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New comment policy and the JQ.

It’s been a pretty massive week on the blog for which I thank all of my readers and commenters, linkers and disseminaters. Something which has started to increase over the last few weeks is an increase in the number of spammers as well as a general change of their tactics.

Spammers can be placed into two categories: 6 year olds and 10 year olds. Until recently I only had the former who are characterized by a severe obviousness of intent. These are almost always caught by the spam catcher which over the life of the website has netted a total of 2235 6 year old scalps.

The 10 year olds are a little different. Their latest tactic is to leave a comment that is a slight step up from that of a 6 year old. The vast majority of these comments are left on articles that are over a month old. So from now on I am instigating an automatic ban on any unknown commenters leaving comments on old articles.

Ace posted a comments policy this week that he got from another site. I quite like it so I’m going to add it as well with some minor adjustments.

Commenters Bill Of Rights

  • You have the right to comment – for as long as the owner of the blog feels like granting it to you.
  • You have the right to be banned at any time, for any reason, real or imagined and for any period of time from minutes to years.
  • You have the right to have your comment deleted for any reason without any explanation.
  • You have the right to point out someone’s poor argument. You do not, in turn, have the right to be offended when someone does it to you.
  • You have the right to have an opinion – you do not have the right to demand that everyone value your opinion or even care about your opinion.
  • You have the right not to take anyone’s opinion seriously – you do not have the right to demand that someone take YOU seriously.
  • You have the right to sarcasm as form of “argument” as long as you understand that sarcasm conveys absolutely no truth and no fact.
  • You have the right to an explanation for being banned. That explanation may or may not come before you are banned.
  • You have the right to be civil.
  • You have the right to be free of purely ad hominem attacks.

That’s pretty conclusive but can be summed up with the line, ‘don’t be a dick’.

Now for the topic of the ((((JQ)))). Here’s the thing, guys; I’m not big on conspiracy theories. If you want to buy into them then that’s your prerogative.

Being Jewish is a club. It opens many professional doors for an individual because the Jews look after their own. Speaking as someone who has just made an international move, I can appreciate that approach. This together with their above average rates of intelligence makes them more likely to be successful. Once again, I do not begrudge them their success.

But being a Jew does not confer morality on an individual. They get their fair share of bad people just like the rest of us. It’s just that their bad people tend to have a higher chance of being elevated in society due to their clannishness. Thus in the latest example of leftism eating its own in Hollywood, there are a fair number of Jews who are major perpetrators.

But if you think this is some sort of giant nebulous Jewish worldwide dominance conspiracy, well, I think that you’re completely deluded. Adolf and his goons believed the same thing and as a result murdered 6 million Jews. It seems to me that if at the time there had been some sort of Jewish global hegemony then they would have made a decent effort to ensure that 6 million of their own didn’t end up being pushed onto cattle trains.

Either there was no conspiracy or it was remarkably inept.

The Jews today find themselves in the same old boat of being blamed for the ills of the world due to their own stupidity and shortsightedness in the decades since WWII. Their own tendency to label any criticism as antisemitism is a nice tactic in the short term to get people to shut up. But the act of unjustly silencing people simply causes those same criticisms, whether valid or not, to fester beneath the surface. Now they are beginning to see the consequences of such short-sighted bigotry on their part.

So here are the rules of the blog as regards to Jews. Feel free to criticize any Jew on their actions and their words just like we would criticize anyone else. Likewise, feel free to criticize Israel on its actions and policies, just like we would criticize any other nation.

But no insinuating. No stooping to nebulous half claims of Jewish conspiracy. No attributing actions to the fact that someone is a Jew. And (((this sort of thing))) will get you banned.




COTW – Affirmative action is government mandated racism.


A further point on the comment policy.


  1. Adam, this is a long one so feel free to not publish it. But I do hope you will take the time to read and consider it.

    I read “The Rise and Fall” when I was in JR. High and it got me hooked on the ETO for life. I’ve consumed all I could over the years and never got tired of it.  Even though my dad served on a sweeper in the Navy and witnessed the bodies floating down the Yangzee river from Mao purges, the PTO didn’t grasp my interest all that much. 

