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COTW – Sinterklaas.

Lots of great comments this week but I want to highlight a comment from Dave on the article I wrote about the Australian gay marriage vote victory.

The sad part is of course, these guys will still wake up from their nights on Oxford Street and hate themselves. No amount of propaganda, no matter how many laws are passed, not even a 100% yes return would satisfy them. They know they are messed up, and this exercise in delusion just makes their mental problems all the more worse.

Homosexuals are indeed terribly messed up. Their unhappiness is deeply rooted and it only gets worse with the passing of the years. An example of this bitterness can be found in an article that Australia’s foremost transvestite Malcolm McGregor wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald against his old friend and long time supporter, Tony Abbott. Andrew Bolt has a nice take-down of the piece.

Bolt took particular exception to this paragraph:

The irony of hearing all the self-appointed Outsiders and Tribunes of the average person suddenly bleating that they are a vulnerable minority is exquisite. Welcome to my world. You have had your say. Now step out of the way.

Bitterness and self-hatred level of DEFCON 6. Keep in mind that this was written the day after the gay marriage vote came in. Nothing will satisfy these old faggots. The more that society gives them what they want, the greater their hatred.

The second part of Dave’s comment that I want to quote is the following:

For the rest of us, I have to say, going home to celebrate Christmas will feel so shallow and hollow, looking around at my countrymen with utter contempt. They’ll take the holidays of course, but not for a second consider what the celebration of Christmas is actually about, nor the blasphemy they willingly endorsed and promoted.

Today in Holland the good wife and I went to the grand public ceremony in the town center that saw the arrival of Sinterklaas and his attendants, the wonderful and colorful ‘Black Petes’. They came up the canal in an enormous boat, the horn blaring, and flags and streamers waving in the cold November air. Thousands of people were there to see his arrival. The boat halted and they disembarked to be greeted by an enormous crowd of families and children delirious with happiness. The ceremony and festivities lasted for over an hour and then Sinterklaas was paraded through the town on a white horse while the Black Petes scattered sweets to the children.

Sinterklaas will now stay until December 5th. The children have to be good for all that time if they are to receive their presents when he departs. I watched the festivities with a small ache of happiness in my chest. It was not the traditional Santa Claus of the commercialized Anglo-Saxon world. This was Saint Nicholas. The events had meaning and pathos; a connection that goes back for hundreds of years.

Last year after much pressure from activists the Black Pete characters were forced to color their faces any color except black. The activists had made the ridiculous claim that the characters were racist and racially inspired. The truth is that the characters get the blackened faces from the soot when they come down the chimneys.

The activists won for exactly a single year. Today every single Black Pete had a blackened face. Holland collectively told the activists to take a running jump. It was a wonderful day and a wonderful reminder that some parts of the Western world still take their heritage seriously.


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  1. Adam

    The degenerate lifestyle of gays is the problem. The promotion of it through kindergartens, schools and the media will never make it less reprehensible. But “misery loves company” so the selfish cretins will do it anyway.

    How can gays have any real self respect when they know what they are doing to the world – to the innocent children? But don’t worry, just keep having mindless sex, feed your narcissism with fashion and play the victim. Don’t take any responsibility for truly perverting and fucking up civilisation.

  2. Phil B

    I love the inherent contradiction in the position that the Government should get out of the bedroom and not interfere with adults doing what adults do and then demanding that the Government should simultaneously pass laws that force their bedroom habits on the rest of society. Of course, marriage will be redefined to mean anything that they want it to mean. 1% of the population are forcing the tail wagging the dog of society means that their bedroom antics take precedence above and before all else.

    Just wait until it is not just legal but compulsory.

  3. Dave

    You nailed the mindset with McGregor Adam. Australia has effectively put up a big sign with flashing neon lights saying in the words of macklemore “go harder”. So the revolution continues and they move straight on to the next target….

    Great to hear about this Dutch Sinterklaas celebration and their push back. Good on our Dutch friends. Looks to be a wonderful tradition. Enjoy it mate

  4. The Black Pete “controversy” reminds me of the LA city councilman who was forced to apologize years ago for saying “It’s time we called a spade a spade”. Racist! The word “niggardly”? Racist! History? Sexist!

    It’s not about racism or sexism, it’s about control. We will make you use our language so that you start to think our way.

  5. Brandon

    On the Christmas note: My soon to be seven year-old daughter is becoming suspicious that Father Christmas does not in fact exist. A recent TV News programme about a Santa Klaus Training School with tens of pretend Santa Clauses practicing ho, ho, hoing, did not help. I think she is also under pressure from her school mates as well.

    Generally her dad has encouraged her to believe, think and reason; so it was just a matter of time. I have however consistently told her that Santa Claus’ original name was Saint Nicholas of Myra. I place his Icon on the top of the Christmas Tree encourage her to see that the Saint is in fact one of the “cloud of witnesses”, with the other saints, the Theotoxus and her guardian angel very much “alive” and caring for her and all the children of the world.

    Our church venerates Saint Nicholas by giving presents out to all the children in early December. Christmas eve and midnight liturgy is a wondrous, mysterious, anamnesis of incarnation and hope. Light enters darkness, peace pervades earth and good will emanates towards all men. And of course it is followed by an orgy of wrapping paper and presents, feasting, bickering family gatherings and love.

  6. Ben David

    Reminder: the Lefties FIRST went after the 99 percent of the population that is heterosexual, with Free Love and No-Fault Divorce – both stoked by feminism.

    Most of the damage was done in the 60s and 70s while the gay rights movement was still carefully sidelined, and initial media treatment of gay subculture was carefully filtered.

    In the mid-70s gay rights activists quickly learned from negative AIDS-related publicity about baths, bars, and promiscuity, and hid any evidence of decadence. In the first push to move homosexuality from a dysfunction to a civil rights issue, we were presented with a parade of carefully groomed lesbian aunties in cardigans and pearls, and the leather, chains, and g-strings were carefully hidden by cooperative media. Liberal residents of large gay-friendly cities were taught to think themselves oh-so-superior for tolerating this stuff.

    This was also the first major deployment of politically correct victim-hood: crocodile tears over young AIDS victims was used to blunt observations about the dysfunction that led to those deaths, a triumph of emotional manipulation and cognitive dissonance.

    But ALL this came AFTER the HETEROsexual majority threw over Judeo-Christian sexual morality and agreed to view themselves as hairless chimpanzees. The hetero public accepted the “born that way” myth and the self-declared victimhood/entitlement because they had already accepted pseudo-scientific excuses to embrace their own “natural” sexual desires, and legitimate progress on civil rights issues had been subverted into a discourse about victimhood and entitlement.

    It is a distraction to focus on the gay subculture. Attention and effort must be focused on restoring morality (and common sense) to heterosexual relations.

    From this perspective I take a rather dim view of Game as an instrument of cultural redemption. It may save innocent young men from financial and emotional ruin, but the alternate language it offers perpetuates the Leftie value framework in which humans are defined by their baser instincts. (Similarly, the alt-right perpetuates the Leftie frame of racial discourse, instead of re-asserting the Judeo-Christian humanism on which free democracies are based.)

    It is always easier to focus on someone else’s dysfunction and weakness, instead of one’s own. But it is a distraction to focus on the gay subculture. Attention and effort must be focused on restoring morality (and common sense) to heterosexual relations.

  7. Adam

    Judeo-Christian sexual morality? Maybe. Judeo-Christian humanism? No way. From what I have been hearing and reading, I find that term very offensive. That term indeed sums up, in an ironic & sarcastic, black humour kind of way, many of the problems currently being faced by Western civilisation. I just couldn’t let that one go.

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