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The noble art of shaming.

No matter what the untalented educated tell you, there is no science of addiction. It is a deceit wrapped up in layers of conceit, a fanciful wish fulfillment ‘get out of jail free card’ for the permanently lazy professional victims that multiply amongst us quicker than you can say, ‘pass me the jellied doughnut’.

The act of transforming the seven deadly sins into some type of “addiction” is a neat trick. Whereas before you were a gluttonous lazy fat pig, now you are a “victim”. Being in the victim class is big business these days. Why do you think all of the liberal progressives are on a suicidal mission to destroy their own white race? The answer is because they hate being a majority, but instead of doing us all a favor and moving to Africa they seek instead to become a minority in their own homelands. That way they can feel special too.

Or you can take up one of the other sure-fire ways to coveted victim status. Without having to touch a single person of the same sex you can declare that you are gay or bisexual, or any one of the other limitless sexual identitarian nomenclature that are flying around these days. But if you really want to climb the greasy totem poll of victimhood while at the same time indulging in a fair few of the deadly sins, why not become morbidly obese? After all, no-one’s allowed to be mean to you anymore.

That is unless you live in France.

An article in the New York Times that lacks any measure of self-awareness, describes a fat French chick who wrote a book about what it’s like to be really fat in France. The answer? It turns out that those nasty Frenchies are mean to the poor addiction victim fatties. Sacre bleu!

According to the author, one Fatty McFatface, “to be fat in France is to be a loser.” That this is apparently news shows just how far we have fallen in the Anglo-Saxon world. But it is news to us due to the fact that shaming someone is now shameful. The noble art of shaming is in danger of being lost.

Shaming is important. Shaming serves a purpose. The purpose is to help propel the object of the shaming to eventually change their unhealthy behavior. Failing that, the subject at least will hesitate to go out in public, saving the rest of us from having to be in their immediate vicinity.

Ms. Deydier describes her reluctance to take trains or buses because of frequent derision from fellow passengers, the discomfort of being out of breath even after walking a short distance and the sense of having her eating habits watched hawkishly.

Don’t want to take trains or buses with the rest of us? Good! And while you’re at it, stay away from planes as well.

But as for having her eating habits watched “hawkishly”, who is she trying to kid? Nobody, and I mean nobody even glances at a 330 pound woman engaged in the act of eating, let alone watches them like some sort of avian alpha predator. The sense of being watched that she feels is her self-hatred manifesting itself in every slobbering bite that she takes.

The New York Times first decries that the French are so mean, but then wonders why obesity rates in France are so much lower than the USA. According to the article, 36.5% of the US population is clinically obese. Listen to any fat activist and they will mouth such banalities as “there is a brain imbalance that causes addiction” or “nobody chooses to be abused” or some other such rubbish. Over a third of your population do not have addiction brain imbalances. What they have is a deep desire for victim status which then guarantees lifelong welfare. Don’t believe me?

A 43-year-old disability pensioner from Melbourne’s outer suburbs is suspected of funnelling cash to an American-born senior Islamic State fighter.

Hampton Park father Isa Kocoglu – who is on a pension because he is morbidly obese – was charged on Tuesday morning, accused of donating money to Yahya al-Bahrumi.

Eat as much food as you want and then have the added bonus of a fixed disability pension once you pass 250 pounds! Why, you’ll have so much money that you’ll be able to help fund Islamic terror cell operations in the Middle East.

I know one way to cure people of being morbidly obese – don’t give them any money to buy food. Sure, some of them may eventually starve to death, but I doubt it. Taking money from taxpayers struggling to pay the bills and then passing it on to these wastrels is almost as obscene as seeing them without their clothes on.

But apparently there are now activists in France “trying to increase public awareness about the problems the obese face”. At the same time the obesity rates in France are on the rise. Coincidence? I think not.

Apart from cutting off the funding that enables their gluttonous lifestyle, the art of shaming is also a very important tool in the anti-fatty war kit. I have said it before and I will say it again; the act of shaming is an act of compassion. You shame people because you are upset at their behavior and you desire that they stop for their own good. Those that would enable and even encourage such behavior are pathological. It is not inclusive. It is destructive.

Ms. Deydier described walking into a bakery in her neighborhood in Paris late one morning and, having missed breakfast, ordering two croissants.

Before she even had time to put away her change, she recalled, the woman behind her in line said to the attendant, “One will be enough for me, thank you.”

“She spoke as if I couldn’t hear her,” Ms. Deydier said, “but I was standing right there.”

This is the art of shaming personified, and not just for the sheer shaming class exhibited by the woman in question. It is the added bonus that this fat pig still remembers it and the shaming still burns. But The New York Times is allowing her to use the shaming to get attention. This dramatically lowers the act’s effectiveness.

Abigail Saguy, a professor of sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles, who has studied attitudes toward appearance in the United States and France, said that obesity is seen in France as a sign of being out of control.

“Even if you’re not heavy, you can receive criticism if you are eating in a way that is perceived as out of control, such as not at meal times,” she said, citing a book whose French author described with horror seeing Americans eating alone, or at any time of day.

