Greetings to all of the misbegotten bottom dwellers who lurk in the murk and muck at the fringes of the hawt chicks and links thread. Tis a privileged position in which you find yourselves. You are the advance guard for excellent taste, the first across the line for being the first to notice something. Of course, when I hit the big time and ludicrous morons who presently read The Economist begin espousing the brilliance of my ramblings, then you will be able to ditch me in a furious funk of indignation similar to when hordes of hippy fucktards abandoned Dylan for taking up an electric guitar.

I have always been of the opinion that Dylan is a talentless hack, but then again I think the same about The Beatles so what do I know?

Enough of this boisterous manly talk already! On with the hawt chicks! … and the links …

What’s this, I hear you mutter. The whitey is racist edition? Yes, my fellow racist white people. I have across some of zee colored peoples, who do not consider us white peoples to be zee racists simply because of the pigmentation of our skin tone that we happened to be borns with. Strange, but zee trues.

The first is an Australian aboriginal politician chap called Warren Mundine. Warren Mundine, for those of you in the know, is presently achieving what Noel Pearson has failed to achieve for the past 30 years. Here is a little piece that he has written titled, Get the priorities right.

There’s a complete disconnect between the national public dialogue on Indigenous affairs and the priorities of most Indigenous Australians. Partly it’s a symptom of a broader disconnect between ordinary people and the political and commentariat classes. But in Indigenous affairs, public dialogue is also marred by the notion there’s some special, mystical, cultural force that drives Indigenous Australians in everything we do. This notion of “otherness” is peddled particularly strongly by bleeding-hearts and the Green-left and it ties in with their big government, pro-handout and anti-development agendas.

Indeed. My response?

Care of Ace.


But wait, there’s more of the coloreds folks who maybe, just maybe don’t thinks that we whiteys are all zee inherently baddies.

I am saddened by your conviction that white people wield such a great deal of metaphysical power over the exercise of your own agency. In making an enemy of the Dream that is a constitutive feature of American identity, you have irrevocably alienated yourself from the redemptive hope, the inclusive unity, and the faith and charity that are necessary for America to move ever closer to achieving moral excellence. Sadder still, you have condemned the unyielding confidence in self that the Dream inspires.

If zee darkies want to know who all zee bad whites are, all they need to do is to start with any pasty friend who calls himself a progressive or a liberal.


But wait – zere is the mores! The 27 strings of victimhood’s puppets.

Convince a person that he or she is not responsible for their own life, that they are victims, and you make them your puppets. Too many Aboriginal people are being kept as puppets because those pulling the strings persist in feeding them this seductively delicious message: “Someone else is responsible for fixing your problems.” This message serves to shape individuals’ attitudes and blight entire communities. It is my wish to expose these ploys, which I have listed in shorthand form below:

He then lists 27 endemic racist progressive lies. I agree with them alls. Alls I tells you!


Okay, enough from the colored folks. I can only takes so much.

How about that Trump this week, eh? Going around trying to do deals with Democrats and I have watched as his “faithful” base denounces him from every quarter, (good on you, Ann Couter, you stupid skinny cow). Those of us with half a brain cell to rub together would have immediately realized that:

  1. The people reporting this were on the whole the completely untrustworthy media that hates his guts.
  2. Trump always starts at point A and finishes at point ‘I never fucking saw that one coming because I am as dumb as dogshit.’

Someone who does have a few brain cells to rub up against one another is author Peter Grant.

I think the Republican Party establishment has a tiger by the tail. It hates and loathes President Trump because he’s not “one of them”. He’s an outsider who’s upset their comfortable arrangements and carefully-plotted deals. However, he has the power of the Presidency behind him, and unquestionably is more popular with the electorate than either Congress or the Senate. If they alienate him, he’ll probably use that popularity to strike back at them with those on whose votes they have so far relied.

And then about 5 minutes ago Ace published this:

Yesterday, as you may recall, I leveled criticism at the President, which most of his die-hard supporters took umbrage at. Soon after I had some second thoughts considering the nature of today’s media. Rush yesterday explained, and rightly so, that having utterly failed in their attempts to directly destroy Trump, the only way to defeat him is to attempt to separate him from his base. Now this is of course true. And in fact later in the day, whilst on the ground in Florida observing Irma recovery operations, he basically said that what his two dinner guests said was bullshit.

Indeed, you don’t say. Wasn’t Trump wildly reported as saying that he was going to give nationalization to the ‘dreamers’? What’s Trump saying now?

We’re not looking at citizenship. We’re not looking at amnesty. We’re looking at allowing people to stay here. We’re working with everybody. Republican, we’re working with Democrats. I just spoke with Paul Ryan. He’s on board. Everybody’s on board. They want to do something. We’re not talking about amnesty. We’re talking about…. Uh, we’re talking about taking care of people, people that were brought here– people that have done a good job and were not brought here of their own volition.

The writer at Ace, J.J. Sefton, then proceeds to lose his tiny mind.

What the hell does that supposed to mean? Not Amnesty, not citizenship but you let people stay? As what, 800,000 essentially stateless persons? Within seconds you are going to have such an outcry from the usual quarters that an entire group of people have been cruelly been made into what is essentially worse than second class citizens and either the hack Judiciary or hack Legislative branch will right this terrible injustice and voila! Millions more Democrat voters.

(Yoda voice) Hard is learning with this one, hhhmmmmmm.

Look, I’m getting into the weeds here but this entire thing to me is turning into a YUUGE fiasco.

It’s a huge fiasco, you bumblebrain, because it has been a huge fiasco since 1986 when Reagen started the ball rolling of palming it off to future generations.

The good Adam, that’s me, is offering an over/under of 1000 to 1 that Trump will grant these illegal aliens residency of any type. (Minimum bets of $1,000,000).


From Dalrock, an eye opening expose of what the Church has now become. Watch the freaking video!

This was my comment:

Watching this obscenity, the scene from Braveheart where the king throws the fag out of the window immediately came to mind.


The Woodpile Report for this week. Oodles of goody goodness.


From Maggie’s Farm, a review of Ken Burns’ new progressive lefty historical falsification of the Vietnam War. The review is written by a former Vietnamese soldier. Here are a couple of nifty quotes:

From these observations, I concluded that the United States was the winner because she had achieved the strategic goal of containing Communist China, even by bargaining away the lives of others, including her own servicemen and women …

In conclusion, this is a one-sided, half-truth documentary unworthy of
watching. My observation had been posted on Yahoo but was removed 15 minutes later. Let us hope that Mr. Burns and Ms. Novick would have a change of heart and be more factual in their next project about the Vietnam War.

Considering that it took them 10 years to make this one I doubt they’ll be giving it another shot.


The progs have a habit of putting themselves on a moral pedestal. Now courtesy of Roissy there is a term for it – Autodeification.

“Equalism should be attacked like the start-up religion that it is. All value is derived from inequality. If we are all totally equal we are all totally unnecessary.”

Money quote that one. Just ask anyone who survived in the Ukraine around the year 1936.


How about a lighthearted video courtesy of a new site that I discovered, The borderline sociopathic blog for boys. My favorite is the microwave. I love how he just nonchalantly leaves the plate sitting on top.


It’s been a big week of linkage, apologies if you missed the cut. And that leaves us with only one thing left to ponder. The hawt chick of the week.



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