    Over the past 4-5 years I have though long and hard about the following:

    Re: the holocaust: My longest running complaint is that pretty much *everyone* has been trained to think it was only the 6 million Jews that got eliminated. You dare to tell the ADL or other prominent Jews that there were 6+ million non-Jews as well you get vacant stares, ignored or, more likely, argumentation.

    I have never, and I mean *NEVER* read or heard anything regarding the other 6+ million non-Jews slaughtered in the camps and shot down in ditches from any major Jewish publication or prominent Jew whatsoever. Commentary Mag, Front Page, Tablet, Mosaic, Caroline Glick, Bill Kristol, those frauds (and supposed ex-Communists) David Horowitz and Ron Radosh (who crucified Diana West and got her banned from FPM because she told the truth), Steven Spielberg, none of them. Sure, those forgotten ones get lip service in the holocaust museums but that’s about it. They are *that*  focused and single-minded. They are arrogant and self-obsessed and I have come to the conclusion that they care not one whit for the sacrifices the Christian world has made for them.

    I used to be very pro-Semitic. No longer. Now I’m just indifferent to their screams. They want to push the self-destruct button in the name of “human rights”?  Welcome to the new and improved Zyklon-B.

    I fully support Trump’s position on Israel and moving our embassy to Jerusalem, if, for no other reason, to enrage the goat-fucker Muslims (who Israel has often enabled in the past) ,neo-Nazis (and quite a few “Christians”) for their visceral hatred of Israel. They deserve their own nation. They paid in blood many times over for it for over 1,400 years against team Mo. 

    But they want to cast themselves as the only victims of wholesale murder by the Nazis here in the U.S.? Fine and Dandy.  Fuck ’em. As a result they have lost their primary status as the oppressed minority with me, and a whole lot of others, a long time ago.

    I would hazard a guess that this quote is somewhere in their canon of scripture, but perhaps to often conveniently forgotten:

    “What ye sow, that shall ye reap.”

    Perhaps *that’s* a lesson that should be preached on Saturdays.

    • Sjonnar

      The reason you don’t hear jews talking about the other people who were murdered by the nazis is because the only Jews who bring up the holocaust are the ones who are trying to use it to get something, like the ADL. (Like the blacks who constantly whine about slavery, which was abolished 152 years ago.)

      Mentioning the other people who got holocausted undermines their argument that “you owe us, because holocaust.”

      • Richard Nichols

        That sounds awfully like a nebulous half-claim to a Jewish conspiracy to me. Time for the banhammer Adam. Don’t worry. Nothing of value will be lost

  2. James Scott

    Wow you really believe their were death camps?
    That means you are super stupid. Your blog is off my list of things worth reading.
    because you have zero critical thinking skills or you are hoping some jews will pay you for something.

    Either way you are worthless and your site is off my favorites list.

    • My great uncle was in the lead British unit that liberated Belsen. While I never had the privilege of meeting him, he described the events to my father and made a point of stating that the death camps were a reality and that anyone who said otherwise was seriously misguided.

      The fact that you would use such ad hominem slurs against me shows the supreme vacuity of your arguments.

      • Sjonnar

        Actually, that wasn’t technically an ad hom. It was probably an implied ad hom, but he’s too goddamn stupid to even phrase a logical fallacy properly.

        Also, where you said “inferring”, you meant “implying.” A reader or listener infers what a writer or speaker implies.

      • dearieme

        “But no inferring.” You mean ‘implying’ or ‘insinuating’.

        My father saw Belsen. It probably wasn’t what is meant by a “death camp” nowadays, but it was a scarcely speakable horror of dead and doomed bodies.

    • Sjonnar

      And nothing of value was lost.

