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Podcast #64 – The kindness episode.

The one where I explain why Vox Day is probably the kindest man on the internet. Also, fat people need new chairs, Manhattan going underwater because of the “global warmings”, and much more.

Links mentioned in the episode:

Plagiarism is plagiarism, Vox Day on The Z Man.

A lesson in corporate chaos – two CEOs go head to head on twitter. Nobody wins.

Manhattan to go under water next year. Sorry guys, NASA’s chief scientist said so; it must be true.

13 fat women require bigger chairs and tables. They are having to put up with a ‘hostile environment’.


Feminist Imperative implodes due to Russian makeup hack.


Australia votes for state sanctioned sodomy.


  1. Dan Flynn

    I was looking forward to some of your reflections on same sex marriage Adam. Disappointed.

    • Adam

      The “much more” part included the gay marriage vote. Maybe you should listen to the podcast before being disappointed.

  2. Musn’t forget Malcolm Fraser’s lead role in getting Mugabe into to power. Heaven save us from Australian politicians seeking recognition on the world stage.

  3. Richard Nichols

    Is this the same Vox Day that puts parentheses around Jewish names?

    Surely not!

    • Adam

      Richard, the number one comment rule on my site is don’t be a dick, (pun not intended), something at which you are failing. If you have a problem with my rules just go somewhere else. You have made a lot of comments lately and they have all been on the same subject. Seems like you’re a one trick pony to me.

      Also, Vox’s site, his rules. My site, my rules. Are you adult enough to understand that? Why should I even have to point that out?

  4. Richard Nichols

    Oh dear, you are a delicate little flower, aren´t you. I thought Australian men were made of sterner stuff, but as the vote this week shows those days are over.

    Don´t bother to block me, I wont´t be back.

  5. Michael F Adams

    Ceucesceu and his wife were shot. I have seen the video of their “trial”, then being tied up and taken out to a courtyard. The video did not s how them being shot, but resumed right afterward, with the growing puddle of blood spreading out from their heads. The were not i n Yugoslavia, but Romania.

    The Y2K thing was a cover for a feared majorist attack. The control chips that might have given problems were replaced easily enough. There was great fear that Muslims were going to attack water supplies. An American border guard had discovered a lot of explosives and sabotage manuals in the trunk of a car, attempting to enter the US from Canada. (Maybe also maps of reservoirs around LA? ) I was on duty at my hospital on New Year’s Eve. Everyone had to be, to be available to carry water up stairs. Hospitals run on water, as much as on nursing. Someplace, we have a photo of our water hoard, gallon milk jugs filled with water, in rows in our bathroom. Remember, Clinton was President, and he was as reluctant as the recent gangster occupant of the White House, to acknowledge the mere existence of Muslim terror.

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