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Don’t shoot the fat messenger.

Apparently one of the problems associated with being a fat tub of lard is the chafing that results over the course of the day while your odious rolls of fat collide with each other while you do strenuous exercise, such as rolling over in bed or getting up from your long suffering chair.

What to do, what to do. The best option, in this writer’s most humble opinion, is for fat tubs of lard to shed some weight by eating less. Radical, I know, but then I’ve always been one for going against the prevailing wisdom.

Or you could continue to stuff sugar and carbs down your gob at unprecedented levels while availing yourself of whatever products companies are coming out with that enable your hideously unhealthy lifestyle. Products like Bandelettes – thigh bands with antichafing benefits.

Rubbing thigh skin is such a big problem for so many women that we became determined to find a solution and Bandelettes thigh bands is the answer we discovered.

Perhaps that first part should actually read, Rubbing thigh skin is such a problem for so many big women … just sayin.

As for being determined to find a solution, I would have thought using those high levels of determination to lose some goddam weight might have been a better idea.

I stumbled across this bastion to obesity yesterday when someone posted it on my linkedin feed via an “article” at the Italian Huffington post. The title of the article translated is something like, “I nearly cried from being so proud.” The person who was almost doing the crying and being all proud and determined was this woman.

no chafing here!

I made the remark that I didn’t see that being a fat tub of lard was anything to be proud about. Bursting into tears, most certainly. As for waddling down a catwalk, this overweight doughnut excavator has no right to be up there. I mean, just think of all the extra bracing that would have had to be installed just so she could be all proud and stuff.

This morning I received a message from a very good friend who is of the opinion that I shouldn’t be so mean and nasty. We had a bit of back and forth, which was fun and entertaining, but I summed up my stance in this way:

No, you have to shame them. Shaming is the only thing that works. The only thing when people are that delusional. You do not buy into their bullshit.

My objection to the pedestalization of fatties in this way and of the general push for fat acceptance is twofold. Firstly, it is simply yet another aspect of the long and ongoing modernist attack on acceptable standards of beauty that began a hundred years ago with art and which has progressed through multiple institutions over the years. A progressive post modernist celebration of ugliness. It is present in our architecture, our literature, our cinema, our music; it is present in our very souls. Fat acceptance is simply another notch on the progressive bedhead of Western cultural norms that have been subverted by literal ugliness.

My second objection is that acceptance of obesity is dangerously unhealthy for everyone involved. Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, and yet they want to convince people that this should be celebrated. That’s what a fatty slugging her way down a catwalk is demanding that you do – accept her gluttony as being her natural state.

In Christianity, it is considered a sin if the excessive desire for food causes it to be withheld from the needy.

Because of these scripts, gluttony can be interpreted as selfishness; essentially placing concern with one’s own impulses or interests above the well-being or interests of others.

During times of famine, war, and similar periods when food is scarce, it is possible for one to indirectly kill other people through starvation just by eating too much or even too soon.

In fact, as reported in the Huff Post “article”, she manages to nail the sin of pride as well. I don’t consider it to be an article so much as a paid advertisment. That’s what magazines and large internet sites are these days. Their only income derives from the advertising and there is no disconnect between the editorial board and the advertising clients.

That’s why a magazine like Teen Vogue is prepared to publish an in-depth article on the wonders of anal sex for teenage girls.* Anal Sex – What you need to know. They published the article because they have been told to do so by the companies advertising in their magazine who sell anal lube products and condoms. From the article:

Lube is essential for comfortable (and safe) anal sex. The anus does not naturally lubricate the way a vagina does. If you want to have a good experience, the more lube the better.
Condoms are also nonnegotiable. There is no risk of pregnancy during anal sex, but STIs are widespread and abundant. Protect yourself and practice safe sex every single time.
When it comes to lube, silicone-based lubes are easier for anal sex, as they are slippier and tend to stay on longer. The problem? Some silicone lubes corrode latex due to a high oil content, which can cause condoms to break. Google the silicone lube you’re considering using before trying it with condoms.
Likewise, stay clear of all oil-based lubes, as these too can damage the integrity of a latex condom. When in doubt, go for a water-based, unscented, unflavored lubricant if you’re unsure about the lube you’re using.