  3. Richard Nichols


    This is not meant to be antagonistic, but nobody today believes there were gas chambers on German soil or that the Holocaust was perpetrated there. Even Simon Wiesenthal, perhaps the world´s foremost Jewish anti-Nazi, has conceded this point – And if you don´t believe that link then I would ask you check the wiki entry regarding Belsen. As it clearly states, what your great uncle undoubtedly saw were the corpses of inmates who had succumbed to disease and starvation in the closing stages of the war when the Allies bombed the supply lines. Nobody exonerates their deaths but some of us are capable of distinguishing between a deliberate policy of genocide and what is an accident of war (similar diseases killed many incarcerated Boers in the Boer War, for example).

    On the wider issue of your new policy, I think it is a mistake. People like James Scott (above) are no longer outliers. They are fast becoming the mainstream for the following two reasons. One, the internet is making it a lot easier to discover the truth about things that have until now been kept well hidden. And, two, many of us are totally fed up with the idea of being censored on what might be one of the most important issues of our time. Ban us if you like, but your timing is poor and you may stand to lose more than we do. I say this, by the way, as someone who has enjoyed your blog until now and even listens regularly to your podcasts. / credentials can be used.

    • This is not meant to be antagonistic, but nobody today believes there were gas chambers on German soil or that the Holocaust was perpetrated there.

      This should be used as exhibit A in the dictionary for sweeping generalization.

      many of us are totally fed up with the idea of being censored on what might be one of the most important issues of our time. Ban us if you like, but your timing is poor and you may stand to lose more than we do.

      My point was clear. Plain speaking is encouraged; speak your mind freely. Nebulous inferring without having the guts to say something outright by such piss weak tactics as (((this))) will be frowned upon. How much clearer do I have to be?

    • Sjonnar

      I don’t recall seeing you here prior to a few days ago. I don’t recall having ever seen that other guy comment here. But here you both are, all of a sudden, to criticize a man’s lack of faith in an unsupported and frankly risible conspiracy theory and bitch about his policy of requiring commenters to state their opinions plainly and without any “clever” circumlocutions.

      You complain that you’re fed up of being censored? Adam isn’t censoring you. He’s demanding you speak the fuck up like a man and stop with the cute little implications.

      Finally there’s the implication by both of you that your presence here is somehow valuable and if Adam doesn’t reshape his opinions and policies to better fit yours, he’ll lose that “value.” It is false. You bring no value. You bring no revenue. You bring only a piss-weak threat to leave if your piss-weak arguments aren’t accepted. So leave. You won’t be missed. You gutless faggot.

      • AnalogMan

        You gutless faggot.

        Oooh! – an ad hominem!

        Sorry, that was a hit-and-run. Just got curious to see what your new comment policy might be, and confirmed that I need not return. ‘Bye.

    • Dan Flynn

      ‘but nobody today believes there were gas chambers on German soil or that the Holocaust was perpetrated’
      Probably not in the social circles you operate in Richard. Alas, there are others who would think you are mistaken.
      Unfortunately the internet has provided ‘evidence’ to support just about any view on anything.

      • Richard Nichols

        OK, I will make the correction – Nobody with a brain who has looked into the matter believes that the Holocaust happened on German soil. This is no longer a matter of opinion – there simply is no evidence to suggest otherwise, on the internet or elsewhere. Of course, you being so intelligent and wonderful and everything obviously know better, so I look forward to you providing a link to this hitherto unavailable proof, giving the names of the camps, the dates of operation and the approximate number of people killed there.

        Can´t wait!

  4. BWV

    There’s really no difference between cucking to “aborigines,” negroes, hispanics, muslims or jews. It doesn’t make one enlightened to see the problems with some of the groups and pretend there aren’t any with the third. It just makes you a cuck.

    Moving off to greener pastures.

  5. BWV

    Bad editing above – missed changing “the third” after adding to my list of groups. Nevertheless, I’m sure you understand.


    • Sjonnar

      You’re pathetic. You flounce off in a huff like a woman who lost an argument, and then you come back to edit your flounce. Jesus. At least slam the door on your way out like a proper woman.

  6. Adam

    This is one of my favourite blogs partly because you are funny as fuck, but mostly because of the way you think. Losing the readers who are stupid enough to believe the protocols of zion is no loss at all.

