Podcast #59 – The SJW incursion episode.

Social Justice Warriors are making serious incursions into major corporations. I discuss the threat to free speech that is the result of this tactic.

Also, the feminisation of our societies, Dutch swimming tests, a comment from Mark, and much more.

Link mentioned in the podcast from Ace of Spades.

5 thoughts on “Podcast #59 – The SJW incursion episode.

  1. John Ricketts

    And since we’re on the topic of censorship in the workplace, I remember your saying your brother is afraid of having a personal Facebook link to your media accounts lest his [ insert large Oil Company name here] employer take a dim view.

    Cowed into not having a link to his own brother’s sites? Emblematic of your point, but sad.


  2. John Ricketts

    In England recently I was explaining the privileged status of the modern day Australia Aborigine [housing, pension for life, discounts on new cars, travelling expenses for funerals etc etc] which naturally causes resentment amongst Joe Taxpayer & Co. Equality means equality; or it should.

    The People I mentioned it to were appalled; but when I would go on to say how it’s okay in the Anglo-lands for Blacks to be racist, or women to be sexist: those were fighting words.

    Whilst discrimination remains enshrined in the law; society will remain divided.


  3. Brandon

    I note the observations you’ve made about Dutch society. You may recall my previous comments on the national characteristics of different nations as seen in their football teams.

    I recently stumbled across this blog site on the evolutionary and genetic basis of different European regions cultural characteristics. I can’t claim to understand it all but it struck me you might find it interesting. https://hbdchick.wordpress.com/2016/01/23/the-dutch-the-absence-of-manorialism-in-medieval-netherlands-and-new-york-values/

    If the adherence to Christian values brought with it stronger more resilient families and communities this would have become incorporated into the epigenetic/DNA pool of the community not only of the native Dutch but also of those colonial migrants exposed to and inculcated in it.

    Who knows what impact the SJW, Neo-Marxist, libertarian, welfarism and feminist onslaught on Christian social conservatism – and the sacramental marriages and family life that replicated it – is having. But I suspect it is reversible.


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