This week we have a triple comment of the week, seeing as all of three of them contributed to the outcome.
From Marsultor13You do not. I repeat do not want to raise pigs. Not unless you find the odor of manure highly appealing anyway. Pigs stink. Literally.
And from BerndI once helped out a friend with a farm for 2 weeks. He raised pigs and cows, they were outside on the fields most of the time. The smell was horrid. He had a stable for them near the house. Inside of this stable, the stench was unbelievable. I had to burn my clothes after being inside, because no washing whatsoever could get rid of the smell lingering in the cloth.

And finally from Quartermaster – Being a Southron, I’ve seen a lot of pork raised in Tennessee and it always stinks, even if not raised intensively. 
The good wife walked through the door last night and declared that pig farming was off the table. Was is that, says I.
Because they smell, says she.
A tremor of suspicion burrows its way into my brain. You’ve been reading the blog, says I in an accusing tone.
She gives me a look. No pigs, she says and then she flicks her golden locks, pours herself a glass of wine, and raises a challenging eyebrow.
So thanks a lot, you miserable pack of curds. Thanks for ruining my Boston pork butt dreams. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.
Probably all for the best. Buggered if I’ll admit that though. Buggered.

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