This is going up a bit earlier than expected as I have to make an unscheduled dash into Amsterdam. I wonder how many wolf whistles I will get?
I had a weird gym session this morning. Did my best ever effort on both the squat and the deadlift, (blew the deadlift out of the water to be quite honest), and yet I had an absolutely miserable time on the overhead press, only managing to close out the first 2 sets. Still, I finished with the deadlift so I went out feeling not all bad.
One interesting thing occurred during my workout. A song came on the radio that I have heard before but never really paid any attention to it until now. It is exhibit 15b in the pussification of the Western male.

This isn’t just a guy singing here – it’s an all male band crooning away about how they feel safe when they’re in a girl’s arms. Excuse me? Don’t you imbeciles know anything about women? They want to feel safe in men’s arms, you stupid simpering jerks. You’ve got it entirely the wrong way around. Apparently this vapid shit charted on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart which is code for the SJW song list.
And yes, I know that they’re a Dutch band. The awfulness is not constrained to the Anglosphere.


The American left like to bang on about how illegal immigrants do the jobs that Americans just aren’t prepared to do. As always with the left, this is a lie.

When American Dad comes home and tells his feckless 17-year-old son that there’s an opening at the Dairy Queen as an assistant line cook on the grill—basically the guy who peels potatoes, sweeps, and takes out the trash—his reaction is no different than a Mexican teenager’s in the same situation.
The only difference is the stakes. The American high schooler loses his car keys and his access to the Sony PlayStation when he refuses. The Mexican kid encounters the everlasting disapproval of his grandmother in Tampico, which is where most of his wages are going to end up. He takes the job at the Dairy Queen.


We keep hearing all the time about the mountains of plastic that flow into the oceans from our disgusting and polluted rivers. This prompts politicians to virtue signal by banning plastic bags, encouraged no doubt by companies that make plastic bags that want to get paid more for their product. So here are the top 10 rivers in the world responsible for such pollution. Can any of you guess where they may be?

Their paper, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, calculates that rivers contribute between 410,000 and 4 million tonnes a year to oceanic plastic debris, with 88 to 95% coming from only 10.
Those rivers are the Yangtze, Yellow, Hai He, Pearl, Amur and Mekong in east Asia, the Indus and Ganges Delta in south Asia, and the Niger and Nile in Africa.

That’s right, 95% of the world’s ocean plastic pollution comes from Asia and Africa. Blow me down with a lesbian! I’m so surprised! [/sarcasm]


No doubt you are well aware of the rise of helicopter parenting and its unfortunate cousin, the overprotective nanny state. Parents being arrested for letting their 10 year old go down to play in the park, that sort of thing. But a paragraph in this article which otherwise parrots the usual line against it, caught my fearful yellow eye …

After school, kids no longer come home with a latchkey and roam the neighborhood. Instead, they’re locked into organized, supervised activities. Youth sports are a $15 billion business that has grown by 55 percent since just 2010. Children as young as third grade are joining traveling teams—which means their parents spend a lot of time in the car, too. Or they’re at tutoring. Or they’re at music lessons. And if all else fails, they are in their rooms, online.

Grown by 55 percent in 7 years, eh? That’s big business. As always, in all matters my number one first rule is to follow the damn money. I wonder who is behind this great push to encourage governments to pass laws making it illegal to let your kids do what kids do? Could it be the companies offering these organized activities? Surely they wouldn’t be so unscrupulous to do that. I mean, it’s only a $15 billion dollar business …
Keep ‘er movin’.


A link to the New Yorker magazine. I know, I know. But it’s about D&D! A game I began playing in 1983. It turns out that it’s really, really, really good for kids. Like really.

And the fear that a role-playing game might wound the psychologically fragile seems to have flipped on its head. Therapists use D. & D. to get troubled kids to talk about experiences that might otherwise embarrass them, and children with autism use the game to improve their social skills. Last year, researchers found that a group of a hundred and twenty-seven role players exhibited above-average levels of empathy, and a Brazilian study from 2013 showed that role-playing classes were an extremely effective way to teach cellular biology to medical undergraduates.

I don’t know about the cellular biology bit, but goddamit I miss my old D&D game.


The gay marriage vote in Australia is entering its final stages. The polls are already crowing from the rooftops that the Yes vote is miles in front, (which of course means that it is close). Here is an excellent article examining what has changed in the UK in the four years since gay marriage was legalised.

I mentioned that I was writing this article to a good friend in the Conservative Party, back at home. He expressed his genuine concern. Had I not considered the consequences? Did I not realise that what I said in Australia could be found when I returned to the UK? ‘LGBT progress is an unstoppable tide’. He assured me, that it was ok for me to ‘privately’ believe that marriage was between one man and one woman. He even privately agreed, that the stuff being taught in primary schools was too much.
But to say it out loud? To actually have it in print? It would blight my career and my personal relationships.
Good God. How much more important the institution of marriage and freedom of thought, religion and speech. How much more important the future of our children, than any naïve career ambitions I might harbour.

Bravery. Up there with helping out firemen.


I mentioned on my podcast recently that Kiwi chicks are the most awful of the Western world. There is literally daylight between them and the ugliest women in Holland. Someone kindly sent me this link of a Kiwi woman leaving a phone message on the wrong phone. Marvelous. And scary.


Whew. After that horror let us recover with this week’s hawt chick of the week.


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