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Friday hawt chicks & links – The nautical edition.

Greetings to you all at the end of another week. Not a great week in many respects, particularly for all of the dead, injured, and grieving from the massacre in Las Vegas. Here at the Friday Hawt chicks & Links thread we take this moment to remember that amongst all of the outbursts and ridiculous commentary there are real people suffering from this.

With that in mind, why don’t we start off with some ridiculous commentary of our own. Fresh today over at Tim Newman’s site, an article on the NRA responding to the shooting.

The National Rifle Association has called for “additional regulations” on bump-stocks, a rapid fire device used by the Las Vegas massacre gunman.

A bill to ban bump-stocks was submitted to the US Senate on Wednesday by California Democrat Dianne Feinstein.

Tim has some excellent commentary but these two tidbits that he quoted from the BBC make me raise an eyebrow in a manner most condescending. First we have a terrible mass shooting and then the NRA jumps for new regulations while a bill is immediately submitted to ban bump-stocks.

If I were a cynical chap I would make an observation that since the US government has not been able to ban citizens owning firearms due to that pesky constitution of theirs then the next best way to get what they want would be to ram through their legislation on a purely emotional basis.

The US government – banning firearms one convenient mass shooting at a time.


On my podcast this week I referenced an excellent piece at Coyote Blog about electric cars.

Taking these numbers, let’s convert the 97% efficiency number for electric motors to an efficiency number all the way back to the fuel so it is apples to apples with internal combustion. We take 97% times 90% transmission efficiency times 50% electricity production efficiency equals 43.6%. This is actually less than his 45% figure. By his own numbers, the electric motor is worse, though I think in reality with realistic efficiency numbers rather than best-possible numbers the electric motor would look better.

This brings to mind something. Was it a song? Electric Dreams perhaps? Or was it a picture …?

Oh yeah, it was a picture.


Here’s a great piece about some idiot homeowner whose house got flooded during hurricane Harvey. Do you think that I’m a bit callous? Calling that poor homeowner an idiot like that? Well, consider the fact that since 1979 his house has been flooded 22 times, and on top of that he has collectively received $1.8 million of taxpayer’s dosh spread out over those years on a house worth less than $800,000.

In the case of Mr. Harmon and his flood-prone home, his endless commitment seems akin to forgoing the better invitation to go instead to an inferior movie, or stuffing the lousy ice cream back in the freezer, or getting engaged to a bad fit because of all the gifts and dinners he previously bought her. So why does he do it? Because his sunk costs are only partially internalized; most of them are paid by other parties (taxpayers). From his vantage point, his decision to throw your good money after his bad money doesn’t seem nearly as irrational as it might to you and me.


Here’s a story from Canada that is simply colossal in what it implies for free speech. Not many people take the time to understand that if the powers at be are able to take away what you can say then the next step will be them telling you what you are allowed to think.

In free countries, law governs actions rather than expressions of beliefs. People can be required to obey the speed limit and pay taxes, but they may not be compelled to declare that the speed limits are properly set or that taxes are a good thing.

Sounds reasonable, right? Until you read what the Law Society sent out to its members.

But a recent message almost made me choke on my sandwich. “New obligations for 2017” was its subject line, “Actions you need to take.” All lawyers, it said, must prepare and submit a personal “Statement of Principles” attesting that we value and promote equality, diversity and inclusion. According to the advisory, “The intention of the statement of principles is to demonstrate a personal valuing of equality, diversity, and inclusion with respect to the employment of others, or in professional dealings with other licensees or any other person.”

At this point if the US goes to war with Fats Domino over on the Korean peninsula, the Canadians might join in with Fats out of pure solidarity.


Here’s a handy little graphic if any of you white people out there are still unsure of whether or not you’re a racist because of the color of your skin.

Aaaaaaaaannnnnd … you’re a racist!


How about that commie traitor graduating from West Point? How did that piece of shit ever slip through without being noticed?

The chain of command knew what this guy was, because he told them (Army alumni have done the job the MSM, which probably sympathizes with this idiot, has failed to do, digging up plenty about him and putting it out on social media). But the Academy let this creep slide through anyway. They let a guy who unequivocally stated his hatred for this country get a security clearance. (Sound familiar? The Air Force’s Worst Airperson of the Century Reality Winner, anyone?) Then they gave Rapone a commission as a United States Army officer. And they did it knowing who he was, because in the leftist-loving environment Obama created, they were terrified to throw the bum out on his Marx. Hell, he felt comfortable enough to post this all on social media, and the Army chain of command didn’t act until we outside the military made a stink and it had to do something.

