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Special podcast episode for Aaron Clarey.

I forgot to post this yesterday as I was a little busy. Instead of my regular recording, I had the pleasure of doing the podcast episode this week with The Great One from the Cynical Libertarian Society on behalf of Aaron Clarey as he needed an episode recorded and couldn’t get to it. So because he couldn’t get to it then I couldn’t get to it but in the end we got to it.

Topics include but are not limited to, Irish Spring soap, transtesticles, hawt Dutch hockey players, traveling advice for Chad, what’s it like living in Holland, why The Great One is useless at picking up female bartenders, and much more.


Gay marriage in Holland – Why Dutch liberalism works.


The sound women make when they run into the wall.

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  1. Adam, you are only allowed to not wear a helmet on scooter that is capped at 25km/h and Amsterdam is trying to even get rid of that exception within their city limits.

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