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COTW – How will the immigrants vote on gay marriage?

Comment of the week goes to Chris for this little beauty in reference to the Australian gay marriage vote:

I had a thought about the vote. Suppose the No vote narrowly wins. How many Muslims voted No? How many Hindus – they come from a country that still practices arranged marriages, after all. What is the support for same-sex marriage like in China, Vietnam, the Philippines? Not very high, from what I can tell. I don’t suppose we’ll ever get an official breakdown of results, but suppose surveys after the fact reveal that the No vote won because people born overseas overwhelmingly voted No. Does that qualify as irony?

I’ve been thinking the same thing myself. Remember that I wrote that 30% of Australia’s population were born overseas. The Guardian puts it at almost 50% when you include a person if one of their parents were born overseas.

Even within second-generation Australians, demographic splits are beginning to emerge, with those aged 40 and under more likely to be of Asian ethnicity and those over 40 more likely to have both parents born in a European country.

Keep in mind that these figures only include those born overseas. It does not include any children that they have had since they arrived in Australia, and these types of cultures tend to have lots of kids.

Cultures with Hindu, Muslim, or Chinese backgrounds do not tend to support homosexuality. Not even a little bit. Forget about if the results of the vote reveal which cultures voted yes or no. Instead, think about how much these cultures are going to vote either way. I put it to you that the vast majority of immigrants from these cultural backgrounds will vote a resounding no to gay marriage.

How ironic will it be if indeed these immigrant votes swing the marriage vote to a no, particularly when you consider that it has been lefty progs who have been so keen to devolve Australia into a multicultural cesspit.



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  1. Aleks Sim

    Remember, Adam. The vote is voluntary and the “migrants” interest in this country is purely of economic nature. Given the choice of voting or not partaking in it, they will choose the later. I’m of the opinion that this will be the majority of them.

    In the end, out of the total 16.7 million people enrolled to vote, you will barely see 30% participate in this survey.

  2. Brandon

    Three factors will play out, the silent native Australians that oppose but will not say so for fear of doxing or pariah status. Two, my experience of Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus is that homosexuality is seen very negatively mainly due to the focus on family reproduction and sacred texts. So it will be about turn out for the No vote. I have not looked into the news coverage but it might come down to whether there is a co-ordination no campaign or not. Lastly the yes vote in Ireland was in part a reaction to the catholic church abuse scandals but the yes campaign received millions in funding from Pro-gay foundations. From what you have said Adam the yes campaign in Australia seems well backed. I still find it hard to believe the Australians…the Australians of Sir Les Paterson, Crocodile Dundee, Sheila’, Barbies and hard Cricket are actually in this situation. I blame Kim Hughes.

  3. Many of these article by Adam, bring me back to the question. What is Australia, and who are these people. The makeup of the Parliament and foreign citizenship tend to say global UN hotch potch disaster. Maybe not the lucky Country after all.

  4. The No camp launched its campaign the other night, and they actually made a big deal about how it went against the cultures of many migrant communities. The No campaign is actively joining forces with them.

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