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The Nazi Larper event at Charlottesville occurred a week before I was due to go on holiday. This was somewhat unfortunate as I was strung out at the time and a little on edge. The holiday cured me of my angst and now I’m looking at the posts that I made that week with a more detached eye.

But the great Nazi argument continues on the alt right blogosphere. Not only that but it’s now making headlines in major papers. The Australian had two articles this weekend, both by Chip Le Grand, that equated the alt right with extremist movements. The Nazi bugbear was conveniently placed in the very first sentence of the main article.

Vox Day debated the nut job behind The Daily Stormer website on the topic of what is national socialism. I listened to some of the debate and the whole thing felt uncomfortably weak. I began wondering if I had simplified matters too much in my article on how to correctly label Nazis.

Then today I read two more pieces on the subject. Over at XYZ is a piece that defines Nazis as being the right wing of socialism. Apparently the addition of “of socialism” will settle the matter once and for all. But as I said, I think that the oversimplification of this topic is just playing into the hands of progressives. Yes, you’re defining what Nazi means but you’re defining it on their terms. They have set the battlefield and we’re reacting to them.

The basic premise of the progressive left is that the right can only exist in opposition to them.

But then we come to the second piece that I read. I had to read it a few times to fully understand the nuances. It’s courtesy of The Z Man and his position is that the Nazis, and Fascism in general, existed in a specific point in time as opposition to Bolshevism.

Any effort to connect modern political movements to fascism, therefore, is nothing more than rhetoric or cynicism. The conditions in which both fascism and Bolshevism were born no longer exist and are unlikely to exist again …

The fact is, debating the place of fascism and the relevance of Nazism to our current age is a pointless waste of time. It lets grifters like Dinesh D’Souza peddle books to well-meaning normies and it lets internet pranksters generate some laughs, but otherwise, fascism, as a political force, has no relevance in our age …

The debate itself underscores the fact that we are at the end of a cultural cycle, one born in the Great War, defined by the Second World War and formalized during the Cold War. Modernism as a cultural force has come to an end. Those in charge of the brittle husk that is the prevailing orthodoxy keep reaching into their past for villains to maintain support among the faithful. Those in opposition find themselves without fully formed alternatives in the present, so they are rummaging around in the past for whatever they can find.

Progressives accuse everyone of being Nazis because it not only works as an ad hominem smear, it also sets the current tone in a battle that ended 70 years ago. The key to understanding progressives is in their name. They haven’t progressed at all. They are simply regurgitating the same lost causes that require the same already long fallen and vanquished foes for it to make any vague resemblance of coherency.

To react to this is to not only play their game, it is to accept their deceit as truth. The terms left and right do not make any sense any more. As The Z Man points out, nationalism versus globalism is just as flakey.

The great divide today is not over economics. It is biological. The cultural struggle that is developing, therefore, will be how our people will thrive in a world of modern challenges and modern threats. What will drive politics in the West, in the coming decades, is what Steve Sailer calls the world’s most important graph. How to survive as a people in a world dominated by races unable to escape the neolithic without white people, is not something contemplated by Bolsheviks or fascists. Therefore, they offer us nothing of use today.

Trumps’ election victory and the Brexit vote underline this new reality. The common people instinctively understand that biology is the real issue today and they are voting accordingly. The next Australian election will be decided on the issue of immigration. The current hoopla over gay marriage is in some ways simply a farcical distraction.

Arguing with progressives over whether we are Nazis or not is like arguing with flat earthers over at what point will we fall off the planet. The simple way to defeat the Nazi slur is to simply react to it as if someone had accused you of being a Conquistador. The other way is to not use the Nazi tag ourselves, like the brain dead idiots did at Charlottseville. Because using it not only makes no sense at all, it also demonstrates that the user has zero understanding of what is currently in play.

You can’t win a war if you have no clue as to what you supposedly stand for, and you can’t win if you persist in fighting a war that already finished some time ago.



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  1. Dan-0-lee

    The Second World War is not over by any means. The (((winners))) are attempting to maintain their gains and consolidate their hold over western society. What was the war really about? Stupid goyim fighting their allies on behalf of their enemies(the Soviet Union).

  2. The left have had their long march through at least academia and look where it’s gotten them. People who graduate almost completely devoid of an understanding of history who wouldn’t even recognize a Fascist if they met one, or a Bolshevist for that matter.

    It’s just a convenient cudgel for the progressive loons.

  3. BWV

    A few things in the order they appear in your column:

    1) “…the nut job behind The Daily Stormer website…” I’d never heard of this guy until a few days ago when I ran across the fact that he’d been censored on Gab. Looking him up, I find that in the recent past he promoted race mixing, whites being bred out of existence, and appears to have a leaning toward nearly-underage asian girls. So it seems that accusations that he may in fact be a double agent working for the other side could have some weight. Even if he’s truly changed, people who have been that far wrong in the past cannot be allowed to lead anything.

    2) “…defines Nazis as being the right wing of socialism…” Apparently even Dinesh D’Souza has caught on to the fact that a lot of people incorrectly identify Nazis as being of the right and that the reason for it is leftists have taught them to believe that. The Left understands that it cannot bear the weight of the atrocities of Stalin and Mao and those of Hitler too, so it foists off the “Nazis are the extreme right” nonsense on unsuspecting children who can’t think for themselves.

    The truth is much simpler. Imagine a continuum with no government on one side and an all-powerful state on the other. The various systems are placed along it based on the power of the state relative to the power of the individual citizen. This is the only meaningful way to judge systems. All becomes clear – and irrefutable.

    3) “As The Z Man points out, nationalism versus globalism is just as flakey.”

    Maybe not. For many, nationalism is just a stalking horse for white identity politics. It is useful at a time when a term that clearly invokes white identity would be off-putting, even to many of the very people it intends to save from the predators who hunt them. Don’t be surprised if it is used until it’s no longer useful – and then cast aside as whites become more in tune with the reality that confronts them.

    4) “… what Steve Sailer calls the world’s most important graph.” This is getting a lot of play lately, but what no one mentions is that long term predictions based on current (and unsustainable) trends rarely pan out. Also not mentioned is the fact – and it is a fact – that the African population curve is entirely under our control. We could send them back to stone-age infant mortality rates and life spans in an instant by cutting off aid. What’s their counter-move? They die.

    5) “The other way is to not use the Nazi tag ourselves, like the brain dead idiots did at Charlottesville.” Fair enough – but on the other hand:

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