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The cross-dressing lunatics are running the asylum.

Prominent Australian transvestite lunatic and former army officer before he developed a serious case of womb envy Malcolm “Cate” McGregor has publicly ditched his bestie Tony Abbott for the crime of daring to have an opinion that differs from his own.

Behaving like an angst ridden teenage girl, (the hormone treatment must be working), McGregor performed the excoriation of his friendship on Facebook of all places, which is one down the social media scale from sending a text message.

“He was there in critical times for me,” she said in the post. “But his contemptuous dismissal of trans identity for shallow political expediency makes it impossible for us to be friends.

“I will make no further comment on this and wish him well.”

McGregor declared that he would make no further comment on the matter, which is a bit of a moot point since he spent the last week taking every opportunity to publicly comment on the matter.

According to McGregor a friend is someone who will agree with everything that you say, while someone who is not a friend is the type of person who may disagree with you on something. Sounds legit.

Ms McGregor said Mr Abbott’s comments in an opinion article published in The Sydney Morning Herald, which linked gender fluidity to the same sex marriage debate, “was a bridge too far” and “cut me to the quick, quite frankly.”

Mr Abbott wrote “a man is not a woman just because he wants to be, and a same sex relationship should not be able to become a marriage just because activists demand it.”

However, Ms McGregor rejected claims the friendship ended over Mr Abbott’s position on same-sex marriage.

“There is plenty of room for respectful disagreement on same-sex marriage, we are on different sides of the fence on that issue. As is his sister.”

“I just didn’t see why he roped in gender fluidity. It really rocked me and was bewildering considering our previous conversations,” Ms McGregor said.

“I don’t want to be a snowflake about it. I’m not a leftist on the same-sex marriage issue. I was opposed to Safe Schools for example, but I have a profile as a trans woman,” Ms McGregor said. “I simply couldn’t overlook his comments.”

McGregor stated that he doesn’t want to be a snowflake about it while displaying behavior that may well lead to some actual certified snowflakes handing in their respective snowflake badges due to the fact that they now know that they’ll always come last in the snowflake races if McGregor shows his badly mascaraed face within a thousand kilometer radius.

Please note how I use the male pronoun when referring to McGregor. I stand with Tony Abbott when he declared that a man cannot become a woman just because he wants to wear Chanel No. 5.

While she said she believed Mr Abbott was genuine in his support for traditional marriage, she objected to him using “trans people and kids as whipping people, to make a political point about the same sex marriage debate.”

If anyone has a case for ending a friendship here it would be Tony Abbott. I for one would not continue to associate with any individual if their sense of norms and decency extended to believing such a gross monstrosity as “trans kids”. Encouraging such child abuse is bad enough, but to do it so as to further a personal political agenda as well as to substantiate one’s own lunatic acts is simply beyond the pale.

The curious case of children suddenly turning towards transgenderism in droves is eerily reminiscent of the mass hysteria which caused hordes of teenage girls in Salem to declare themselves possessed by witches. The Other McCain links to a comment on the 4th wave now feminist blog.

When traveling for business recently, I sat next to a school counselor on the plane, and as we chatted about this and that, I gently raised this topic. She said something very interesting. She said that at her school, it has been nothing less than something straight out of the pages of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” — and eerily so. Much like the mass hysteria in the 1600s of Salem girls overcome with fits and trances as they thought themselves possessed and plagued by “witchcraft,” so the sudden-onset trans phenomenon has swept through her high school. She said that you can see the patterns ripple across friend groups, and teens who never experienced “symptoms” before, are suddenly at 15 and 16, making trans declarations and then reconstructing stories of their lives that assert that the “wrong body” trouble was present in them all along, lurking but unrecognized. She expressed deep concern about finding some way to mitigate or dampen what she called this “emotional contagion” because the only option the school is given is affirmation without question. And all the books the parents are reading are saying “affirm or die,” so if you raise a peep about any other kind of possibility of exploring alternatives to medical transition, you are threatened with the potential liability of having caused a suicide. She actually welled up in tears at one point as she spoke about her sense of helplessness at watching this spin out of control. Is this a return to the dynamics of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Salem witch trials? Or, has this kind of suggestibility been with us all along and teens are especially susceptible? The outbreak of fits related to “witchcraft” was a case of what some have called “social terror as communal contagion.” How might the forces of suggestibility be at work now? And is there any way to diffuse them?

It’s pretty hard to defuse them when go-getter Malcolm “Cate” McGregor is out there publicly ditching friends willy-nilly who dare to object to such encouragement of what is a mental illness. Remember that, folks: wanting to change your sex and then trying to go through with it by getting important bits of your body surgically removed whilst consuming gob-loads of dangerous drugs that try to convince your body that its DNA got things wrong is a mental illness.

In former times McGregor would have been the mostly harmless and silly hysterical queen that he is. But in today’s so-called progressive world his lunacy is not just taken seriously but actively pushed onto children as young as the age of six.

