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Podcast #55 – The anecdote episode.

The one where I talk about a couple of anecdotes from two books that I recently read. Also, how I would run my own gym, “Adam’s Lifting Gym”.

Books mentioned in the podcast:

The Pigeon Tunnel by John Le Carre.

The Singapore Grip by J.G.Farrell.


Why the NO vote will and must win in the gay marriage plebiscite.


Ferris Bueller and the feminine imperative.


  1. Aleks Sim

    Dude, you gotta record at a higher volume. I cranked up the volume on my computer and still can barely hear you.

    • Adam

      I had it almost at max and the mic right in front of my mouth. Weird. Will look into it.

  2. Adam

    I was just going to comment on the same thing. Volume issues.

    Also, you have probably been asked this before but why don’t you have a YouTube channel where you sit before a camera and talk? Your political commentary is out of this world. I think our precious millennials don’t like to read so it would allow you to reach a larger audience. You’d be awesome.

    • Adam

      I appreciate the sentiment but I am very hesitant to stick my face on the internet. It’s one thing to do this with my real name, but adding a face to it is not really something that I want to do.

      • Adam

        Fair enough. You could wear a disguise – just enough that people don’t recognise you on the street. There is something very addictive about watching smart people on YouTube.

  3. Brandon

    Sounded fine on Soundcloud. As I was driving home I was shouting “Chris deBurgh!” then “Fergal Sharkey!” and then I twigged….to my surprise he couldn’t mean “Van Morrison” could he?

    Short story:
    When I left home as innocent youth I lodged at a friend’s Mum’s house and the guy lodging in the next room was a public sector Trade Unionist who worked for the Benefits agency. He was a few years older than me and a functioning alcoholic who so spent most of his time in the pub. He was also Irish and had a withering view of anyone else and a cutting tongue.

    Every day he’d get home from work go into his room and play Van Morrison at full blast for an hour or so and then go out to the pub. Every day. Every day. Full blast. When I asked him to turn it down he would say he would and then turn it up higher. I got to know Van Morrison circa 1983 quite well.

    I assumed I was deficient in that I just could not see what the fuss was. I developed the view that Van Morrison was a shouter. Like you’re point about books you keep until you are ready to read them (an excellent idea by the way) I assumed I get it some day. I brought ‘Tupelo Honey’ but was still immune.

    Eventually 5 years later I watched Morrison perform a song on the TV and brought ‘Poetic Champions Compose’ with “Alan Watts Blues” and “Did You Get Healed”. Both I love. I could now see what the fuss was about. But I do agree that Van Morrison albums and his melodies seem to merge into one.

    One good album is therefore sufficient.

  4. Volume fine on my end.

    Don’t go youtube. I completely miss almost every commentator that I like who went youtube because I don’t want to sit in front of the damn computer watching them, I want to listen in my car and while I run. Oh, plus youtube will probably block you soon anyway.

    How is the crap music they play at the gym less distracting than the good music you play in your headphones? I wear them so that I can stay in my own head while i work out.

    Van Morrison. I think you are crazy here. Not workout music but just off the top of my head Moondance, Brown Eyed Girl, and Too Long in Exile are outstanding. I have his four volume greatest hits in my shuffle playlist and I haven’t heard something yet that I didn’t enjoy. That said, there are probably musicians that you like that I think are no talent hacks. Notice I’m not on the internet slagging them. It’s all personal.

    • Adam

      Dude, Getting on the internet and slagging people is what I do. I mean, come on!

      How is the crap music they play at the gym less distracting than the good music you play in your headphones?

      Because it’s a background annoyance as opposed to the complete distraction that is music in headphones.

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