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Podcast #65 – The health episode.

New podcast up! No politics!

The one where I talk about doctors and how the vast majority of them are morons. But the reason why we have such an awful medical system is because as a society we have the system that we merit. Your health is your responsibility, not a doctor’s. So start behaving that way. Morons.



SJW assistant professor could soon be living out of the back of his car.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The not topless edition.

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  1. TechieDude

    Boy are you on target with how medicine works in the US. Treat the symptoms. That passage in your first book was instructive.

    I was diagnosed with low-t awhile back. My level was like 192. So what do they suggest? Pellet injections. I had all sorts of other issues – high blood pressure, stomach problems, skin problems. Seemed like I was falling apart.

    Turns out I had cancer. This didn’t manifest until I got a tumor in my lymph system. Even then, my primary doctor thought it the result of sinus infections – Which were getting chronic. Lastly, he sent me to a specialist, even poked the tumor a bit and declared “Well, it’s not cancer” Sure enough it was. Stage 2 there, stage 4 in my throat, which is where it started.

    So I went through a rather grueling treatment. Now it’s past. In the process, I went to an endocrinologist who sorted me out – Turns out, guess what isn’t produced as much when you have cancer? Testosterone. Guess what some forms of blood pressure suppress? testosterone. Alcohol, same thing. Weight, Same thing.

    Guess what your body stops producing when you have T pellets inserted? Testosterone.

    Long story short, I’m all sorted out. Even with my Alcohol consumption, My T count is 400 and rising. Not bad for a geezer.

    BTW – Nothing worse than someone that just started down the vegan path. Had to listen to an old friend preach to me the benefits of vegan life, looking all the while like a pale bag of skin – worse than me when I had cancer.

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