    There is good and bad in every race. i don’t know that the clannishness of the jews is the main reason for their success, although i’m sure it helps. What i do know is that a huge proportion of the worlds great musicians, artists and scientists are jewish. The number of Jewish Nobel prize winners is just ridiculous for a race of only a few million people.

    • Dalo

      Hey mate, my sentiments exactly. This is my favourite blog – hands down, and I read and have read many. There is reality and there is a faux reality; the one that MSM, educators and many politicians would like the dirt people to succumb to. Adam peals off the dirt from their bullshit and lays the truth out for all to see. We’re a brotherhood (sisterhood too for the red pilled womenz).

      As for your Jewish comment, couldn’t agree more. I’m an agnostic as far as religion goes, and one of the reasons I’m not atheist is that the bizarre victimisation of the Jewish people which is written about in the Talmud and the bible. We see this still today. It’s evidence from the bible I can’t refute.

  7. What’s with that ((())) thing anyway? Is that like a secret handshake? How much more milquetoast could you get. If you’re going to be a bigot speak up you little turd so we all know who you are.

    Now one of my older female relatives, my oh my, that woman didn’t have a nice bone in her body when it came to Jews, or anyone else for that matter who didn’t meet her standard for being human, and she was very loud about it. She used to scare the hell out of me when I was a child, and she wasn’t thought fondly of by adults either.

    Human history is rife with genocide in fact it’s more the norm than the exception. Yet despite that in this case it’s doubtful to some. Go figure.

    • Noachideous

      It means 1948…. and is derived of the 613 Mitzvoth in the jewish religions books, which is derived of the numbers 42 and 58, 42 representing the number of the Divine, as it is understood here.. For instance, 3 Parentheses…. or 3P …. P represents the 16th letter of the 26 lettered English alphabet. There are 42 letters in it when counted in a 6 based number system, which is easy to do if you’ve got 5 fingers on each hand…… The British Flag is actually a plus and a times sign….. or +x, and finds its source in the 3×3 number square which sums to 45, known as Saturn’s square. A +x drawn on it will cover 4 sets of 3 numbers and any three in a line add up to 15… so you getz … 4×15 … or 60… the number of EL 5×12. Itz why there 12 lots of five minutes on the clock faces, coz his other name is Chronos, or Time and He is also the Father of Truth and a friend to all who speak the Truth.. as much as any Father respects those who respect the his Daughter.
      So getting back to the main bit …… 3 16…. by +x amounts to 1948. That why they getz the three parantheses. The 613 mitzvoth are derived of 42 58 … by + 6 13… to again point to 1948.

  8. Mr Black

    Adam, thank you for taking a public stand on (((this))). The absolute worst thing about the alt-right blogs is the retarded anti-Semitism that is used to justify just about everything under the sun and the way that most hosts either turn a blind eye or encourage it in their comments section. The comments of otherwise useful blogs are so full of fucking garbage that goes from a jewish guy doing something wrong to ((( ))) being the sole focus of the next 50 comments. You’ve lit a beacon of common sense above your door.

  9. areukittenme

    Wow, the testosterone on this thread is palpable! I like Richard Nichols, he is interesting. And for what it’s worth, I like the (()) things too. I like it all. So he doesn’t like Jews. So what? Keep reading Richard. Some of these others are just being chest-thumbing grumps. Stop getting offended all you stupid cucks. (That felt good) ((())))

  10. Hans

    Great pissing contest,guys.

    Take from this what you will….

    My Father, may he rest in peace, was an allied POW in WW 2 Germany.
    He escaped from so many Stalags that the Gestapo got fed up and sent him to a concentration camp, in total contravention of the Geneva accords,regarding POW’s.
    There were to be no more escapes for him.
    If he escaped again, he was to be executed,they told him.
    He was beaten and tortured during his 2 years in the concentration camp.

