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Winter is coming Down Under.

In a recent email someone accused me of fleeing Australia. I thought that this was a little over the top, but then again the chap was a leftie and they have a tendency for acute exaggeration, not to mention emailing me. I left Australia of my own free will, whereas the verb to flee conjurers images of just making it to boarding before the government officials discover me and then the jig is up!

A Jew that left Germany in 1932 wouldn’t have been fleeing; he would have been making a strategic decision to leave. Fast forward a few years later and the same Jew would have been lucky to have been able to flee. When it comes to departure, it’s all in the timing.

So we can say that I left Australia and that it was a strategic decision to depart. I took a sniff of the wind and I didn’t like which way it was blowing. So I moved to The Netherlands due to the strong connection through my Dutch wife. If leaving Australia was bound to cause people to question my sanity, coming to Europe which, if you believe the mainstream media, has already been overrun with hordes of North Africans, was insanity indeed.

Several people of my acquaintance, however, were very much open to the idea of departing Australia’s shores. But their preferred option, by far, was New Zealand. Apparently the Kiwis have been just smashing it. Their economy is brilliant, they don’t have the immigration problems, and they have their lefties firmly under control, (that’s what having a strong conservative government does for you).

But the idea of moving to New Zealand did not appeal to me. I was very firmly of the opinion that New Zealanders are just as susceptible as Australians to progressive socialist infection. And then last week the country got a new prime minister; a 37 year old female socialist who has never worked a day in the real world in her entire life.

Ardern has described herself as a social democrat,[4] a progressive,[5] a republican,[63] and a feminist.[64] She has cited Helen Clark as a political hero.[65] In her parliamentary maiden speech in 2008, Ardern affirmed her support for the welfare state as “a necessary safety net, and a support for those who are unable to support themselves”, and has spoken in support of trade unions.[4] In 2017, she opposed the National Party’s plans for income tax cuts for high-income earners.

If you think that’s bad then her first interview as prime minister was absolutely breath-taking in its sheer stupidity.

New Zealand prime-minister-elect Jacinda Ardern has described capitalism as a “blatant failure” in the country, nominating poverty and homelessness as her priorities when she takes office.

Speaking in her first sit-down interview, on TV3’s The Nation, Ms Ardern said New Zealanders were not feeling the benefits of prosperity. Asked if capitalism had failed New Zealanders on low incomes, Ms Ardern was blunt: “If you have hundreds of thousands of children living in homes without enough to survive, that’s a blatant failure. What else could you describe it as?”

Hundreds of thousands of children without enough to survive? So, dying then, because that’s what ‘without enough to survive’ actually means. And this in a country with a population that is under 5 million people. Verily the mind doth boggle. They’re giving Somalia a run for their money in the child mortality rates. News to most of us I would say.

And yet, let us contrast this dismal event with what has been happening over here in Europe in the past couple of weeks. You know, that place that was being overrun by the immigrant hordes. First, the Dutch finally formed a government after over 200 days of negotiations; negotiations which completely froze out those on the left and gave the Dutch their first real conservative alliance for many years.

Then Austria elects its first right wing coalition government since a certain corporal was strutting around, a coalition which has as its basis a platform of anti-immigration and anti-EU. Can things possibly get any better?

Why, yes, they can. The Czechs had an election last weekend and you won’t believe what happened next

With voters upset over traditional parties and orders from Brussels, billionaire populist Andrej Babis, dubbed the “Czech Trump”, clinched victory in the Czech Republic’s election on Saturday, while eurosceptics and an anti-Islam group backed by France’s National Front made strong gains.

State election officials citing results from 99.9 percent of polling stations said Babis’s anti-corruption and anti-euro ANO (Yes) movement won with 29.7 percent support (78 parliament seats) followed by the eurosceptic right-wing ODS party on 11.3 percent (25 seats). Turnout was at 60 percent.

But wait, there’s more. This weekend also saw a vote in the Veneto and Lombardy regions of Italy for greater autonomy which resulted in an overwhelming majority in favor.

A great many parts of Europe either suffered greatly under socialism or under some sort of jackboot within living memory, so they’re not inclined to have it happen again. The EU was sold to them as a trading bloc and then they attempted to sneak socialism in through the back door. And they were succeeding until they made a fatal mistake by inviting in African welfare immigrants.

