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Podcast #61 – The leaving the anglosphere episode.

The one where I answer a reader’s email regarding how bad will things get in Australia and which countries should he be looking at to emigrate. Also, I explain the term ‘gender’, question why the US military is in Niger of all places, and comment on an Australian woman who got shot to death last week in Nairobi.


Piggott Farm.


The noble art of shaming.


  1. BigMIC

    Western people in general, and western women in particular, generally have zero conception that not all the world’s cultures are like theirs.

    Women are particularly stupid when it comes to travelling alone in some of these countries. Even if they thought to look up what the culture is about, they ignore it or think it doesn’t apply to them.

    And being white, and American or British isn’t an asset there sometimes.

  2. BigMIC

    My son is 24, fit martial artist, overpaid IT guy, speaks Japanese and German. Told him he’s nuts for staying here in the US.

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