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A further point on the comment policy.

Well the comment policy thread sure got a going over. Quite extraordinary really, particularly in light of the fact that all I said was that people had to be straight talking. To reiterate:

So here are the rules of the blog as regards to Jews. Feel free to criticize any Jew on their actions and their words just like we would criticize anyone else. Likewise, feel free to criticize Israel on its actions and policies, just like we would criticize any other nation.

But no insinuating. No stooping to nebulous half claims of Jewish conspiracy. No attributing actions to the fact that someone is a Jew. And (((this sort of thing))) will get you banned.

After which of course we got plenty of straight talking. I have not banned anyone as a result of those comments because they are exactly in line with what I requested. Commenter Richard Nichols in particular made a number of long comments on why he does not believe that the holocaust occurred as officially stated. Which is perfectly fine with me. Straight talking. That’s all I want.

When I write an article and publish it, my opinions are there for all to see. I only respond to comments on occasion; usually when a point of mine has been misinterpreted. But I’m perfectly happy for all of you to go at it hammer and tongs in the manner in which you prefer, as long as the basic rules that I posted are adhered to.

In fact, the comments themselves on the comments thread are exhibit A in how I want things to go. A lot of you were perfectly outraged at the rules that I laid out, while seemingly oblivious to the fact that you were able to say whatever the hell you wanted. Not a single comment on that thread was deleted by yours truly, and no ban hammers were enacted.

And yet, a few long term readers of the blog took the opportunity to take their respective ponies and flounce from the field. Apparently in their eyes their respective departures were a result of my actions. This is incorrect. Their departures are directly a result of their own actions. I have no power over the readership of this blog and in a similar vein, they have no power over me. We are all responsible for our own actions. That is the very highest standard to which any person can be, and should be held.

Robust and frank discussion is something which the progressive left has restricted for far too long through such passive aggressive mechanisms as political correctness, to give just one example. I have no wish to fall into the same trap on the other side of the political spectrum, which seems to be happening all too often on many alt-right and conservative sites. There will be no group think here. My natural aversion to group think has enabled me to come to the opinions which I presently hold. It has also enabled me to be moderately successful in seeing through the bullshit, as it were.

I will have a main article up today; this is just an aside. But as an aside, it is an important one. I will be more than happy to see yesterday’s robust back and forth reflected on as many future articles as possible. I disagreed with many of the points that some of you made in that thread, but I will always defend your right to say it.


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  1. MarkT

    I regard holocaust deniers in the same way I regard moon landing deniers. I don’t have in my personal possession proof that either of these events occurred, but it’s consistent with everything we do know. The idea that a conspiracy on this scale involving thousands of people in a Western country is possible, without anyone breaking ranks and exposing the fraud also defies belief. You therefore have to question the motives and sanity of anyone that believes it didn’t happen. Even in the unlikely event it didn’t happen, it wouldn’t change the fact that the Nazis were evil, so why are they so passionate about this particular subject, particularly when it wasn’t the primary topic of your post? Reading comments on this thread left me feeling like I wanted to take a shower afterwards.

  2. Antidote

    Shower? Aren’t you afraid cyanide gas will pour out?

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