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Podcast #63 – The strength episode.

The one where I talk about physical strength as an essential component of masculinity. Women are beautiful, men are strong. If you’re a man and you’re not strong then you’re doing it wrong.

Also, tensions in the Middle East, further adventures in the land of the Dutchies, and why cyclists are indeed wankers. It’s all here together with your usual dose of high energy no fucks given.

Links mentioned in the show:

Henry Rollins on pumping iron.

Peter Grant on the same.

The stronglifts 5×5 workout.


The malady of blue balls and the key to girls.


Charlie Sheen, you’re going to burn in hell.


  1. TechieDude

    I use Audacity all day long.

    Record at a good level, include some silence.

    Highlight ~5-10 seconds of silence. Select effects -> noise reduction – get noise profile
    Select all – Select effects -> noise reduction -> OK

    Select all (or don’t un-select) -> Effects –> Normalize. I use -3Db, -1 is probably good.
    Then process/export your audio.

    If they have an issue then, screw them.

    • TechieDude

      Alternatively, instead of “Normalize” hit effects -> bass and treble. Add some bass to make you sound more manly. set the level to -3db, or even -1db. Then press OK.

  2. TechieDude

    3 years ago, I could squat 300 lbs. Deadlift around 250. Bench 250.

    While I was 6′ 275 lbs, I was immensely strong. I could also walk, bike, and do cardio.

    Got cancer anyway. Strength training won’t save you from some cancers – Prostate, throat (mine), or esophageal come to mind. Knew a SEAL that was fit as can be, felled by esophageal cancer in his 50s.

    Not denigrating strength training. I’m working my way back. But it isn’t a cure all.

    • Adam

      I never said that it would stop you from getting cancer. I said that it would help you fight it. Well done on your own battle, by the way.

      Also thanks for the tech help. You’ve outed yourself now. I know who to call.

      • TechieDude

        Any time.

        And, you are correct. I didn’t listen intently as I had your ramblings playing while working on a number of things. That muscle mass is indeed what gives you a leg up fighting. That said, your genes, stress, and lifestyle (regardless of physical conditioning) can start cancer growing that can take years to manifest. In the US here, there’s a rash of throat cancer. Since it’s a male thing, it’s ignored. Where it used to hit geezers in their 70s that were hard smoking, hard drinking, now it hits men in their 50s who are not. This type is caused by HPV, of all things. Guess where that comes from? Alcohol, smoke, and stress can create the conditions.

        They told me it takes nearly a decade to get to a point where you’d notice. So things you did in your 20s to 40s can create misery for you in your 50s.

  3. I DontTroll

    Making sure to get enough protein (not to mention the appropriate caloric surplus) also help a lot if your looking to put on muscle.

  4. MarkT

    Do you know if the Stronglift regime can be adapted to work just with dumbells , without barbells or a bench? I’ve been doing a weight focused HIIT programme with dumbells for about a year at home, requiring 20 mins of full-on high intensity workouts Mon/Wed/Friday. I’ve had some good results from that, but want to take it to the next level without joining a gym.

    • Adam

      Mark, not really. The stronglift program is built around core muscle exercises that get their benefit from the heavy weight that you are lifting and the control required. A barbell allows you to lift heavier weight than dumbbells do and the weight amount is key to this program. Also, keeping the barbell under control is another key element. This works out supporting muscle groups such as your abs. I initially attempted the program using dumbbells but I saw no meaningful results.

  5. Enjoyed your podcast. A couple thoughts:

    1) I do Rippetoe which is similar to the 5×5 in that he recommends sets of 5. I do squats and deadlift. I can’t bench because I have a torn shoulder muscle that I am babying so that I don’t have to have surgery (already had the left side a few years ago, don’t really want to have the right side). For arms I do curls and something that I don’t know the name of where I lower a weight back over my head with both hands, as well as light flys. I had, however, gotten out of it over the past few months just because of being so busy and you’ve inspired me to get going again. Starts tomorrow, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, right after school.

    2) I also recommend that everyone do some sort of activity which adds flexibility, balance, etc as they get older. I started martial arts about seven years ago at age 45. I am now more flexible and have better balance than I ever remember having at any point in my life. I also had a major motorcycle crash about two years after starting the martial arts. I found recovery easy and painless in large part due to the martial arts and weightlifting. Even my doctor and the physical therapist commented positively on how fast I was able to come back.

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