This is entirely correct. If you are obese, you are out of control. It is not normal and it is spectacularly unhealthy. Canadian professor Dr Jordan Peterson is famous for refusing to use entirely invented gender pronouns, partly because he understands that forced participation in collective insanity is a tried and tested tactic of totalitarian regimes. So-called fat acceptance is exactly the same thing: publicly forced participation to accept and condone self-destructive and pathological behaviors.

We must all stand against this progressive ideological hatred. And one of the best ways to do that is to shame fat people. Not only is it an act of compassion; it is also a stand against the insane left.

But remember, be like the French; be classy while you do it.


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  1. Bernd

    “But remember, be like the French; be classy while you do it.” Did you ever have any contact with french people? Their language might not sound like it is possible to be able to deliver harsh words, but the content of said language is as vulgar as anybody elses.

    I really don’t understand fat adults. I mean, some kids are just fed garbage by their fat parents, they don’t have that much choice but after a certain age…. I really don’t want to imagine what life must be as a 200 kilo buttergolem. The bodily constrictions must be huge. Maybe those people have just given up on life.

  2. TechieDude

    We Americans have no shame about anything. It’s one of the biggest problems in our society. Right up there with selfishness or being overly self centered. We don’t shame fatties, we make excuses and subsidize them. Same thing with sexual degenerates, and single mothers.

    The mother feels no shame, why should the father?

    I use it as a powerful tool, not being secular. I used both a niece and a friend of my daughter’s who had kids in high school as a learning experience. “Do you think your cousin will ever go to college, or travel? I don’t. She’ll be tied to that kid for 18 years.” or “Do you think your friend would be going to school if her parents and grandparents didn’t do the heavy lifting? That won’t happen for you. And the fact the father hasn’t owned up is a scandal, He’d never get away with that with me”. It was funny that her mother made her leave from a separate entrance when at church.

    To this day I don’t think the kid (the father’s) parents even knows he has a kid. He’s zero part of the child’s life. No shame, no remorse, no nothing.

  3. BigMIC

    Every fat person I know, or have met in the past eats horribly. Go to any buffet restaurant and notice what they eat. Usually their plate is stacked high with fried foods, then they hit desert.

    It’s nearly all caloric input. I used to be 275. I could bench my weight. Squat over my weight. Walk all day, hunt all day in the woods. I was big. All working out did was make me more solid. The only thing that helped weight loss was an app, tracking what I ate. When I followed it, I lost. Matter of fact, my doctor said If I ate 1500 calories a day, I’d loose weight. And so, he was right.

    A few years ago, I had a nasty bout of throat cancer. After intensive radiation and chemo, my body needed 4000 calories or better. I could barely eat 2000. I used the app for loss before, now I was using it to make sure I ate enough. I lost 80 lbs in two months, and it’s still gone. Now, I use the app to maintain weight. It also helps that I have zero taste for fried food, fast food, snacks. It all hits my palate wrong, so I don’t eat it.

    Here’s the point. The fattie above missed breakfast, and bought two croissants. High octane, french ones, plus whatever she probably shmeared on them, is probably 2000 calories, easy.

    So in one feeding, certain to result in her being hungry for lunch, she’s consumed probably a whole days calorie intake for a normal woman. And the day just started.

    This behavior should absolutely be shamed, and we shouldn’t be subsidizing these people. Even fat as hell they can get some sort of work. No work? No eat. Been that way since Jamestown.

  4. Xword

    Aircraft seats should display a digitalised weight read out screen and said passengers’ fares based on kilos-per-kilometres.

    • They charge you extra for overweight, baggage, why not extra for being obese? The airline is paying for more fuel when you fly.

  5. Phil B

    Errr … it gets worse:

    Still, if you are a welder,then you have a job for life repairing the furniture and constructing industrial strength replacements.

  6. Gemjunior

    When my kids were 12 and 8 we took them to Disneyland in Orlando, Florida. We’re lifelong New Yorkers who were never really out of NY unless we went to visit our cousins in Ireland (both I and my husband’s parents were Irish immigrants, and coincidentally both our fathers worked for Pan Am airlines when we were growing up) so we had little experience of the rest of our wonderful country’s inhabitants. Imagine our surprise to see so many fat people. We were like “Have we landed on a fat planet or what?” as we watched people in amazement eating, eating, and eating. Those who’ve been to Disney will recall they sell these really large turkey legs, and it was a frequent sight to see an extremely fat bastard chowing down on this big fried turkey leg almost the size of a baseball bat, and that was just a snack.
    The saddest part was when my family got on line for one of the shuttle buses to bring us to our hotel we saw this great big fat mom and dad on these fat-peoples
    scooters that the fatties were driving around on in Disney the whole time because walking, which would have been good for them, just tired them out. They were driving their scooters to the front of the bus line and between them was a 4 year old boy – either late 3 or early 4, already morbidly obese, running between his parents scooters trying to keep up with them. I thought at least it’s good he’s running it off. But what kind of life will he have? These parents were already handing down their sicknesses to this child, already on the road to a life of probably diabetes, asthma, and improper eating leading to heart issues and who knows what else. That was long ago but your article brought it right back to me. You are right about the shaming. It would be worth it if it stops this mental victim b.s.

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