White knights rejoice! Your princess awaits!

People sometimes tell me that my advice for young men looking for chicks is skewed as I might not appreciate the ins and outs of the modern dating scene. I admit to some degree that is true, and I haven’t had my hand in, so to speak, for a good 10 years. So when I see something like this, which I can only assume is the wet dream of every white knight out there, then I admit that I may have something to concede.

And for all those white knights ready to ride to the rescue to defend women at any opportunity – if you don’t immediately shack up with this broad then I will posit that you just might be a bunch of hypocrites.

For the rest of you, enjoy the delights of modern dating and 50 years of feminism in the below photo.


14 thoughts on “White knights rejoice! Your princess awaits!

  1. Bernd

    Oh boy, care to share her contact info? I think i found my dream wife….

    What’s up with those ridiculous baby names these days? Nevaeh… Heaven spelled backwards. She looks more like a Lleh to me.


  2. Perhaps one of the good things about the Tinder generation is that they will become less likely to white-knight for women like this (only this woman hasn’t realised it yet). This kind of sob-story may have worked in person, but on Tinder? Nah, swipe left and find someone who *isn’t* pregnant. I expect the only swipe rights she’ll get are from guys who sit there for twenty minutes swiping right on everything while watching football.


  3. My wife used to work at the county welfare agency so she saw quite a bit of this. At any rate whenever my wife sees a woman like this she mumbles, “something, something, sterilization…” What was that dear?


  4. MatrixTransform

    Entitlement Gone Wrong.

    If she didn’t have low standards, she’d likely have none at all.

    Anybody that puts their dick in that deserves to keep it.


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  6. Micko

    Says a lot for birth control doesn’t it. She waited a whole 3 months after giving birth to the first one to get herself knocked up again. Her SMV must be through the roof!


  7. In the UK the males who would “hit her up” are definitely not White Knights. Where I’m from we call them Hobosexuals: males who move on from single mother to single mother leaving another baby behind when she kicks him out. He benefits from her welfare payments and free house/flat (single males can rarely afford to rent or buy their own here). She gets another baby, another 5 years of welfare and maybe a bigger house.


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