How bad is the US military now? Well, it seems their navy can’t stop running into slow moving cargo ships, (don’t worry, Fats – Not only has Canada got your back but the US military is a bunch of french fries short of a happy meal).

And yeah, they’ve fired some admirals, and that’s a good start, but the problem is a cultural rot, not just one ‘ed-up command. The Navy focused on things besides its mission – “to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas” – and in the last few months that misplaced focus has killed 17 sailors and taken two major vessels out of action in the Western Pacific at the very moment we are on the edge of war.

Fired some admirals? Oh pul-leeze. If the US is serious about getting its military back into shape then it won’t fire admirals, or charge them with corruption, or give them cushy jail time. No, it needs to go back to the example of the mighty British navy in the 18th century. Back then if you were an admiral and you fucked up an operation, or even an operation didn’t really go your way, then you would be hauled before a real court martial where there was a very good possibility that it would end in your execution.

Byng’s death had a profound impact on the navy, as it did encourage others to fight and greatly contributed to Britain’s victory in the Seven Years’ War. Faced with disappointing failures during the initial stages of the conflict, daring acts were needed to reverse the misfortunes of defeat …

On learning of the execution, the French writer, philosopher and playwright Voltaire satirically wrote that the British needed to occasionally execute an admiral from time to time, “in order to encourage the others.”

Although his comments were written as a form of mockery, surprisingly, the observation was entirely accurate.

Come on Mr President, you know what you need to do …


The musical interlude this week is from a bunch of leftie shits, but they were very fine musicians nonetheless. And it’s also a nautical theme.


Speaking of nautical themes, she’s on the beach. That’s nautical isn’t it?


The art of ceremony – taking your sweet time.


The golden years.


  1. Bernd

    I hereby submit a bill to ban plastic tits in the hawt chick section.

    • Adam

      Me: “I thought they were real.”

      The good wife: “You wish they were real.”

    • Phil B


    • How about we apply the benefit of any doubt whatsoever principle? That is, if there is even the slightest bit of doubt, they’re allowed in.

  2. BWV

    Re the bump stock thing – it’s pure nonsense. You don’t need a special stock to “bump-fire” an AR or an AK. What you need is a decent trigger and a little practice. Does the stock make it easier? Sure. Is it necessary? Nope.

    What’s instructive here is the NRA clamoring for a ban – on anything gun related. It suggests to me they’ve been infiltrated and are now trying to “get along” with the left loons. The reason the NRA has been so successful over the years is because they fought on everything and never gave away cheap victories to the other side.

    They understood sooner than anyone else that leftists seek incremental gains and are never satisfied. Every win, no matter how small, only makes them want another. This is why you never give them anything – even if it’s something you don’t care about.

  3. David Moore

    It’s important to remember a peace time military is largely, with only very rare exception, a government bureaucracy. Unless the US is in a conflict serious enough to get some significant skills and talent into the military who are focused on achieving victories, this will not change.

  4. Hans

    I hope the frontal airbags on your nautical blonde hawt chick are not manufactured by Takata.
    Her boobies might be subject to a recall, due to danger of explosion and injury.

  5. Todd Galle

    To be fair to the NRA (and while my membership is in arrears at the moment), it is being quietly reported that they are not just tossing bump stocks onto the ban bonfire, but are looking for USA wide concealed carry reciprocity for licence holders in return. It’s been rumored that the general dissatisfaction with the GOP as lacking in any conservative congressional successes, this swap might get them back in the ballgame so to speak. For the NRA, that exchange is a great result. Bump stocks are, really, ridiculous – merely a way to exchange money (cartridges) into noise. But not having felony charges filed against you for entering New Jersey with a pistol while having a Pennsylvania concealed carry permit – priceless.

  6. Electric car owners can be some of the most smug people there are. I recently mentioned to a Tesla owner, “how quaint, a coal fired car.” It did not go over very well.

    Real or Memorex? I believe that is a don’t care state. It is enough that it gladdens my heart to see such beauty in the world.

  7. bike bubba

    It’s worth noting that power conversion efficiency at power plants is not 50%, but is rather closer to 30-35% for most facilities. When you add up the emissions to make the batteries with the fact that you’re burning a lot of coal to produce the electricity, electric cars come out quite a bit more polluting than gas fired equivalents.

    And yes, you’re burning coal in most places–that’s the cheapest fuel for when you bring a power plant off spinning reserve into production, hence the one that comes on at night when you charge your car. “ouch.”

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