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The Other McCain has a short piece up about obvious pervert Harvey Weinstein. It seems the film producer has spent the last few decades doing his best to uphold all of the cliches concerning the casting couch. But it is the final paragraph that I find the most interesting.

But the main problem is that Harvey Weinstein kept chasing skirts when he was in his 40s and 50s, and even as recently as 2015, he was reportedly still at it.

Guys, don’t do this. At age 45 or 50, you may want to believe you’ve still got it, but you don’t. No matter how much success you had with the ladies when you were 20 or 25, you’re going to look ridiculous if you’re still trying to play the same game when you reach your 40s.

I agree with this but with a very big caveat.

The caveat is that while you really shouldn’t be chasing women at the more mature age of 45 or 50, that doesn’t mean that as a mature man you are no longer attractive to women. On the contrary, if you’ve done your job properly of making a genuine man of yourself then these years should really enable you to pick and choose at will from a bevy of younger beauties. That is if you’re still single, of course.

If we examine Rollo’s sexual market value chart then it becomes obvious that a man’s decline into his forties is very gradual indeed.

However, as I have already stated this all depends on whether or not you have made a man of yourself. What does this entail?

  • You have kept yourself in excellent shape with a regular strength training regime.
  • You are financially successful.
  • You have philosophical depth.

The last point means that you are well rounded and knowledgeable. You have interests, hobbies, and worldly pursuits. You dress and carry yourself well. You can hold your drink as well as hold a conversation. You are an exponent of the traits of a modern man.

I agree with the Other McCain that mindless lusting after women in late night bars and disreputable haunts is at this age ridiculous, not to mention workplace liaisons of the Weinstein type. But do not think that this also means that it’s all over for you. It’s not over at all, as long as you’ve done the necessary legwork. A real man peaks in his forties and the downhill slide is only very gradual. These years have the potential to be the most productive of your life, if that is what you desire.


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  1. Adam

    This may sound perverted in itself but my first thought was, at least he didn’t mess around with children. The rich elite are a real worry. They are worse then every lefty & feminist put together.

    • Sjonnar

      They are the lefties and the feminists.

      • Adam

        Ever heard of Orgy Island? I was reading that it is owned by an elite and used by elites (rumour B Clinton went there 28 times – unrecorded flights) for hunting children bred for the purpose. Dr Phil interviewed an escapee from human trafficking. Horrifying. Sick, evil people. Make red haired, lippy feminists and wimpy guys look like amateurs. Anyone with big money and a fetish is catered for.

  2. BWV

    Once you realize that you can have just about any woman you want, there’s no reason to make a fool of yourself over it anymore. When that ability begins to tail off, so what? You’ve already had your fill and you can still get some pretty good ones.

  3. Hans

    Weinstein is typical of Hollywood. Why are people surprised ?
    The place is buzzing full of Pedo kiddy raping scum. Roman Polanski,anyone ? Woody Allen ?
    Hollywood is a cesspool. Spiritcooking, trips to Epsteins Lolita Island.
    The pretty young stars and starlets have to become willing fuck machines for the old despots like Weinstein or their budding careers are over,pronto.

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