconds of Gavin McInnes. The painting by Cornelius Springer is really something. You can see that massive brick facade at the water front, and those window arches the brickies made using weight displacement of the bricks and support lentels. Then the occupants come along and board them all up. I will read Brandon [12.57] comment , lower my philistine level.

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