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Podcast #59 – The SJW incursion episode.

Social Justice Warriors are making serious incursions into major corporations. I discuss the threat to free speech that is the result of this tactic.

Also, the feminisation of our societies, Dutch swimming tests, a comment from Mark, and much more.

Link mentioned in the podcast from Ace of Spades.


The greatest danger.


A girl strikes back at systemic misogyny – you won’t believe what happens next.


  1. John Ricketts

    And since we’re on the topic of censorship in the workplace, I remember your saying your brother is afraid of having a personal Facebook link to your media accounts lest his [ insert large Oil Company name here] employer take a dim view.

    Cowed into not having a link to his own brother’s sites? Emblematic of your point, but sad.

  2. John Ricketts

    In England recently I was explaining the privileged status of the modern day Australia Aborigine [housing, pension for life, discounts on new cars, travelling expenses for funerals etc etc] which naturally causes resentment amongst Joe Taxpayer & Co. Equality means equality; or it should.

    The People I mentioned it to were appalled; but when I would go on to say how it’s okay in the Anglo-lands for Blacks to be racist, or women to be sexist: those were fighting words.

    Whilst discrimination remains enshrined in the law; society will remain divided.

  3. Brandon

    I note the observations you’ve made about Dutch society. You may recall my previous comments on the national characteristics of different nations as seen in their football teams.

    I recently stumbled across this blog site on the evolutionary and genetic basis of different European regions cultural characteristics. I can’t claim to understand it all but it struck me you might find it interesting.

    If the adherence to Christian values brought with it stronger more resilient families and communities this would have become incorporated into the epigenetic/DNA pool of the community not only of the native Dutch but also of those colonial migrants exposed to and inculcated in it.

    Who knows what impact the SJW, Neo-Marxist, libertarian, welfarism and feminist onslaught on Christian social conservatism – and the sacramental marriages and family life that replicated it – is having. But I suspect it is reversible.

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