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COTW – Pigs don’t stink, do they?

This week we have a triple comment of the week, seeing as all of three of them contributed to the outcome.

From Marsultor13You do not. I repeat do not want to raise pigs. Not unless you find the odor of manure highly appealing anyway. Pigs stink. Literally.

And from BerndI once helped out a friend with a farm for 2 weeks. He raised pigs and cows, they were outside on the fields most of the time. The smell was horrid. He had a stable for them near the house. Inside of this stable, the stench was unbelievable. I had to burn my clothes after being inside, because no washing whatsoever could get rid of the smell lingering in the cloth.

And finally from Quartermaster – Being a Southron, I’ve seen a lot of pork raised in Tennessee and it always stinks, even if not raised intensively. 

The good wife walked through the door last night and declared that pig farming was off the table. Was is that, says I.

Because they smell, says she.

A tremor of suspicion burrows its way into my brain. You’ve been reading the blog, says I in an accusing tone.

She gives me a look. No pigs, she says and then she flicks her golden locks, pours herself a glass of wine, and raises a challenging eyebrow.

So thanks a lot, you miserable pack of curds. Thanks for ruining my Boston pork butt dreams. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.

Probably all for the best. Buggered if I’ll admit that though. Buggered.



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  1. Sjonnar

    If you want pigs, then put your foot down. But I’ll confirm what the others have said: pigs smell like ass, even if you free-range them. Maybe not as bad as intensively raised, but still real damn vile. Also it takes a fuckton of land to free-range any appreciable number of pigs.

  2. BWV

    At some point you’re going to have to break some bad news to the wife: All animals poop. They pee too.

    Probably better to prepare her for this sooner rather than later.

  3. A man has to make his own mistakes. Pigs are territorial as hell to. You haven’t lived on the edge until you’ve had a dominant boar decide he wants a piece of you. I didn’t want to dampen your enthusiasm though.

    A pig makes for fine guard animal. Imagine 150 kilos of porcine fury racing at you faster than you can run, then hitting you at full speed. But then I’ve had a bear run me down, now that was a touch frightening. I kept a billy goat with the cattle, they hit about at knee height. It keeps the fools from getting to close.

  4. Go spend 15 minutes at a working pig farm. then you can come back and thank us.

  5. Spent a weekend at a friend’s family hobby farm when I was in high school. Our job was to muck out the old goat shed.

    1) Take a deep breath and run in with shovel

    2) Scoop up a shovelful and run out, all the while holding your breath

    3) Fling your shovelful into the pile, get upwind of the pile, take another breath.

    Hint: It didn’t actually help, it was still one of the most repulsive things I’ve ever had to do.

  6. dearieme

    In boyhood I used to enjoy looking in at the nearest pig styes. Lovely creatures, if a bit pongy. We none of us dared to get very close though, having been warned that if they knocked you off your feet they’d eat you. And apparently they can derive food value from eating human shit. Do turn that into as many jokes as you like.

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