Comment of the week comes from regular leftie commenter Dan on the Nice Guys Never Win article.

Interesting article Adam. I was certainly one of those ‘nice guys’ that never, ever got lucky with women. I was completely hopeless and I used to stress about it no end. I then began to focus more on my music and started writing some pretty decent songs and eventually met my wife at one of my gigs. I never stopped being a nice guy, however, I merely focused on my passion and spent less time worrying about being lonely.
I was probably luckier than most to meet someone who I clicked with so immediately and so strongly. Most people do not have this experience.
The whole red pill ‘game’ thing might be important to some men in navigating relationships but it doesn’t make much sense to me. I consider myself fully committed to my personal and political principles and I still think I’m a nice guy.

Self-confirmed nice guy Dan believes that he is above it all because he “clicked so strongly” with the woman who became his wife. And it may well continue to work out for him  in the long run. Plenty of guys are as beta as it comes but they stumble onto a woman who truly loves them for who they are, and they proceed through life blissfully unaware of the dangers that lurk around them.

I hope that Dan continues on this path, for his children’s sake. But perhaps the gods of misfortune will glance in his direction and a day will come when suddenly his world is turned upside down.
Many men come to the red pill because they have nowhere else to go. They have hit rock bottom. That’s when they finally realise that they are not above it all and that the rules of the game apply to them as much as they do to everyone else. It is extremely common in the manosphere to hear a man utter the words, ‘I never thought that it would happen to me’ or ‘I never thought that she would up and leave me like that’.
That’s when the real learning begins.

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