    During his internment, he saw no gas chambers,no executions.
    However, one of his forced duties was to cremate the camp dead.
    There were no mass cremations or mass killings, that he witnessed.
    The dead that he cremated were deceased from disease or malnutrition.

  11. Adam

    how unsurprising, since the concentration camps were different from the extermination camps.

    • Richard Nichols

      Come on then, Adam. You seem to be speaking with authority on this, so please could you name the death camps. We know there were none in Germany, and if you say Auschwitz I will show you a video of the head curator there admitting to a Jewish documentary maker that there were no mass gassings in the place. If you say Treblinka, i will link to a documentary which sought to prove gassings there but failed utterly. Zyklon B doesn´t even kill humans in the manner they claim (it is harmless in pellet form), nor does the exhaust from diesel engines, and given the primitive cremation technology available at the time they would still be burning bodies there today if the official death toll is accepted. Then you might explain why neither Churchill nor De Gaulle, nor Eisenhower made even a passing reference to what was by all accounts one of the salient features of the conflict in their memoirs, this despite having had access to all the German secret communications throughout the war, or why to this day not a single document or photo has been found to prove either gassings or a deliberate policy of genocide.

      Basically, what happened was that the Allies were understandably eager to show the world that the sacrifice of blood and treasure during WWII was worth it, so they were only too pleased to when the footage of the dead inmates turned up. But rather than explain they had died from disease, etc, they perverted the message to blame the deaths on a deliberate policy of genocide. This version of events was accepted at Nuremberg and used to justify the creation of the state of Israel, but dropped immediately thereafter when it became clear that it was patently false. Then, at some point in the seventies, it was revived and the Holocaust became an established fact.

      In other words, it´s easy to swallow the official narrative and make broad claims, but it´s a hell of a lot more difficult to provide proof, and to this day no one has.

      BTW I write as a Brit who is hugely proud of the Allied achievements in the war and who is glad that we smashed the Nazis. I don´t have the slightest sympathy for Hitler or National Socialism. I just think that blatant falsehoods need to be called out, and there is no more blatant a falsehood than the Holocaust.

      • “Zyklon B doesn´t even kill humans in the manner they claim (it is harmless in pellet form)”

        Of course! That’s the whole point of it. You have to drop it into a dilute acid to release the gas. Duh.

        If the holocaust is a hoax, it is probably the soviets that are behind it.

        • Richard Nichols


          Glad to see that you have poked your nose into the matter after all. That´s how I started a few years ago – and boy has it been a fascinating voyage of discovery!

          You are right about the Operation Reinhard Camps not being included, but given that there were no mass murders committed in them, that´s not such a big deal. Added to this, they were closed early in the war, so they didn´t suffer the affects of having their supply lines bombed – hence no grave death toll from disease, etc..

          The ghettoes are different, I agree, but there were no gassings in the ghettoes, just a fight for supremacy as is common in war, with those captured being sent to the work camps. I would never deny that the Germans did their best to destroy any armed resistance they came across. All I have said is that there were no gas chambers, nor any policy of genocide.

          I know you will dispute my claim about the absence of gassings at the Reinhard camps, but a little further research will bear this claim out. This documentary shows how a British archaeological team went to the largest of the three camps (Treblinka) in an attempt to prove the mass murder of 900,000 people (

          A few highlights:

          1) the documentary shows there is no sign that the ground being used for burial on such a scale

          2) according to the official narrative, the almost all the 900,000 were first buried, then exhumed and burned. Apart from the sheer scale of exhuming almost a million bodies, dead and decomposing corpses don´t burn very easily, let alone stacked twenty to thirty deep in batches of up to 3,000 as claimed.

          3) It would have taken until September 1994 for the 25 woodcutters at Treblinka to chop, saw and gather sufficient wood to cremate the claimed 870,000 bodies

          4) even if the Germans did achieve all that is claimed, there would be mountains of bone and teeth fragments, but there aren´t any – the documentary team found only a few dozen fragments in a Catholic graveyard several miles away. Oh, that and a prehistoric shark´s tooth and some shower tiles!

