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It’s late at night here in Holland and I wasn’t going to post anything today. I had two or three options all ready to go but I skipped out on all of them. I just wasn’t in the mood. I had some disappointing news and the more the day progressed, the less inclined I felt to wax lyrical on the internet.

You have those days. They pop up now and then. Ah, so what. What are you going to do about it? Just shrug your shoulders and wonder what it’s all about. It doesn’t get any easier, you know. The older you get. I may know a hell of a lot more than I did twenty five years ago but the bad days still run you down. Just so you know. Wisdom and all that. Sure, it helps. And yes, I get that there’s a bigger picture. But still, sometimes you just want to be Greek so you can have an excuse to hurl your dinner plate at the wall after the mopping up is done.

But like I said, I wasn’t going to post anything. And then I caught an Anthony Bourdain episode. He was in Georgia, of all places. The food looked pretty good, the women fairly hawt, at least up to a certain age. And then there was a scene where he was with a bunch of Georgian hipsters. Georgian hipsters, for fucks sake. And they were doing what hipsters do all around the world – they were being wankers. Complete douchebags.

Listen you hipsters fucks, nobody likes you. We pretended to while the real estate prices were going up, but even that is no recompense for having to put up with your epic level of fail. We hate your scraggy beards. We despise the collective uniform that you all wear. You have debased the check shirt to a point where it can no longer be redeemed. I have thrown away every beanie that I ever owned. I buy supermarket coffee and regular beer just so I don’t have to run the risk of being mistaken for one of your unkept ilk. Give me anything mainstream because I know that it won’t have been debased by your holier than thou attitudes.

And then there’s your women, or what passes for the supposed female form. I presume that you pick up these ugly, boring harlots while you browse for your latest independent film. Is there some sort of competition amongst you to see who can go the longest without breaking your visage with any form of facial expression?

But it’s okay. I’ve let all this go. Really, I have. And it took watching that Bourdain episode to really understand it. You see, there aren’t any hipsters in Holland. At least, there aren’t any where I live. Maybe there are some obscure outposts in the fleshpots of Rotterdam, but what do I care; they’re not around me. Holland is a hipster-free zone. I shouldn’t be saying this because now everyone will want to come here.

Especially the fucking hipsters.


Fighting the wrong war.


Podcast #56 – The weather porn episode.


  1. TechieDude

    No kidding. The metro area where I live (DFW) is growing by leaps and bounds. And the town in North Dallas where I used to live always had it’s share of what I call “Monied Dimwits”. They gussied up the downtown, made “mixed use” condos – or what I call “Hipster Habitrails” and low and behold now has a terrible hipster infestation.

    That was one of the reasons for moving to a more settled “urban” town in DFW. There’s no room here for habitrails. I was working on the old house and had to hit the hardware store. On the way back I stopped by Starbucks for some tea (I can’t drink coffee, and my old house was a construction zone). I felt like i hit a wormhole and was zapped to Los Angeles. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – a gaggle of trophy wives (normal for here), a few well-to-do soccer moms, and tons of hipsters, glomming the tables, looking like they are working on something significant.

    Total douche apocalypse.

    So glad I moved.

    • TechieDude

      Let me clarify: the monied dimwits north of where I now live build gated communities of $500k-$800K homes in the middle of what is a solid middle class neighborhood. The don’t mingle with the commoners much. The houses are right on top of one another, no trees, little grass. Walk through the gates and you are in LA. A Potemkin Malibu.
      The hipster habitrails I mentioned would be called “Tenements” back in the day. Stores/restaurants below, condos/apartments above. They’ve built thousands, and plan thousands more.

      I tell people here that I lived through the toxic mix of monied dimwits, yuppies, and hipsters in the DC area. It doesn’t have a happy ending when the real estate crashes. And it will. It’s also a horrible business model. Ever see an old hipster? it’s a sad, sort of rare site to behold. They do grow up (I’m watching the effects of the red pill hitting my hipster daughter). Then who moves into the dimwit nests and habitrails.

      It’s not a good thing. they will leave section 8 ruin in their paths.

  2. Brandon

    When I was younger I brought a check shirt for walking and camping from the army surplus. The hipster thing looks like cultural appropriation to me. A cross between a genuine working, artisan, bearded, waist coat rural look, with that girlie gay, short calf length trouser hissy thing. It could have gone steampunk but ends up giving beards a bad name.

    I am conscious how little manly stuff is on the television. The Bannon interview showed what punching back might look like. I find watching an episode of “Building Alaska” restores me to sanity. Men building houses out of wood, in the woods, and falling off stuff. What could possibly go wrong with that? I know: Hipsters in the wild, drinking white wine, holding Iron John talk-ins about the parents divorces and therapeutic hugging, before finalising their gated solar powered cabin designs.

    Speaking of check shirts I have decided to build a double winder stair case and open up the loft instead of having one built for me. I am in “what could go wrong” design mode at the moment.

    My ban on the BBC since just after the election just about holding; though I did listen to the introduction of Newsnight (current affairs flag ship) and a few minutes of the Week in Westminster. Fortunately they were both utterly appalling. I am convinced I am living in a Scott Adam’s simulation.

    I see from Tweeter and newspaper front pages that our Parliament just voted for the “European Withdrawal Bill”. I also saw something that said the Aussie are certain to vote for Gay marriage. Now that’s not going to help much with our native fertility levels.

    Islamification looms.

    • Adam

      I also saw something that said the Aussie are certain to vote for Gay marriage.

      From the same newspapers that got Trump and Bexit spectacularly wrong?

      Betfair is offering 4 to 1 odds on the No vote winning. A good deal in my opinion.

      • Chris

        I had a thought about the vote. Suppose the No vote narrowly wins. How many Muslims voted No? How many Hindus – they come from a country that still practices arranged marriages, after all. What is the support for same-sex marriage like in China, Vietnam, the Philippines? Not very high, from what I can tell. I don’t suppose we’ll ever get an official breakdown of results, but suppose surveys after the fact reveal that the No vote won because people born overseas overwhelmingly voted No. Does that qualify as irony?

  3. Brandon

    As I got 4-1 on Trump I might just venture into the bookies for the 3rd time in my life. Tell you what we could do with a Aussie “no”! Hungary and Poland are doing all the heavy lifting at the moment.

  4. David Hasselhoff

    Hi! Longtime reader of The Noisy Rogue back in my WoW days, like what you’re doing with the new blog. Are there any other ex-gaming bloggers who’ve redpilled that you’d recommend?

    • Adam

      Hey David, glad to have an old Noisyrogue reader along for the ride.

      The amount of red-pilled gaming bloggers is pretty well close to zero. During #Gamergate they were all on the side that said supporting #Gamergate was evil and bad, you know the sort of thing.

      I would say that the only one who comes close to being red-pilled is Gevlon at The Greedy Goblin.

      Wolfshead is also pretty woke but he posts very sporadically.

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