Obviously the companies that make the oil-based lubes did not sponsor this particular article. Also, I wonder if anyone realizes that STIs are so widespread and abundant due to all of this type of sexual activity …

The moral degeneracy that is prevalent in such turgid prose is directed by the desire of brands to take advantage of the marketing opportunities that are available to them today as a result of the same moral degeneracy in our society. Less anal sex means less anal lube sold, so the last thing these companies want is for parents to instruct their children not to participate in such behavior.

Likewise with the obesity epidemic we are now witnessing the same tactics by companies wishing to take advantage of unhealthy and destructive lifestyles.  Less fat people means not enough thigh bands being sold, so the thing to do is to publicly “celebrate” these same unhealthy lifestyles which were once considered to be beyond the pale. And part of this celebration is an overriding push not to hurt people’s feelings. This is sold as being their deep concern and humanity for these so-called brave fatties who are prepared to waddle down a catwalk, but this is merely a thin disguise, behind which is the strategic knowledge that more thigh bands will be sold if more people are fat. And more people will succumb to such unhealthy lifestyles if it becomes socially acceptable.

If you make unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors socially acceptable then what you are effectively saying is that you desire the same behaviors and lifestyles for your own children.

The only counter to this narrative is the act of public shaming and ridicule. It is the only thing that works. Far from being an act of bullying, it is an act of compassion. You shame them because you want them to finally understand that what they are doing is socially unacceptable due to the fact that it is spectacularly unhealthy behavior.

The companies and individuals that profit from personal weaknesses that will ultimately end lives prematurely while simultaneously virtue signaling their false love and caring are the real villains in this whole tragedy. They will not hesitate to shoot the messenger who seeks to uncloak their true intentions. Don’t fall into the misplaced trap of singing their tune for them.




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  1. Adam

    Everything is becoming so fake these days. So many layers to peel off to get to the truth. All fighting for the mighty dollar or trying to control what we do and think. Drives me mad, especially when they aim at the children. Nothing is sacred anymore in this fake world.

  2. BWV

    This rabbit hole goes pretty deep once you start thinking about it. There are a lot of people depending on fatties to keep doing what they do.

    1) Food companies. If being fat is something to be proud of – no need to diet – revenue rolls in.
    2) Textile companies. More square feet to cover more yards of fabric sold.
    3) Pharmaceuticals. Most drugs today aren’t cures. They allow people to survive bad habits.
    4) Medicine. Come on in, fattie! Doctor has a boat payment to make!
    5) Psychiatrists. Fat and unhappy? Something’s wrong with you. Lay on the couch please.
    6) Advocacy Groups. We’ll MAKE them love your rolls! Please donate.

    There are probably more – but that’s a good start. I’m reminded of “The Matrix.” Fat people are essentially “revenue batteries” for a lot of other people and in a sense the fat acceptance concept is just a way of farming them.

    • Adam

      Good list. I’ll try and come up with others to add to it.

  3. Give welfare moms a credit card instead of stamps because they won’t be ashamed of living off the public teat for years.

    Celebrate “body positive” instead of teaching people to control their impulses, eat less, and go for more walks.

    Have TV shows portray dads as idiots and single mothers as heroic instead of shaming pregnant couples into marriage so that the child can be raised in a two parent household which is better for them (science!).

    Shame has gone from our society and so have the behaviors that allowed society to flourish. Now it’s all “do whatever makes you feel good” even if you are raising maladjusted criminal children or dying from obesity. Not to mention making us look at your nasty fatness.