          All we have to suggest these camps were used for mass murder is the eyewitness testimony, but unfortunately this is contradictory, inconsistent and often borders on the absurd. Some, for example, claim the dead at Treblinka were killed by steaming them to death. Others, that they were killed by diesel exhaust which is harmless to humans. Others, that the floor was electrocuted and they died from the shock. Others, that the women burned better than the men so were used for kindling (ie you just had to touch them with a flame and they burned merrily to a crisp). Others say that 3.9 million people were killed there…

          The bottom line is that these were transit camps where Jews and others were given haircuts and showers to rid them of lice before being sent on to places like Majdanek where they worked as slave labour.

          In case you want to know the full expose of this fraud then there´s always this video –

        • Richard Nichols

          Paul Murray,

          You are right that Zyklon B only works under certain conditions, but in the official narrative there is no mention of a dilute acid, just that the pellets were dropped into the chambers and somehow spontaneously turned into gas. When pushed, the people behind this story say that the warmth from the bodies caused the pellets to become gaseous. This seems unlikely however given that the temperature needed is something like 26 degrees celsius (I think), especially given the frigid conditions of Eastern Europe for much of the year and the industrial scale of the slaughter.

          I agree entirely with your claim about the Soviets being primarily responsible. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, they admitted as much, releasing captured documents that contradict almost all their original claims. This is one of the main reasons the official narrative is collapsing before our eyes.

    • Hans

      What an astounding response, Adam.
      You have absolutely no idea about anything.
      Foolish foolish man.

      Your breath taking snide arrogance astounds me.
      You need to do some serious introspection.

      I am done with you, and done with this site.

  12. Maybe drinking the blood of Christian babies makes you immune to Zyklon B.

  13. TechieDude

    I can’t believe a perfectly good and rational post outlining how to behave as a commentor, and to knock off the conspiracy theory silliness spawned one of the most jaw droppingly inane thread about the holocaust I’ve ever read.

    We know it happened. There’s not one proof, or one link, there’s hours of film, hours of testimony – much of it from guards, much of it from soldiers. There are records and documents which the Nazis were scrupulous about keeping. There are plans for the camps, which match archaeological discoveries. There are still camps existing, that have chambers, that have no other use. Even logic would dictate that if these were showers, why are they in line with the incinerators? Why are there fingernail marks on the walls?

    There were jews living at the end of the war who were pressed into service to convince their brothers to march into the chamber. There were jews who were pressed into service dragging the bodies out of the chambers and carting them to the incinerators. Were they lying? Why would they lie about that? How could all these people keep their story straight? cui bono?

    The Nazis rounded up jews, handicapped, and anyone else they found undesirable. They were quite open about this.They all went to camps, 12 million plus died. They killed innocents on an industrial scale. There’s no lack of historical record for this and believing they died of natural causes in camps that were designed for killing and disposal is flat out jaw dropping ignorance.

    Those that have eyes ought to see.

    • Richard Nichols


      It´s very easy to make the claims you make, but much harder to back them up with evidence.

      To address a few of your points in closer detail…

      The eyewitness testimony we have is contradictory and much of it has been debunked in no uncertain fashion. In fact, many of the claims they made (pedal-powered head-smashing machines, electrified conveyor belts, people burned alive en masse, etc) are so embarrassing that they have been neatly forgotten. Even such stellar eyewitnesses such as Nobel Prizewinner Elie Wiesel reported no gassings in his seminal post-war book about his incarceration at Auschwitz at the height of the Holocaust. My own personal favourite is the Jewish woman who was herded into a gas chamber disguised as a shower only to find it was a real-life shower (naturally, she attributes her survival to a miracle rather than the much more obvious possibility that it was just a simple shower room) –

      German soldiers were tortured and threatened for their confessions. The most famous case is Hoss, the commandant at Auschwitz. The British have admitted crushing his testicles and threatening his family in a three-day ordeal during which he admitted to overseeing the deaths of some 2,500,000. Today we know that a maximum of a million were killed there ( so it seems self-explanatory that he just gave up a number that would be satisfactory to all concerned. Many others were offered a choice between confessing or summary execution and chose the former, understandably enough.

