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Nice guys never win.

One of the core principles of the red pill is game, otherwise known as the ability to attract women. And one of the core principles of game is that nice guys never get anywhere. The nice guy routine fails because behaving like a ‘nice guy’ betrays the principles of masculinity and of being a man. To be a man is to be strong and unyielding. To be a man is to stand for something, to fight for something, even to die for something.

To be a nice guy is to take any position or utter any banality just so long as it inches you ever closer to your eventual goal of scoring a night of sexual activity with the unfortunate target of your romantic affection.

In other words, the nice guy not only has no principles of his own; he actively betrays what it means to be a man while he seeks a reward for being a man. Which is why this strategy is a never ending series of failures.

There is a glaring irony centered around this entire concept of the nice guy, an irony which has taken me some time to pin down and identify. To explain this irony it is necessary to divide the male population into three distinct groups and I will need to do a good deal of generalizing in order to make the overall argument.

Let us say that 80% of the male population exists in a neutral middle ground. As far as sexual dynamics go they are overwhelmingly beta in behavior, but they manage to muddle through life; they find a girl despite not really understanding anything about women. Some of them will die married, some will die divorced, but in general they just do their thing. They go along to get along. They underpin society.

Now let us make the case that 10% of the male population falls into the nice guy trap. Let us place them to the left for an easy visualization. For whatever reason they continually double down on their nice guy failures. No matter how badly each episode ends they do not learn from their painful mistakes. As they go through life standing for nothing and betraying any masculine principle that they once possessed, they become bitter and consumed with anger at their manifest inability to make any sort of romantic progress with any girl. They despise themselves and they are despised in turn.

The final 10% accounts for the men who are naturally alpha and did not play the nice guy routine to begin with, or men who learned from their nice guy failures and searched for an alternative strategy. These men try to hold to the principles of being a man, of being masculine. They conduct their personal relationships on their own terms. They have personal power because they never play the victim. They are to the right of this horizontal scale.

Okay, so far so good. The scene has been set but you’re still waiting for the great irony that I promised you. Here it is:

In public life these positions are reversed.

The 80% remain in the middle on neutral ground. They will go along to get along. However, the nice guy failures in their personal lives take on a different public persona. They are overwhelmingly to the left on politics, and as such they are the Antifas of society, the progs, and the SJWs. In the political sphere they do not compromise. They have spent 50 years in an uncompromising stance as regards to their core principles. They never undermine their own, and they are always on the attack.

As Bastion of Liberty states, “a principle is a fundamental rule of ethics that divides the universe of possibilities into sharply separated zones, one marked “you may,” the other marked “you must not.” Today, principle is almost entirely absent from practical politics as we know it.”

He is right and he is wrong. The left’s core principle is their devotion to the dismantling of the free market capitalist Western culture. As regards to this principle, they have held rigidly to it in the face of all number of colossal failures on national scales for over a hundred years.

But principle is almost entirely absent from the conservative side. That final 10% sitting on the right. The guys who are supposedly good with women. Conservatives around the Anglo-Saxon world have spent the past 50 years consistently betraying their core principles in a misguided attempt to go along to get along. They are the “nice guys” of politics.

Weaponized empathy is used by villains to disarm us. We’re so determined to look like Nice Guys that we’ll surrender just about everything rather than face down a moral or ethical accusation. Dystopic gives an excellent example of the “edge cases” in this piece. I exhort you to read it – or reread it – and ask yourself whether you’ve ever been caught in that fashion.

Really, how much more obvious could it be? We’ve become so averse to confrontation that we won’t even take our own side in a verbal exchange. When a politician promotes his “compassion” as a reason to support him, he’s playing on that aversion.

It’s as if success in one’s private life is enough to satisfy these men. How else to explain their public persona reversal? As regards to the progs who are nice guys in private, their public reversal makes sense. They publicly compensate for their private inability to stand up for something. In private they are flotsam but in public they are completely committed to the destruction of their enemies.

The ultimate irony is that both groups are slaves to their feelings. The left believe that feelings matter over law. The right believe that they have to be nice guys to get along with those on the left so they betray their political principles in order to preserve their personal feelings.

But there is a fourth group. A much smaller group but it is growing and it has been growing steadily for some time. It is no secret that the red pill community and the manosphere originated from the pick-up artist or PUA community. In other words, the PUAs grew up. They were not content with merely being able to bed just about any woman they wanted. They wanted to understand how the world works, not just how women work. That is why PUAs have morphed into political commentators and thinkers. Guys like Roissy, Dalrock, Matt Forney, Davis Aurini, and Dystopic.

The red pill community is a community of men who are red-pilled all of the time, both in their personal and public lives. They have been able to grow into this nexus of strength precisely due to the fact that they are a community. The forthright discussions and arguments paired with the bonding and support from like-minded men has resulted in this fortuitous result. This is why the manosphere was identified early on as being a larger than normal threat to the agenda of the progressive left.

To be red-pilled means acceptance of truth. As such one cannot inhabit the modern left and claim to be simultaneously red-pilled due to the fact that the modern left is based on falsehoods. The left is made up of nice guy losers who lose in their personal lives. The right is made up of nice guy losers who lose in their public lives.

This is the ground that the alternative right was meant to inhabit. A total absence of weak “nice guy” behavior and an adherence to truth in all its forms. A willingness to stand up for your principles in personal relationships, and a willingness to stand up for your principles in public. The sublime awareness that we live in a flawed and imperfect world and that nice guys never win.



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  1. Dan Flynn

    Interesting article Adam. I was certainly one of those ‘nice guys’ that never, ever got lucky with women. I was completely hopeless and I used to stress about it no end. I then began to focus more on my music and started writing some pretty decent songs and eventually met my wife at one of my gigs. I never stopped being a nice guy, however, I merely focused on my passion and spent less time worrying about being lonely.
    I was probably luckier than most to meet someone who I clicked with so immediately and so strongly. Most people do not have this experience.
    The whole red pill ‘game’ thing might be important to some men in navigating relationships but it doesn’t make much sense to me. I consider myself fully committed to my personal and political principles and I still think I’m a nice guy 🙂

    • BWV

      There is a big difference in actually being a nice guy – and trying to make sure others see you as a nice guy. That second path leads to folly, ruin, and servitude.

  2. Mr Black

    Red-pill awareness has no depth so long as the leading figures allow themselves to be rallying points for openly racist assholes. Noting that blacks do poorly at life is not the same as calling blacks shitskin parastites and monkeys. That kind of things turns off just about everyone who could be won over.

  3. BWV

    It is useful to understand that the left’s true source of power – regardless of what field we’re talking about – is its ability to deem others “good people” or “bad people.”

    When the 80% and the 10% on the right understand that – and understand how ridiculous it is to allow the most evil, petty, corrupt, and delusional part of the population have that power – the left’s reign of terror will come to a screeching halt.

  4. The main problem is that people often mistakenly elevate a certain political policy to a principle. A good example of this is the US’ southern border, and the idea of building a wall. I don’t really care, unless it does one thing and one thing only. It enhances our sovereignty and our ability to determine who enters and lives in the United States. It never ceases to amaze me that the only argument that matters, the idea of sovereignty and the right of exclusion, is almost never made.

  5. Brandon

    Just to say I’m still pondering this one. I think you are onto something.

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