  4. TechieDude

    Like you said, this is all about normalization of degeneracy, especially homosexuality. I’m sure if you ask any random millennial or younger they’ll say anal sex is normal as anything.
    I remember many stories like these a few years ago, saying that’s how our grandparents practiced birth control (a thought I found impossible).

    Fact is, it’s not. That’s not what that part of the body was designed to do.That’s why the copious amounts of lube. This was presented in my kids high school health class, about which I had commentary and questions from my son. So I told him what they didn’t present.

    What they don’t tell these kids is what happens in the long run if you go down that path. Usually it’s what? fifties? when a woman needs plumbing tightened up? What’ll that be with a few decades of anal? thirties? There’s a host of medical conditions that are specific to homo males, none of which are pleasant.

    They should tell these kids that, wonderful as it is (and I doubt it), is it worth having a chronic “browning of the shorts” in your forties?

  5. TechieDude

    In a strip club in Seattle, I got an eyeful of a stripped that looked like that model up on stage.

    I immediately regretted paying the cover charge. The others walking around were OK though. Then, I found there was no alcohol there. Then, I really wanted my money back. Seeing something like that naked, prancing on stage, while sober was disturbing.

    My description when I tell the story is that she’s built like a 55-gal oil drum.

    • BWV

      I’m past strip joints now… but I can tell you I haven’t been able to drink enough bourbon to kill the brain cell that houses memories like that.

  6. Fine article as far as it goes, but the greed of the magazines and corporations is not the real cause of this degeneracy. For that you have to look behind the scenes – specifically at the Frankfurt School and its deliberate and systematic attack on Western (Christian) morals, an attack which started in the twenties and reached critical mass in recent years.

  7. Robyn

    As a fat woman (5’5 and 185lbs, down from 196) who has seen the light and is using her determination to lean out, I have to say that thanks to your article, I’m going to be trying Bandelettes. It’s so discouraging to finally be exercising, trying to improve your physique, and have your things chafe so badly that you blister. I know that I’m in a minority of women who will use thigh chafe alleviating technology to physically alleviate their thigh chafing, but I want to highlight a legitimate use for these.

    • Adam

      Robyn, good luck with your goal. Just remember, the vast majority of weight loss comes from diet, not exercise. Light breakfast, a good cooked lunch, slightly smaller cooked dinner, and absolutely no snacking in between.

      High protein, low carbs.

  8. I swear sometimes I think you can get a woman to buy anything, and make her feel good about it, or if not blame a guy for it.

    Look girls, it’s not new, ask your mother or grandmothers, depending on your age, what “chafies” are. Also ask them if they are a cool fashion accessory.

  9. John C

    Hey have you notice she is wearing a belt on her stomach?
    It is to push the layers of fat from her belly (very masculine feature) to her butt and tits. This is to make her look more feminine, as well as the makeup. Gross and sad
    She also has a dog collar on her neck. Weird

    Adam you should of put the frontal photo of her it show off more of her skin which you can tell is aging fast.

  10. Dan Flynn

    ‘The only counter to this narrative is the act of public shaming and ridicule. It is the only thing that works. Far from being an act of bullying, it is an act of compassion’

    All along I thought you were just being mean and nasty, Adam, but now I realize you’re actually a really compassionate guy who is honestly concerned about the well being of fat people.

    • Adam

      Dan, a failure to shame shameful behavior is a failure to love.

  11. Chris

    I doubt shaming severely overweight people is going to prompt them to change their behaviour. If someone is that large they are probably addicted to sugar and using food to cope. It’s a form of substance abuse. They may hate themselves deep down as they eat a whole tub of ice-cream but it makes them feel good for 15 minutes so they will keep doing it.

    I think of sugar as the original gateway drug – we give it to kids and teach them that when you are feeling bad you can make yourself feel better for a while by taking an artificial substance. As adults we move on to alcohol, caffeine and drugs.