If just one nation pulls out of the EU then watch the dominoes begin to fall. Nationalism is well on the rise over here, a fact of which I was well aware when I made my decision to move. But Australia and New Zealand are going the way of the progressive socialist jackboot, part of which is down to the fact that those two countries have never before suffered tyranny. Sometimes you have to lose what you have in order to appreciate its true value.

But good luck getting it back again. Me, I’ll be over here in Europe; reminding you all that there’s still time before it gets really bad for you.


COTW – Men are ultimately responsible for women invading our male institutions.


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  1. Chris

    Exactly how bad do you expect it to get in Australia? If we have a housing crash, a recession, a million unemployed, the dollar falls to 50 cents, and we end up 25% Chinese and 25% Indian, we’ll still be better off than 98% of the planet. We can fall a long way and still have a higher standard of living than Singapore. If the Chinese buy off all our politicians and run the place, they will probably turn into a tax haven. Sad to see the country we knew disappear, but comparisons to Germany in 1933 imply you expect ethnic cleansing.

    Seriously, just how bad do you expect it to get? Hit me with the details.

    • Adam

      We can fall a long way and still have a higher standard of living than Singapore.

      I’m sorry to break this to you but Australia looks third world compared to Singapore.

      As for 25% Chinese and Indian, you’re almost there right now.

      • Chris

        So how far do you expect Australia to fall? South Korea? Hungary? Argentina? Bulgaria?
        I’ve thought a lot about moving overseas, but all the alternatives have bad points as well as good. Things would have to be very bad in Australia before I’d be better off in Poland or Chile.

  2. MarkT

    As a NZ resident I largely agree with your comments, albeit perhaps not as pessimistic about the future. But it’s incorrect to assume the outgoing National gov’t on the right were significantly better. They and ex-PM Key were one of the most popular governments ever here, but wasted 9 years of political capital by not making any significant positive reforms, and not rolling back any aspect of the previous Labour socialism (including middle class welfare that Key once described as “communism by stealth”). When it comes to restrictive land use rules, the ones that have attacked property rights and largely responsible for blowing the price of property in key centres sky high, they let things get worse – and there are signs Labour might even be better in this regard. As an aside, you’d also find yourself on the left over here on the topic of immigration (it’s the new gov’t that intends to cut immigration, and the right that realizes how many businesses rely on immigrants). That issue aside, the best you can say about National is they didn’t implement new socialist policies as quickly as Labour now will try to.

    That’s the bad news. The good news is that more people still voted for National than Labour (46% versus 37%), and Labour only got in by cobbling together a coalition with 2 other parties. Why do I regard that as a good thing despite my negative view of National? It’s because NZ’ers vote National for what they think they are, not for what they really are. They think National is free market, positive, and ‘aspirational’ (even though in reality they fall way short of that). There’s also a growing backlash against political correctness here. I’m actually glad Labour are now in, because if and when the shite hits the fan economically, there’s more chance socialism will get the deserved blame rather than the so-called free market.

  3. David Moore

    ” And then last week the country got a new prime minister; a 37 year old female socialist who has never worked a day in the real world in her entire life.”

    True, however Toothy has done a deal with the devil to gain power, and she has hard barely a day in the spotlight to be exposed as the hollow shell she really is. She also faces the strongest opposition party NZ has ever seen. They will be able to fire in members bills that split this unlikely club every week.

    Of course you are right that there is a significant population that is just there to vote on feels.

  4. They’re just mad that you left before they could take full power and then show you a thing or two. Nothing about progressives surprises me any more. Especially when they say something stupid. Our esteemed Governor, Moonbeam Brown, here in California is making some noise about banning the internal combustion engine. I don’t think he’s getting enough fresh air.

  5. Mr Black

    So long as the progressives dominate the media and educational establishments, the right can never do more than fight the good retreat. Every year they graduate new legions of idiots to swell their ranks and move up the government and corporate ladders, brining their poison and ruin with them. Until someone shows how this system is going to be defeated, I’m seeing the entire western world as horses in the race to the socialist finish line. They run at differing paces, but they’re all on that track.

  6. Paul Thompson

    Scary stuff, Adam. I’ve heard that Chile may be a good option for ‘strategic withdrawl. Do you have any opinions on this country?

    Cheers! Paul

    • Adam

      Paul, every Chilean that I have ever worked with has been a lying, cheating, backstabbing piece of shit, and those were their good points.

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