There are no short cuts.

Over at Asshole Consulting, Aaron Clarey received a video request from a client who requested for Aaron to go into detail about what was the hardest question he has had to face in his life. Aaron contemplated this and realised that the most difficult thing he has had to grapple with was the perplexity associated with wondering what was wrong with him.

Even though I’m not much of a video guy I sat through and watched this until the end, for I too was in the same position when I was a young man.

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The art of consistency and the riot act.

I am sure that my learned readers are familiar with Aesop’s fable of The Tortoise and the Hare. The hare is spectacularly advantaged over his opponent but it is the tortoise’s consistency which gets him over the line. To put it bluntly, the hare goofs off. To put it even more bluntly, the tortoise knew that the hare would goof off which was why he challenged him to the race to begin with. Always know your opponent better than he does.

There are lots of lessons in that little fable but the one that I want to elaborate on today is the art of consistency. Consistency is to success in life what confidence is to success with women.

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COTW – Pigs don’t stink, do they?

This week we have a triple comment of the week, seeing as all of three of them contributed to the outcome.

From Marsultor13You do not. I repeat do not want to raise pigs. Not unless you find the odor of manure highly appealing anyway. Pigs stink. Literally.

And from BerndI once helped out a friend with a farm for 2 weeks. He raised pigs and cows, they were outside on the fields most of the time. The smell was horrid. He had a stable for them near the house. Inside of this stable, the stench was unbelievable. I had to burn my clothes after being inside, because no washing whatsoever could get rid of the smell lingering in the cloth.

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Friday links & hawt chicks – The male pussification edition.

This is going up a bit earlier than expected as I have to make an unscheduled dash into Amsterdam. I wonder how many wolf whistles I will get?

I had a weird gym session this morning. Did my best ever effort on both the squat and the deadlift, (blew the deadlift out of the water to be quite honest), and yet I had an absolutely miserable time on the overhead press, only managing to close out the first 2 sets. Still, I finished with the deadlift so I went out feeling not all bad.

One interesting thing occurred during my workout. A song came on the radio that I have heard before but never really paid any attention to it until now. It is exhibit 15b in the pussification of the Western male.

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All your masculinity are belong to us.

Jonathan McIntosh is a self-proclaimed male feminist. He was Anita Sarkeesian’s partner in her feminist frequency project until he mysteriously departed. As Robert McCain notes, male feminists do seem to have a somewhat uncomfortable history of turning out to be sexual predators.

McIntosh produced a video outlining what he claims is the inherent misogyny that resides in television and film portrayals of nerds. Apparently it is the most shared feminist video on YouTube right now. The best enemies of men are always men themselves.

As McCain notes, it really does seem like men can’t win anymore.

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