    I think there is some value to pointing out, to people who aren’t obese yet, how using food as a comforting drug can wreck your body and make you hate yourself. And pointing out that exercise makes you feel good about yourself and lets you stay in shape. We need to talk about sugar like we talk about heroin. 5 minutes of pleasure and a lifetime of pain. Sure, some people can eat small amounts of sugar and not let it get out of control, just like some people can stick to one drink a day or try cocaine a few times without getting addicted.

    But if you look at what it does to society – once sugar in your “food” becomes normal, gaining 1 kg per year every year from 16 to 46 is normal, and in some cases it is much worse than that. There are a billion overweight people in the world now. No small thing. So much unhappiness, so much destruction of beauty, such a waste.

    But obviously before you can talk about sugar causing an epidemic of obesity you have to recognise that obesity is a horrible thing.

    Fat acceptance is just addicts trying to deny they have a problem.

    • Adam

      Apparently if heroin addicted rats are given the choice between heroin or sugar, they still choose sugar. The food industry knows how addictive sugar is and adds it to everything. As the mantra goes, just eat real food.

  12. Hans

    Great article, Adam.
    But, I cannot unsee that fat lady.
    Please compensate with more hot chick photos.
    Maybe some randy Dutch girls.

  13. Brandon

    Pretty face, dead eyes, collared neck and torso, with hoops for restraints suggesting sado-masochist shenanigans. The leg chafers lacking any lingerie value and the bizarre hair style suggesting a peado-pony tail look. The confident stride clashing with the swimsuit that serves only to hold–it-all-in and flatten out the chest. Every trick that larger women use to enhance and conceal is violated. This is not normal fashion.

    When you google the model Hunter McGrady she is a striking women who several stones lighter would probably be high SMV. Dressed more appropriately she could still clean up amongst men that like there women on the big side. Fashions change: we have had women that looked like gay designers’ fantasies of boyish, androgynous, crackheads; we have had Lopez’s, Beyoncé’s and now Kim’s big butt. These political correct, non-fat-shaming extravaganzas will eventually be abandoned and the token “curvy” models will slim down accordingly, whilst the coked up stick insects will check into rehab. I predict a Sophie Dahl future for Ms McGrady.

    But a few google clicks reveal:
    “Chromat is architectural swim and athletic wear designed for strong, powerful women. Chromat began in 2010 drawing from founder Becca McCharen-Tran’s background in architecture. Chromat is focused on empowering women of all shapes and sizes through perfectly fit garments for everybody. It’s easy to understand why strong, bold personalities all over the world—including Beyoncé, Madonna, FKA Twigs, Zendaya, Taylor Swift, Tyra Banks, and Nicki Minaj—have made statements in CHROMAT looks.”

    Perfectly fit garments. I don’t think so. I’m sure there are some nerdy, salivating, feeder guys out there who go for this kind of thing, but what kind of women or man would dress a larger woman up like this, unless they were posing for their Lesbian Studies year book. And that made me think…did anyone else notice that our ground breaking unashamed hippo was not quite a cow girl? That swimsuit was not udder friendly. So whose fantasy is this? Who is Becca McCharen-Tran? Oh, dear, me:

    This is Vogue:
    “Christine, who is barefaced and has sported a buzz cut since shortly after their wedding last June—“I was like, okay, my family has the photos they need. Now I’m going to shave my head…”

    So now we get it. We heterosexual men, we the genuine 98% of men, are being introduced to a butch lesbian’s guttural sexual vocabulary. We are already seeing this in our children’s programs, Marvel comics, lingerie adverts, and computer games; in our mainstream media and Sunday supplements. Today our children taught to accept transgender, the pleasures of “safe” anal sex and soon, yes, you’ve guessed it, they will be lubing up for their fisting classes; girls and boys.

    Shaming does not feel like the appropriate response. Projectile vomiting maybe captures it.

  14. I feel terribly guilty about this, but you are freaking funny! I love the way you write. You made me laugh my head off, and I’m in an office in Singapore, God knows how many miles away from you. You’re refreshing and original. Stay that way.

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