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is this a parliamentary cabinet or a creche?

The photo is of Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull proudly posing with his female members of cabinet. The one in the white jacket going coochy-coochy-coo is foreign minister Julie Bishop who last week had this to say on how she and her fellow female ministers handle the great responsibility of making decisions on behalf of the Australian citizens who voted for them.

She told a Women’s Weekly Women of the Future event on Wednesday that she and her female colleagues had devised a solution with a “little deal” under Mr Turnbull’s prime ministership.

“It didn’t matter what the other woman said, the rest of us would go; ‘Oh God, that is brilliant. Did you all hear that?’ and so we do it now and reinforce each other’s point of view,” Ms Bishop said.

So there you have it. The notion that an idea should stand on its own merits seems to be rather passe to these women. Instead, they band together to engage in what can only be described as point scoring against their male colleagues, and for the sole purpose of making themselves feel better.

You see, with women it is always about the feelings. There are exceptions to this rule; solitary exceptions I should add. But as soon as you get women in a group their innate inferiority neuroses rise to the surface as inevitably as bubbles following a fart in a bath.

Back in the day when Tony Abbott was prime minister, poor Julie was the only female in his entire cabinet. How did she handle the great responsibility that was thrust upon her? Why, she felt sad and lonely.

‘It was pretty lonely, I would be sitting in a cabinet with 19 men and me,’ she said at the Women’s Weekly Women of the Future event in Sydney yesterday.
‘I will say something, come up with an idea, put forward a point of view and wait for a response, and nothing.’

No details are given of these “brilliant ideas” which were rejected by the awful men. Perhaps it never occurred to Julie that the reason that her ideas were ignored was because they were complete rubbish. In the cut throat world of men, when a colleague puts forth an idea that is only worthy of the scrapheap, what follows is outright mockery. This serves a few noble purposes. It establishes group hierarchy; it makes people think twice before opening their stupid mouths; it is a male bonding ritual, and it indubitably communicates to the individual concerned that their idea was complete tosh.

But get a woman in the group who says something that is worthy of such ridicule and instead she will be met with a pause and uncomfortable silence. In today’s feminized climate, no man wants to be the patsy who puts a female colleague in her place. That way lies only pain and dismemberment. So the men will say nothing and the women will draw the incorrect conclusion. It is a lose-lose-lose situation.

  • The women lose because they do not learn due to their unequal treatment.
  • The men lose because they are not able to keep their female colleagues to the same standards.
  • And in this case the taxpayers lose because they are not getting the representation that they expect.

Malcolm Turnbull’s moronic solution to poor Julie feeling lonely was to bring in even more female cabinet ministers. When pressed on public radio about this habit of his female ministers forming their own girls club, he had this to say:

“But can I say Julie is an amazing role model for all women, particularly for young women, and of course I have more women in my cabinet than any previous government”.

In today’s upside-down world, having more women in cabinet is a good thing because more women. And I suppose that Julie is an amazing role model for the chicks because she demonstrably proves that you can go far on no talent at all as long as you are a good flirt.

Pressed again on the pact, Mr Turnbull said his cabinet stuck together.

“It is a very, very collegiate cabinet. I run a very traditional, consultative cabinet government.”

Traditional conservative cabinet? Take another look at that photo and ask yourselves on what planet did this supposed tradition emanate and when is it likely to return?

The federal cabinet is responsible for the highest level of government policy. And yet these women treat it as some sort of sick joke. If Julie Bishop was pining for other women to sit next to her than the only conclusion that can be drawn is that she simply wasn’t up to the job. But because she wasn’t up to the job she has now succeeded in surrounding herself with female colleagues who are even worse than she is. And in the middle of this stands our idiot leader, grinning like the demented imbecile that he is.

The number of female parliamentarians that should be in the federal cabinet is zero. Julie Bishop has proudly boasted of the fact that she and her female colleagues do not take their job seriously. None of the other female cabinet members have disagreed with her. They are all in it together at the expense of the Australian people.

It’s about time that a political party in Australia ran on the basis of having no female parliamentarians in its ranks. How much further does the lunacy of feelings over sound policy have to continue before we wake up to the fact that this is no way to run a country? Women have no business being in politics. The sooner that we act on this then the better off everyone will be.




The golden years.


The greatest danger.


  1. TechieDude

    “It is a very, very collegiate cabinet. I run a very traditional, consultative cabinet government.”

    And that there is the problem. Women in management, no matter what they say, are rarely leaders. And your comment about a male peer being mocked, and a female one greeted with silence is spot on. BTW – this is why there aren’t a lot of women in IT. I’ve only met maybe 2-3 that had thick enough skin and could join the mocking ritual.

    I’ll give an example. I had a friend that was a director in a small company. Although not his job, he took on a few operational duties, such as IT and managing a fleet of two busses. I’d drive for him on occasion for extra cash, since my work schedule is flexible. I happened to be in his office when this was going down.
    Another director had an event planned, and sent him a request to have the buses in like two weeks time (which require licensed drivers) He responded back that he may not be able to find drivers at such short notice, she should make contingency plans. Mind you she knew about this for months and had ample time to act. What she did, which is very common with women co-workers in my view, was rally all the women in the office. Not understanding the logistical issue she caused, when she had them all in her court (Similar to the article), she sent him a scathing reply, copied to everyone in the company. I counselled him what to do, but he ignored it until the whole situation went supernova. He of course was the bad guy. He was the only guy. And that was the problem.I called his female peers “the four horse-women of the apocalypse”. They all did this, the same way, when something didn’t happen for them as they expected.

    When I, my boss, or any other male i know has an issue, we call or we stop by the persons office and hash it out. This is why I’ll never work for a woman again. I have in the past, and it’s always like this.

  2. There are five phases to this.
    1. The beachhead, the one woman enters the field of play.
    2. The reinforcement, she works so that more and more women are added.*
    3. The consolidation, any competent men or women are slowly pushed out.
    4. The meltdown, the now totally incompetent group comes under intense scrutiny for lack of ability. Misogyny is ruled as the culprit. It often includes tears.
    5. The fratricide, sisters be damned, not when it means maintaining their own status as they are shown the door.

    They are probably in the meltdown phase.

    *Fully feminized men are kept on for appearances sakes, and it helps reinforce the belief structure the women have.

    • Sjonnar

      This flow of operations precisely mirrors that of SJW convergence, as well. See also: the NFL, currently in the early stages of the meltdown phase.

  3. Maggie understood this well: never a woman in her cabinet.

  4. Hans

    I have worked in Media, where females were elevated to high positions purely to satisfy Affirmative Action rules from the (mostly female) HR Dept.
    The place was fucked. Unworkable. These females had no idea how to do anything.
    Into the bargain, they would unite to gossip and backstab male workers and Managers to cover their ineptitude.
    Useless whores. The older I get, the less I want to be around these shrieking vindictive harpies,at work or in my private life.

  5. Mr Black

    I’d go further Adam, I don’t think women should have the vote. Their sole driving purpose is to vote themselves the contents of mens wallets. Outside that they have no interest in nor understanding of any policy issue at all.

  6. TechieDude

    “Grinning imbecile”. Epic. I’m going to use that on someone, somewhere.

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