This week has seen a bunch of interesting developments – by interesting I mean stupid. But the Roy Moore debacle is way out in front for me. The claims that he dallied with a 14 year old girl are obviously complete rubbish for anyone with half a functioning braincell. As such I am not going to dignify that one, except to say that I have no doubt that it will eventually turn out to be the Russians that did it.
It’s the accusations that a 34 year old Roy Moore had sexual relations and was courting 18 year old women that is really interesting for me. Because, and I want all of you so-called conservatives to listen really closely here, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Now I know that the MSM has been screaming from the rooftops that this behavior is “creepy” and “disgusting” and, God help us all, an “exploitation of vulnerable women”. But it is nothing of the sort. The average mature 18 year old woman is perfectly capable of having sexual relations and choosing with whom she wants to go to bed. After all, she can go to jail for committing a crime; she can serve in the armed forces and be killed for her troubles; she can start her own business; she can serve on a jury; she can drive a car, (allegedly).
And let us not forget that on top of all of this she is a strong independent woman™.
And let us not forget the double cherry on top that if a 34 year old woman courted an 18 year old man then the only thing she would hear from society would be cries of “you go grrrrl!” while she was repeatedly praised for her ability to snaffle a youngin.
So for all of you out there who are not versed in red pill 101, let me explain for you what the real problem is with Moore’s behavior. A successful 34 year old man courting an 18 year old woman goes completely against the feminist imperative’s grand sexual strategy for the modern woman. A 34 year old man must only court 30 – 40 year old women who have believed the solipsistic lie that they could “have it all” and who burnt out their vaginas sleeping with as many blokes as possible in their party years while simultaneously attempting to sleep their way to the top of whatever rubbish profession they elected to major in.
For them to turn around in their 30s, when they’re finally ready to “settle down”, only to discover that men of their own age prefer hot and unspoiled 18 year old babes and are capable of getting them is like a slap across the uterus with a wet chicken.
This is why men must be collectively shamed by society into believing that going out with young beautiful and available women is somehow an act of indecency. Not only is it not, but any man who has spent the decade of his twenties doing his utmost to make a man of himself should be fixating his eye on as many young lovelies as he can get.
We should celebrate Roy Moore’s obvious virile manhood and strong masculinity. His behavior proves that he is in fact the very best candidate for that political position.
And now for the links. I hope you enjoy this carefully cobbled together selection.
The poisonous fruit of social justice.

Everyone is commenting on this New York Times column in which a black professor offers an argument that could be reduced to a syllogism:
Premise A: Donald Trump got elected.
Premise B: Donald Trump is racist;
Conclusion: Black children can’t be friends with white children.

Peaceful separation.

What has become common, when blacks are trotted out by Progressive to lecture us about race, is that they make the case that they will never be satisfied with the efforts of whites. A close reading of this essay reveals that the writer is not unhappy with the social structures of race. He does not like white people. There’s no way he can be happy in America, living among whites, as long as whites continue to act white. This is the state of things. Blacks can never be happy and whites can do anything to change that fact.


CNN are total crap but even they sometimes get stuff right. Slave market in Libya.

Carrying concealed cameras into a property outside the capital of Tripoli last month, we witness a dozen people go “under the hammer” in the space of six or seven minutes.
“Does anybody need a digger? This is a digger, a big strong man, he’ll dig,” the salesman, dressed in camouflage gear, says. “What am I bid, what am I bid?”
Buyers raise their hands as the price rises, “500, 550, 600, 650 …” Within minutes it is all over and the men, utterly resigned to their fate, are being handed over to their new “masters.”
The white Christian world was the first and only human civilization to outlaw slavery. It still exists in the Middle East. It still exists in Asia. It still exists in Latin America. And by God does it still exist in Africa. But we’re the racists.


Nigel Farage accuses the EU parliament of the biggest political corruption scandal in history.

“Open Society boasts that they had 42 forty-two meetings last year with the European Commisision. They’ve even published a book of ‘reliable’ friends in the European Parliament and there are 226 names on that list — including yours, sir! I thought you’d find this interesting!” he told a heckling MEP.
“We even had last week [Guy] Verhofstadt lobbying on behalf of Mr. Soros, at the Conference of Presidents in a battle that is going on with Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary.”


Here’s a little update on that makeup app that I wrote about this week, in case you were wondering if women are losing their minds.

Keep her movin’.


Kids learn painful lesson about socialism when their candy is confiscated.

Under President Obama, Americans were regularly lectured on fairness and how those with lots needed to cough up more to help those with little — classic wealth redistribution and a favorite socialist tactic of Democrats. It’s always sold as, “Everyone pays their fair share.” But who gets to decide what’s fair? The comfortably elite in Washington, that’s who.
But how does this “pay your fair share” scenario play out on a smaller scale, say, among kids and their Halloween candy? Steven Crowder dressed like an idiot to carry out that little experiment in his classic prank, “Obama’s Halloween.”


This week’s awesome Woodpile Report.


The musical break this week is the coolest busker I’ve ever seen. Rock on, man.


New technology means that soon audio will be able to be effectively faked. The MSM will really put words into your mouth.

Recently, they’ve built a program that can replicate your speech patterns and tone almost precisely so long as they’re able to capture at least 40 minutes of your speech (20 minutes for sub-optimal results). According to Adobe, within these 40 minutes you will produce every phonetic combination that their algorithm needs to reproduce the entire English language in your voice. The program accomplishes this by slicing, dicing and reassembling the speech that they’ve capture from you.

Sounds like it could be used for good or evil. I wonder if they considered this …

The most interesting thing about the Radiolab podcast was when they interviewed one of the people who are developing this technology and inquired about the greater implications of doing so.
The woman they talked to had no answer for them. She clearly hadn’t thought much about it and seemed annoyed when they persisted in this direction of questioning. Her attitude was pretty much, well SOMEONE will figure it all out.

So that’s a no then.


The following girl may or may not be 18. If you are a 34 year old man, would you think that it would be inappropriate to ask her out on a date? If the answer to that question is not in the affirmative then you need to turn in your man card.

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