Sam Dastyari is conclusive proof of the weakness of our leaders.

The last few months in Australian Federal politics has seen a quite extraordinary succession of politicians being forced to resign due to them possessing ties to a foreign citizenship, something which is expressly prohibited under the Australian constitution. To a man and woman they have all claimed bewilderment at their circumstances, professing either that they had no idea they were entitled to another citizenship or of not being aware of the actual constitutional clause.

This level of inability to understand Australia’s founding document, as well as a severe case of not being able to do basic homework gives the casual observer some understanding as to why our leadership and governance in Australia over the past two decades has been so lacking. I will make no claims as to the potential dishonesty that could be leveled at these ex-parliamentarians as well.

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The unexamined repressive brutality of male feminists.

Robert McCain writes about a column in The New York Times that is chock full of male feminist angst. All of these horrible men who are being outed as horrible men who chase after women! Oh the humanities!

Is this masochistic self-flagellation necessary? Is it really true that, because of what we’ve learned about Weinstein, et al., men are now “forced” to admit that their sexuality is “ugly and dangerous”? Are all men perpetrators of “implicit brutality”?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; all of these men who are being outed as not very nice guys all have one thing in common – they are left wing progressive “enlightened men”. Male feminists in other words.

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Studies have shown that studies are bunk.

Whenever I hear someone utter the dreaded phrase, “studies have shown,” I invariably reach for the barf bag. The way I see it all of our troubles could be solved if everyone committed this to memory – “studies have shown that studies are bunk.”

The use of studies have shown as some sort of deference-to-authority-clause to win arguments is the laziest and most dishonest trick in the book. The more you use studies have shown then the more you grow to depend on it. It’s crack cocaine for left wing talk show hosts everywhere, (are there are other kind?)

So today it gives me great pleasure to quote from a piece which is smothered in great gobulous chunks of studies have shown. Because I like cocaine too.

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COTW – What are these “Judeo-Christian” values of which you speak?

Comment of the week comes from last week’s comment of the week thread. How about that. It’s from someone named Ben David. The comment was agreeing with me about the deviant nature of homosexuality and how it was pushed by activists and liberal media. But I have a few issues with what he had to say.

But ALL this came AFTER the HETEROsexual majority threw over Judeo-Christian sexual morality and agreed to view themselves as hairless chimpanzees. The hetero public accepted the “born that way” myth and the self-declared victimhood/entitlement because they had already accepted pseudo-scientific excuses to embrace their own “natural” sexual desires, and legitimate progress on civil rights issues had been subverted into a discourse about victimhood and entitlement.

Hmmm … what is this Judeo-Christian construct of which he speaks?

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The not topless edition.

Welcome to Friday’s links and hawt chick of the week thread. Last week I received a request for topless hawt chicks of the week. I almost dropped my monocle into my glass of Yamazaki whiskey in shock. A topless hawt chick of the week? Is he mad? Gentlemen, the hawt chick of the week is an example of hawtness that can aspire us to pop the question, if such a situation were ever to arise. A woman who is happy to parade topless photos of herself all over the internet is not the type of female that is worthy of receiving the coveted title of hawt chick of the week.

And in any case, this blog is and always has been safe to view in the workplace, at least as far as images are concerned, (although I have to admit that Triggly Puff was treading a very fine line). Whether or not this blog is safe for the workplace as regards ideas is another matter entirely.

With that in mind, the following links may be hazardous to your health if toeing the prevailing line is important for your well being. Also, this week I have selected links entirely from sites on my blogroll, or sites that I link to on a regular basis. This is because I have been rather busy and haven’t had time to trawl the interwebs this week. But I do make a habit of reading the stuff that you see to the right hand side of this web page.

Enough already! On to the links.

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