White men are indeed the problem, but not in the way you think.

A fascinating speech from Hans Hermann Hoppe on the subject of the alt-right. I will be referring again to this speech in the future but for now I wish to comment on a particular flaw in his argument.

Hoppe refers to the traditional Western family as being the greatest source of all that is good in the history of mankind. He then qualifies this by stating that it has also been the source of much that has been bad, but that does not negate or counteract its essential positive qualities. I agree with him on all of these points.

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Scouts Australia began admitting girls in 1971.

The news that the Boy Scouts of America have unanimously decided to begin admitting girls into the organisation from 2018 has been repeatedly described as being an historic decision. Particularly surprising is the use of this term by Australian media because the decision is not historic within the scouting movement at all. Scouting Australia began admitting girls in 1971, which coincidentally was the high water mark  for membership numbers. It’s all been downhill since then.

(So much for recruiting girls being a way to halt membership decline.)

Over at Ace of Spades, Ace expressed dismay at the decision but retained some hope of things not being all bad:

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Pretend woman attempts to join pretend competition.

The end of the Aussie rules football season heralds the lead up to the second season of the women’s competition. If the very thought of that pending excitement isn’t enough to get you to lean forward off the couch and reach for the Burger Rings, it turns out that there’s a bloke who now reckons he’s a shelia who is waiting with bated breath to discover whether or not he can throw on a skirt and run around with the chicks.

Transgender player Hannah Mouncey waits on bid to enter AFLW draft.

How fitting. A pretend woman wants to run around in a pretend competition.

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