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COTW – Affirmative action is government mandated racism.

My article this week on black privilege got a lot of attention. It’s a topical subject and an important one. It got linked to over 2000 times on Facebook, which is the highest number for such dissemination for one of my articles. The reason for this amount of interest is because people can relate to how much affirmative action policies are damaging this country. Particularly in small regional communities around Australia.

Two comments on the piece illustrate this point.

From commenter Joyce we have this example.

My brother in law ran a Driving school in country NSW….and was given lots of work by TAC..and one of the jobs he was given was to teach a young aboriginal girl to drive and get her license “ASAP”… she had applied for a job locally, that MANY white people had applied for incidently, people out of work, YOUNG people wanting a job…..she got the job even though she couldn’t drive, BECAUSE SHE WAS ABORIGINAL…….now tell me that this isn’t discrimination against white people……

It is discrimination against white people, pure and simple. That the girl in question couldn’t have been bothered to even get her driving licence, something which was obviously a part of the job requirement, is revealing. Either she couldn’t be bothered which means she was not the best candidate for the job. Or she knew that her skin color would make up for her lack of credentials. Pure state sponsored racism.

Next we have a comment from Maryanne.

My daughter is facing the same discrimination. She’s desperate to find work but ALL low entry jobs at UNE, the local council and all other government jobs are reserved for ‘indigenous’ Australians even if they are pale skinned blue-eyed blonds. Tick that box and the world is your oyster.

I have no doubt that those on the left will fatuously dismiss claims like this. ‘Where is your proof’ is their most common response when confronted with people’s recounting of their own lived experiences. Unless of course that person advances the left’s agenda. So if you’re a refugee, a homosexual, an aborigine, or a feminist then feel free to make as many claims as you like with no supporting evidence, no matter how far fetched.

But if you’re a working class white living in rural Australia and struggling to make it because of the lack of opportunities, don’t you dare complain if the local council uses ratepayer’s money to virtue signal their divinity by reserving what meager opportunities there are for those with a skin color that is not the same as yours. Because if you do voice an objection then surely that makes you a racist.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party is on track to hold the balance of power in the forthcoming Queensland election. I am of the opinion that she would do even better if she stepped up and addressed these types of blatant discriminatory practices that are obviously widespread in her state. To put it bluntly, affirmative action is nothing more than state sponsored racism. It is past time that it was abruptly ended and a clear signal sent across the electorate that it will no longer be tolerated.


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  1. Pauline is also a rock-solid truth-teller on the evils of Islam.

    I hope she continues to kick ass on both these fronts.

  2. Adam

    Government mandated racism to this extent where jobs are given according to skin colour can only increase racism in the community. Australia used to stand for, ‘a fair go’. Ain’t nothing fair about this.

  3. Mr Black

    Government employment is an excellent way to warehouse and hide large numbers of useless people who would otherwise be on the unemployment roll. Immigrants and aboriginal people are both sucked up into government jobs for this reason.

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