      You are quite correct in one regard, though. The Germans were meticulous in keeping records and the Allies captured over 1,000 tons of them – this on top of all the secret communications they had acquired during the war – but much of it works against you. We know, for example, exactly how much coke was used to fire the ovens at Auschwitz – 1,037 tons in 240 deliveries, or enough to burn about 100,000 bodies. Yet there is not a single document or photograph proving that there were any gas chambers or a deliberate policy of genocide.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg though when it comes to the gaping holes in the story. Why are there no traces of cyanide in the walls of the so-called gas chambers? Why did the Russians decide to knock holes in the roof of the gas chamber at Auschwitz after the war when we are told they were already there? Why is there no forensic evidence whatsoever to account for so many deaths on such an intense scale in such a short period of time? How did the harmless pellets of Zyklon B spontaneously convert into gas when thrown into the chambers?

      Obviously, if you can provide answers to the issues raised above I would be delighted to see them.

      • TechieDude

        Those with eyes ought to see. The evidence is there. It’s not my calling in life to convince someone who can’t fathom killing on an industrial scale, not to nitpick for whatever proof can validate his wrong headedness. Plenty of credentialed and learned historians have studied this and it is what it seems – Occams razor applies here. The simplest solution is probably the correct one.

        The nazis most certainly destroyed jewish businesses, and rounded up all they could and stuffed them into ghettos. They most certainly cleaned out those ghettos, packing jews and any other undesirable into cattle cars and then to camps. Hitler had written about it in mein kampf, Goering alluded to it in his diaries.

        They rounded up and killed around 12 million. At the end of the day, your arguments are mere semantics. the nazis clearly diverted massive amounts of manpower and resources to kill millions of innocents.

        • Richard Nichols


          I love the fact that you have invoked Occam´s Razor!

          So, what is more likely…

          A) that the Germans diverted ¨massive amounts of resources¨ (fuel, manpower, transportation, etc) in shipping people across the continent where their heads were shaved, their clothing exchanged for uniforms, their bodies tattooed with a serial number, etc, etc – just so that they could be exterminated shortly after. All this, remember, at a time when they were losing the war and all that energy and manpower could have been much more efficiently – err, I don´t know – fighting the enemy, perhaps?

          B) Desperate for manpower, the Germans rounded up those they saw as enemies of the state and used them as slave labour in factories – factories already located in places like Dachau (where BMW made engines for the war effort), and Auschwitz (where IG Farben, Siemens and Krupp occupied a massive chemical / industrial complex).

          Before making this difficult decision, bear in mind that the preferred mass method of slaughter in those days was to dig a ditch with a bulldozer and shoot the victims so that they fell into the resulting pit which was then filled in. Quick, hygienic and 100% efficient. Even better, we have photographs of the Germans doing just that in a variety of locations.

          As you so rightly said, ¨The simplest solution is probably the correct one.¨

  14. One of the great things about the Internet is that it keeps the kooks at home instead of out in public bothering people. The downside is that it gives them the opportunity to bother people at a distance.

  15. Richard Nichols


    I had a similar epiphany about a year ago regarding IQ (another very controversial subject). I don´t think it accounts for everything, but I do think it´s the foundation on which any society and its potential can be measured.

    Having said that, you have to be a bit cautious in applying to the Jews. Although the Ashkenazi have high IQs, jews in general do not. Israelis, for example, only have an average IQ of about 95 which is lower than Uruguay and very low by western / north-east Asian standards ( The whole thing about the Nobel Prizes is suspect too, as is their over-representation in certain professions, but I won´t provide supporting links to avoid Adam´s wrath!

  16. Mr Black

    Well, at least you have a good start for the ban list.

  17. Adam T

    25% of the Israeli population is non-jewish, mostly Arabs. Enough to significantly reduce the average IQ of the country as a whole, i would’ve thought. I won’t bother with links on that one since it’s quite easy to do your own research.