That right there is child abuse. There is no other word for it. That the media would even consider taking seriously a mincing cross-dressing poof flouting around sprouting hysterical tirades at former friends because they won’t accept certain biological absurdities is ridiculous. That they condone such child abuse whilst simultaneously seeking to destroy the catholic church for turning a blind eye while priests engaged in child abuse is hypocrisy taken to extremes.



COTW – Two rules for dealing with women.


Grand Designs is not a show about architecture.


  1. Dan

    “…forcing a child to be the gender they are not is abuse…” I just went cross-eyed.

  2. TechieDude

    The gaul it must take to insist that everyone around you accommodate your neurosis.

    It’s becoming worse and worse. My kid is also an Tech guy, and was out with his company at a college recruiting event to troll for talent. Up walks one of these creatures, pre operative, but apparently in a tasteful woman’s suit. All things being equal, he had the qualifications. But the resume will probably be circular filed.

    I recalled the times I’ve been a hiring manager, and what I’d think of such an occurrence. My first thought was that I doubt my customers would have been thrilled at this freak’s presence. I’d probably lose some, and one would be too much. My other thought was that Tech is a pretty alpha dog business, and I’m not sure how a gelding would get along with my stud techs, if at all. These are dudes that work and party pretty hard and tend to bond in a pack. More than likely, one or two would leave, and take the lions share of my workforce with them the moment drama would start, as it surely would, because hormones.

    What was funnier, and gave me a sense of hope was his buddy’s comment – these guys are millennials too – ‘That’s lawsuit bait right there. You all need to run away from that’

    And so it would be. Any criticism would be deemed discrimination. That’s sort of the whole problem here.

    • What you say about your pack of dudes explains why more and more women feel a need to trans themselves and pretend to be male to get a good job. You talk about your tech dudes’ problems getting along with a castrated male, it doesn’t sound like they’d welcome an actual woman.
      You sound very much like you are a part of the problem.

      • TechieDude

        Women, actual ones, are coveted in IT. I know quite a few that are super talented, and get along just fine with the guys. Matter of fact they become one of the guys. Team cohesion has nothing to do with sex.

        A woman pretending to be a male would be just as bad. It has nothing to do with modified body parts. It has to do with drama, and customer perception.

        I’m guessing you’ve never been on the other end of a call with a customer paying tens of thousands of dollars that starts with “Your person was out here….” and ends with “…never send them here again”. There’s a reason the word “Mis-fit” exists. And misfits happen across a broad spectrum. Customers are not all that accommodating or forgiving and are exponentially less so as the amount of money they are paying increases.

        I’ve had people work for me that were hardcore biker types, otherwise tatted-up. I’ve had social misfits. A trannie would fall into this cohort where their personal issues artificially raise the bar for their performance. They have to be more talented than they otherwise would need to be. This sets you up for drama.

        And that was part of my point – by accommodating them, or rather hiring them to virtue signal puts you at risk for when things go pear shaped. I’ve counselled more than one misfit by telling them they weren’t anywhere near talented to be this kind of trouble. I think my term was primadonna.

        Hence my line “Any criticism would be deemed discrimination. That’s sort of the whole problem here.”

  3. Most of us would have been aware that under certain conditions a kind of societal madness can occur. This would usually be when the entire population is under some great stress, as in say war, when people may react with unusual barbarity.
    I now firmly am convinced that our Societies are at the advanced stage of degeneration, as in bread and circuses.
    There are few if any other alternative explanations for this madness. And it is a madness.
    Our position,> you readers , and Adam, our colleagues and many others , are not superior, but we are different in that we are not afflicted by the rot of mentality sweeping through the West.

    And as we read and speak to each other we realise we do not have the cure for this diseased state, . we do not even have a treatment.
    We remain sure of ourselves but as the absurd situation develops it is us who have become the pariahs for our refusal to go along with the fantasy of self destruction. Some of us are incarcerated for stating firmly that we resent and even hate say Islam, which categorically invades us with purpose to destroy our history.

    Some of our courageous friends like uncle Remus at the blog > Woodpile report suggest we must prepare for such upheaval by leaving the diseased community and find isolated places to survive. We have an activist Judicial system which is prepared to introduce new meanings and conditions for our lives .
    The snowflakes we laugh at and despise are dangerous and crazy, and the time is now here, when they would willingly destroy us for not joining their suicidal psychotic societal disease.

  4. chris

    In the English-speaking legal tradition, one cannot consent to be maimed.

  5. Adam

    He’s a man, no he’s a woman. He’s a conservative, no he is a lefty trans. He is friends with Tony Abbott, no he has unfriended him. He’s finished talking about it, no he’s going to keep talking. That is one mixed up & pathetic dude. The media is a circus and he is a freak. Everyone thinks, wow maybe their life is not so bad after all, look at him.

  6. “According to McGregor a friend is someone who will agree with everything that you say, while someone who is not a friend is the type of person who may disagree with you on something. ”

    Those are the kinds of friends that Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Prince had, with predictable results.

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