Friday hawt chicks & links – The Ray Moore edition.

This week has seen a bunch of interesting developments – by interesting I mean stupid. But the Roy Moore debacle is way out in front for me. The claims that he dallied with a 14 year old girl are obviously complete rubbish for anyone with half a functioning braincell. As such I am not going to dignify that one, except to say that I have no doubt that it will eventually turn out to be the Russians that did it.

It’s the accusations that a 34 year old Roy Moore had sexual relations and was courting 18 year old women that is really interesting for me. Because, and I want all of you so-called conservatives to listen really closely here, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

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Australia votes for state sanctioned sodomy.

The results of the Australian gay marriage survey are in and the Yes vote won with just over 61% of the adult population who bothered to send in their choice voting in the affirmative. The next step will be for this to go before parliament where legislation will be drafted to amend the marriage act to officially allow those people in the community who have chosen a homosexual lifestyle the ability to get married.

In other words, Australians have freely chosen state sanctioned sodomy.

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Podcast #64 – The kindness episode.

The one where I explain why Vox Day is probably the kindest man on the internet. Also, fat people need new chairs, Manhattan going underwater because of the “global warmings”, and much more.

Links mentioned in the episode:

Plagiarism is plagiarism, Vox Day on The Z Man.

A lesson in corporate chaos – two CEOs go head to head on twitter. Nobody wins.

Manhattan to go under water next year. Sorry guys, NASA’s chief scientist said so; it must be true.

13 fat women require bigger chairs and tables. They are having to put up with a ‘hostile environment’.

Feminist Imperative implodes due to Russian makeup hack.

What’s just about guaranteed to make the feminist imperative lose its collective mind? Roll back no fault divorce laws? Make abortion illegal? Outlaw blue hair dye?

My friends, all of these pale into insignificance when a man has the sheer temerity, the jaw dropping genius to invent an app that removes makeup from photos of women. Not only that but the inventor of the app is a Russian, which inevitably will result in George Takei blaming him for his decision to put foundation on his butt cheeks.

So what is the effect of removing all that carefully applied trucco? (Trucco is the Italian word for makeup which translates as ‘trick’.) Well, the guys over at The Right Stuff forum have been on a crusade to sample the app’s effects.

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The modern Christian fear of life, the universe, and everything.

A couple of posts on Dalrock’s blog this morning have put into context for me not just the sordid world of degeneracy that is Disney, but the utter and contemptible failure of Christian men to make any sort of stand on the matter of women and feminism, let alone provide any leadership. Let me be clear by saying that I knew of all of these pieces before, but somehow these two posts hit me between the eyes like a hammer. I actually read the two posts in reverse order so that is the way that I will present them here.

To start with is the Disney movie Frozen, along with a song from the film called Let it go. I first heard of these works when Vox Day recently mentioned them.  The main lyrics to the song are as follows:

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