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Podcast #66 – The Tonic Masculinity episode.

The podcast returns after my week of sickness and misery.

I discuss Milo’s tour of Australia, a video of a classic SJW playbook routine, how the earth is getting colder not hotter, and round it up with a general observation on the cowardice of modern men.

Links mentioned in the show:

Milo rocks Melbourne.

The SJW Playbook – must see 5 minute video.

The earth is really cold right now.

Planet entering a new Dalton Minimum.


The Australian property bubble – you don't save money by spending it.


My proposal for a musical theme for the Alt-West.


  1. TechieDude

    I like the conversational tone of your podcast. To be honest, I skip by all that dopey opening bullshit on Clarey’s. He also tends to babble, so I tend to move on.

    And the great one has an irritating voice (and babbles), and a noisy, tough on the eyes website. So it’s rare I spend any time on him.

    All for what it’s worth, I suppose.

  2. Can’t say I’m bothered about the hum-ing and ar-ing. You get there. Structure is important. I do like Clarey’s music as it sets up the start of the podcast and means he hits the ground running.

  3. Roofless

    There is a subtle difference with the rest. Its a virtual gentlemans club and the conversion feels one to one rather than to a mass of people. You have class even for an Ozzie. Something that was gained from your curiosity and life experience. I’m here to learn from someone that can articulate his thoughts in a consistent and elegant way.

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