Welcome to the pleasuredome.

I saw this over at Ace.

Oh, you consider yourself a liberal? I see. In that case, welcome to the consequences of your actions. Welcome to the world that you wanted to see created. Oh, what’s that? You wanted it created for everyone else but not for your own family members?

Yeah, about that. Welcome to the pleasuredome, dipshit.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the pleasuredome.

  1. Walt

    Maybe not quite a case of the Left eating its own, but definitely having a nibble. Unless of course he doesn’t comply, then it’ll swallow him whole.


  2. Carl-Edward

    I hope you will not give over to this piece of tyranny. As I have stated before, individuals who identify with the opposite sex are deranged.Your son is not deranged, and neither are you.

    Do you think you could manage the fees at a private school – or do they teach the same rubbish as the state schools? Is the boy intelligent enough to win a scholarship?

    The continental Europeans are quite as mad as the Americans and the English. Mush brains all of them.


  3. areukittenme

    If it takes the consequences of lefty dogma to come and personally hit every lefty on the head before they question anything then we have a long wait until the tide turns.


  4. Richard

    I shared this on fb originally before deleting it. Is there confirrational? It is a screen shot after all. I’d rather not add to bs on the Internet.


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