    I agree that the Nobel prize thing is suspicious, for a race with maybe 1% of the world population to win over 20% of the Nobel prizes starts to look like some sort of massive global conspiracy. It’s almost as if they are showing off.

    • Mr Black

      Jews are doing and have been doing exactly what the alt-right says whites should be doing. Supporting each other against external threats, marrying within the group and making sure they preserve their own culture and country for themselves. All the Jews have done is be good at that. That’s what upsets them, the Jews are better at it than they are.

  18. areukittenme

    The Jews are a proud tribe and I envy them that. Probably because they have been through so much shit over the centuries. Only cohesive races will survive in this crazy world. Just a shame that powerful Jews like Nick Rockefeller seem to want a New World Order. He told Aaron Russo that they promoted feminism to 1. double taxes and 2. get kids into institutions earlier for indoctrination. Interesting video following (if I can work out how to link it)

  19. dearieme

    I find this link interesting; the “revisionist” doesn’t doubt that the Holocaust happened.

    His main reservation is about mistaken/dishonest accounts of Auschwitz. He may be right about that but it does seem to me to be a second order point. In the link below he discusses the number of Jews murdered.

    He doesn’t believe it was as many as six million. It does seem possible that the six million has become a totem which people are meant to accept uncritically, but whether the total was three million, or four, or six, or eight I have no idea. Nor do I have any intention of looking into it: the subject is too vile and anyway it’s only a second order point. Jews were murdered by the million: that’s the first order point.

    • Richard Nichols

      According to the red Cross who had access to the camps throughout the war, the total death toll was some 271,000, but I am sure your methodology of not looking into it is much more reliable.

      Also, fyi, more Catholics died than Jews.

      • dearieme

        Cole demolishes the routine misrepresentation of the Red Cross numbers.

        ‘Germar Rudolf, arguably the most serious of the deniers, had this to say about the Red Cross death tally in 2003’s Dissecting the Holocaust: “The camps Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka are missing from the table, as are the victims in the ghettos.” …

        Even the world’s leading denier agrees, the Red Cross report omits the most important camps (which the Red Cross never had access to), and its total for other camps is incomplete.

        Some will say, “Why quibble over the numbers?” Well, here’s why. On one side of the debate, we have boobs who claim that there was no program of mass murder, that only a few hundred thousand Jews died, and only from disease and overwork.’

        I suspect that closing remark is addressed to you, Mr Nichols.

  20. Gordon (The Grumpus)

    Thank you for clarifying what the heck (((this))) means! I had suspicions, but was uncertain about them. Those using them never gave a straight answer to a query over it.

    I’ve tried various formulations of search queries (and also different SE-s), w|absolutely no luck… all that’s returned refers to mathematics.

    I’m sure I was missing something obvious, it’s probably just a case of “not seeing the forest for the trees”.

    While I agree about the antisemitism, I disagree about conspiracies in general.

    Every successful turn of history, where a country’s government radically changed, has at its heart a conspiracy. Including that of my own country, the United States of America.

    Really, History is overcrowded w|conspiracies. I am curious, what do you think has changed?

    – Gordon

    • I said that I thought that this particular conspiracy was nonsense. I did not declare that for all conspiracies, nor do I think that not giving credence to one then negates them all by default.

      • areukittenme

        Sorry for the late entry – the following link is a few years old but was just re-posted on The Occidental Observer. It is about the elites that really rule us all and how Jews have infiltrated WASP aristocracy, even Trump and the Clintons, to the point where their futures are intertwined to a common purpose. It is a fascinating and sobering read for the curious.

        Here is an excerpt : ‘What better way for a foreign elite to occupy powerful positions in a society than to do so in a manner which gives the impression that the foreign elite is nothing more than the traditional, native elite? By inter-breeding so acutely with the native elites, and blending their interests so tightly, the strategy also places further distance between the native elite and the people it leads. As Pine suggests, the native elite can no longer act on behalf of the people and against foreign influence because intermarriage has ensured that any Jewish loss would in fact be “mutual.”’

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