The Friday links and hawt chick of the week is brought to you by the act of sipping a glass of fine rhum in front of a pleasant fire while relaxing in an old leather arm chair that has been patched in various places. Your faithful hound is stretched out on the floor in front of you, relaxed but alert for any changes in your mood. From the kitchen your good wife is cutting you a piece of her freshly made lemon tart. You are not listening to any music, reading a book, or, heavens forbid, watching “television”. The fire is your soothing entertainment, that and the knowledge of a day spent well. Outside the wind blows hard against the wooden shutters.
Happiness taken in moments is the way that I like it.
On with the show.

Louis Grimshaw, Grainger Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1902

I lifted that painting from old Remus at The Woodpile Report. The Friday links has the best taste in hawt chicks, but The Woodpile Report wins hands down for fine art. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and make sure that you check out this week’s issue.


From Tim Newman we have two pieces this week, both on the same topic. Did Lucy Lie? and More on Lucy and Pete are about deception in relationships. Tim asked his readers the question of whether Lucy lied or not. My response is not only that she did lie, but anyone who would see fit to defend her actions as not lying would be capable of the same deception. Which means, if you’re not sure if you trust someone or not, ask them if Lucy lied.


Steve Kates is a friend of the Friday links and Hawt chick of the week, (he says for the articles but I have my doubts). He has a piece up over at The Cat concerning why Hillary! lost the election in 10 easy to understand points, (important for those of you who have skipped immediately to this week’s hawt chick and are now finding it hard to concentrate). Here are the first three points for you to contemplate:

1) Obama hates Hillary.
2) Tim Kaine is not just from the Obama side of the Democratic Party but was one of the first of the Democrats to defect to Obama in 2007. She would have hated Kaine to an infinite degree. Hillary would never ever under ordinary circumstances have chosen him for her Vice President, even assuming he would be a great campaign asset which he most assuredly was not.
3) However, she can only run for president if she is not under indictment for the undoubtedly illegal use of an insecure server. Hillary was therefore compelled to choose someone who she would never have chosen as her Vice Presidential candidate.

Steve was one of the very few commentators, (along with yours truly), to predict the Trump win from a long way out. His book which chronicles his predictions is compelling reading.


Any of you remember “Movie Bob” from The Escapist gaming magazine and his movie reviews? He was quite entertaining, until he revealed himself as an SJW fuckwit, completely lost the plot over #GamerGate, (hint – he wasn’t on our side), got fired from the role, (which shows just how off the rails he went because The Escapist was hopelessly compromised by progressive lunatics), and dropped off the radar.
Until now. Thanks to Mr McCain I now know what Movie Bob is currently up to. He’s living under a bridge somewhere, and ranting on Twitter which he has to do whenever he goes to MacDonalds to use their bathroom and wifi.

One might think that Bob Chipman, being so superior as to be able to discern who amongst us is “properly evolved,” must be a total babe magnet, because all the chicks want to swing with the Alpha Male, right? Rather ironically, however, Bob Chipman is a bloated endomorph whose lifetime total number of female partners is zero, as far as anyone on the Internet knows. And, just by the way, Bob has been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, which doesn’t seem like a “superior future” kind of thing.

Living under a bridge, washing at MacDonalds, and you’re a bloated endomorph with Type II diabetes? Sick.


The Friday links and hawt chick of the week sincerely hopes that all of its fine readers in the path of hurricane Irma will stay safe. Just to make you feel a little better, contrary to what the #fake news press is telling you, it’s not the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever.

Describing Irma as the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever recorded is like calling Ted Williams the all-time American league home run leader because he hit the most home runs at Fenway Park.

I don’t know squat about baseball but that sounds like a wicked quote.


Kurt Schlichter goes to town on conservatives and their “principles”.

Of course, it’s not just the Wisconsin Wimp shifting into conservagimp mode. Soon-to-be-former Senator Jeff Flake, that braying doofus, naturally joined the cave-in chorus. Ben Sasse, Flake’s braying doofus doppelgänger, probably joined in, but I refuse to spend valuable time looking at his tedious Twitter feed to find out. And since it involved betraying Republicans, you have got to assume John “Blue Falcon” McCain is in on it too.


The guys at Men of the West are also great friends of the Friday links and hawt chick of the week. They reckon that you should teach your children to read. Not just how to read, but to read for the sake of reading.

The key is to introduce your children to books when they are young.
When my children were infants, I used to sit them in my lap while I was reading, and I would read out loud, so they could hear. I did this with novels, newspapers, textbooks (I was in grad school then), the Bible, and pretty much anything I was reading at the time.
As they got older, and could actually understand what was happening in the stories, my wife and I would read age-appropriate stories to them. As they continued to age, I still read books to them, until they reached their teen years and would tackle the books on their own more readily. For example, I read all seven of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books to them.

You should also teach your children how to shut the hell up in restaurants but that’s another issue entirely.


Some more awesome tunes from the 90s that you’ve probably never heard of before now. The Stone Temple Pilots and Vaseline.


What sort of hawt chick would listen to that kind of song?
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