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Podcast #58 – The old man blues episode.

The one where I answer a reader’s question about dating as an older man. Also, a musical anecdote, the mass shooting in Las Vegas, free speech and taking a knee for the flag, and the lies surrounding electric car engines.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Heresolong’s comment that I answer on the podcast.

The body language video that I reference.


Grand Designs is not a show about architecture.


The art of ceremony – taking your sweet time.


  1. TechieDude

    It took 72 minutes to find the shooter in Las Vegas. They located him when the fire alarm in the room went off.

    Ample time for that body count for one shooter. High power weapons, tightly packed crowd.

    Not magic. Probably not a conspiracy.

  2. TechieDude

    I think the good Captain likes Irish Spring because it’s cheap. Can’t remember the last time I bought soap, but I recall it being the cheapest that wasn’t a generic.

    It smells like fat ladies.

    Why do fatty women smell like soap? I mean, when they don’t smell like french fries?

    • Adam

      Fat women smelling like french fries, eh? I suppose that could work although I don’t really want to think about it.

  3. Me a prick? I’m more of a hardass. I used the term keeper in a general sense, some of the particular circumstances weren’t quite there for me.

    The big aspect to older women is the power dynamic. Women establish power bases and hierarchies amongst themselves that are probably more intense than they want to admit. An older woman is more aware and is very careful of her status. This means she will more than likely go through an intense testing phase of the power dynamic in your relationship, because it is natural to do so.

    For the life of me I don’t understand why people have a problem with the idea of this. Part of our nature is as social animals, all social animals establish dominance in the group. If it’s not going to be you, it will be her.

    • Adam

      I think the people who have problems with this are the ones who are not good at asserting their power if they are men, or unable to accept their subordinate status if they are women.

  4. Phil Ossify

    Here in Cappy Land, the Felon League Stadium (which will hold the next Super Bowl) cost the Minnesota taxpayers $1.1 billion. But think of the tourism. Minneapolis in early February.

    I am hoping it is blindingly cold that week.

  5. Thanks for the advice. I am running a couple weeks behind on podcast listening so just got around to hearing it.

    I am already mostly there. I am pretty resigned to being single, as you suggested. The only time I waver is when it gets lonely and I’m wishing there were someone around to talk to or do stuff with. I appreciate the advice about steering clear of divorced and/or kids. This has been in my mind but every once in a while you meet an attractive female teller at the bank and she seems really nice but she is divorced and has two kids and you start thinking … (non-autobiographical, of course).

    I think the best advice that I’m not already taking was to not eliminate options. I have this idea in my mind of the perfect relationship at this point, but basically it involves having been married to the same person for the past twenty years or so (plan A which didn’t work out). I like the thought of just saying the hell with it and whatever happens, happens. Maybe kids as you mentioned, maybe not, but don’t let it shut out a potentially good deal with someone whose company I enjoy.

    So thanks again.

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