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Friday Hawt chicks & links – The Wallbanger edition.

An interesting week it has been here on the interwebs of the world. Poor old Harvey getting thrown to the wolves has been the big story by far, easily pushing aside the looming deadline for the US to just hand Iran nukes, as well as Fats Domino in the NK doing his own bit for climate change by creating his own earthquakes. In other news, Queen Elizabeth is still alive, Dean Martin is still dead, and this week I ran out of scotch. It all adds up to a bewildering state of affairs that I am still trying to wrap my massive brain around. What to do, what to do …

Why, the hawt chicks and links of course!

Let’s start with Harvey. Harvey, Harvey, Harvey. What are you doing, man? You had it all, you could do whatever the hell you wanted, and then you pissed off the wrong person. Who might that be? That remains to be seen, but perhaps this moment in time will come to be known as the post-Clinton world.

As far as a link I shall only plug Taki – What was the New York Time’s real motive for exposing Weinstein? (By the way, the original title of the article was “In defense of my friend Harvey Weinstein”, but it seems even the Speccie is feeling the heat on this one.)

What troubles me is that the Times had a plan to destroy Weinstein, not because of what he was doing — which was long ago — but because it had destroyed the careers of two Christian conservatives, Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, and now it was time for virtue-signalling; time to destroy a lefty Jew. He was not given time to defend himself. He was sacked from the Weinstein Company, his person reviled, his reputation reduced to worse than zero. Politicians are scrambling to give his donations to women’s charities, his board of governors has collapsed as three moneybags have cut and run, and Harvey is now as popular in LalaLand as one Adolf Schicklgruber.

Good on Taki for standing by his mate. I find it revolting how the entire liberal Hollywood elite are attempting to use this guy as a sacrificial fat lamb to wash away their collective sins, and that the rest of the world is buying into it. Yes, I piled on Harvey in my podcast, but now I do not like the way that this is going. Pile on me too if that is you want, but this is getting a big old fishy smell.

Or maybe this is all just going to result in them burning it all down. Buggered if I know. Next item.


Speaking of my podcast, (which you should all be listening to because I have a sophisticated Australian drawl that sends women wild and propels men to beat their chests in hairy masculine solidarity), this is the article from Ace that I referenced this week on freedom of speech and SJW intrusion.

An awful lot of political power in this country is wielded by corporations. You are far more likely to be punished by your employer for Non-Officially-Approved Speech than by the government.

We cannot sit idly by as the Social Justice Warriors identify, kill, gut, and wear the skin suit of one powerful institution after another without any kind of pushback whatsoever.


The cracks in the climate change scam are beginning to spread their filthy legs. The Manhattan Contrarian identifies a couple of big events this week.

Today brings two rather significant new cracks. First, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has announced that EPA will repeal the so-called Clean Power Plan.

That’s one crack. The second is a little more close to home for yours truly.

Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister of Australia, made a speech today at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in London.  Here is a link to the speech.  With this speech, Australia takes another big step among the governments of the world toward joining the ranks of the climate apostates.

Here is the video of the speech:

It’s a great speech. BUT, and it’s a big but, Australian conservative politicians have a recent habit of going to London, making fantastic speeches that set the conservative world afire with hope, and then coming home and doing the exact fucking opposite. More actions, Tony; your words are nice but more actions please.


Captain Capitalism has delved into the world of crypto-currencies and done a great job of explaining what’s involved. His take? It’s a bubble, Dotcom II – The Return.

In all honesty, only two, MAYBE four have value:

Ethereum, and
Dogecoin (and this was started on a lark!)

The remaining 99.7% of cryptocurrencies, in literal economic terms, have no value.


One for the nerds. I am exploring how the Dutch are different from everyone else and why liberalism works for them. It seems that others are doing the same thing.

The Dutch, the absence of manorialism in medieval Netherlands, and New York Values.

so the dutch — at least the dutch in holland (they *are* the dutch, aren’t they?!) — are descended from a population that spent 400+ years or so in a manor system, some of whom (self-sorting!) then jumped right in to a system where they were free and independent peasants working on their own and trading their wares in markets (another crucial part of the story…for another day). and they’ve been doing the latter for nearly one thousand years. well no wonder they invented capitalism (according to daniel hannan anyway)!


The musical feast this week is a little different. I discovered this on Gab – a channel dedicated to computer game music. Here is their selection from RimWorld. Very cool in a Texas psychedelic way. Brings back the memories too.


Last week there was some discussion over the authenticity of a certain lady’s breasts. Hopefully this week there will be no such debate.


A girl strikes back at systemic misogyny – you won't believe what happens next.


COTW – Predicting the future.


  1. Hans

    Hawt chick: Nah…. arms too long and she has that passé smirky superior model expression.
    Why is she hiding her feet ? Are they deformed ? Shoulders too bony.
    Right hand looks deformed. Looks like she has no tappet clearance. (aka box gap)
    Neck is too long and masculine. That stomach too flat…is she anorexic or bulimic ?
    Get the girl a burger and fries.

    Apart from that, I guess she is ok. 4/10
    But, Jesus, she looks uncomfortable, lying upside down like that.

    • Bernd

      She isn’t lying upside down, the picture was taken in australia.
      Fake is fake, nonetheless.

  2. Frank

    Hey Adam, in relation to your podcast section re: corporations controlling speech. You might be curious about the public service cultures as well.

    As someone who recently completed a consulting contract with a public service agency a quick scan of my work emails from a short few weeks covers interesting ground:-
    – Gender Equality Targets for leadership positions (50%)
    – Mandatory enrollments in mental health awareness courses.
    – An R U OK Day resource pack explaining how to ask questions of your work colleagues whose mental health you might be concerned about. Imagine a gormless public servant attempting to be a therapist!!!!!!!

    In addition I’m also aware of a recent office relocation where the staff received a “welcome to country” speech from a very white looking middle aged aboriginal woman with a chip on her shoulder. And to complete her inspirational speech made on the 25th floor of a skyscraper she defiantly announced “this has and always will be aboriginal land”.

    All pretence has been thrown out the window. All this kind of rubbish just comes at you via pronouncements, emails and work function speeches. There’s never any feedback sought – everything is just pronounced as good and holy. Anyone who would be inclined to go against the grain understands clearly that their prospects would be squashed in an instant.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.


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