Today we had the first snow for the season in the gloomy Netherlands. Hail, ice, snow flurries, low clouds, thunder, lightening, and all the other bits. Just the way I like it. There’s nothing like real weather to let you know you’re alive. I love all the seasons, but winter holds a special place in my dark heart. Although technically speaking it is still autumn. Not until the winter solstice later this month will we be able to state that we are having real winter weather.
Despite what the majority of people think, autumn is one of the best times of the year to be outside. There’s nothing like trudging through some fields or forest paths at this time of year. It’s also great for outside activities at home. As long as you’re set up for it. A good wood burning stove or fire pit makes all the difference. When we finally purchase the new abode it will be one of the first things that I install.
The gloomy weather also softens the hard edges of urban civilization. Courtesy of The Woodpile Report, (as always, don’t forget to check it out this week), is this wonderful painting by Louis Grimshaw that he painted back when art was still beautiful.

Doesn’t that just make you want to light your pipe and settle down with a good book in front of the fire? Well, with that in mind, it’s time for the Friday hawt chicks and links.

How Joy Reid’s homophobic history illustrates Vox Day’s third law of SJWs.

What you realize is that progressives consider their politics a substitute for virtue. They consider themselves morally superior to others, simply because of their left-wing political beliefs. This belief in their own moral superiority means that leftists do not consider themselves constrained by ordinary standards of decent behavior. The rules don’t apply to them. Leftists claim the authority to pass judgment on others, no matter how bad their own behavior may be. And, quite often, leftists are guilty of the very same wrongdoing of which they accuse their enemies.

Vox Day’s two books on this subject matter are required reading. I’ll be posting a review of his second book on SJWs soon.


Two interesting game related posts by Roissy this week.
Challenging girls to impress you. Roissy was on a date and feeling a bit out of it.

Explaining myself, I answered ingenuously, “I dunno….I can be wordy when I’m inspired.”
She caught her breath, leaned back in her chair and then forward with theatrical relish, and said “Huh.”
When a girls says “huh”, you can assume there are a thousand other unspoken words attached to that utterance, and most of them are rationalizations for her growing intrigue with the pleasure of your company.
She added, after a lengthy beat, “Are you not feeling inspired now?”, and that was my cue to shift the gears into overdrive.

And then another post the next day that is related. How to know when a date is heading south.

The fact is that most men lose the woman sometime between getting her number and the second date, before sex has bound her fate to his and colored her judgment in his favor. The majority of scuttled attempts at sex occur when the man loses his veiny hold on a woman’s imagination while on a date, when he has to be on top of his game for a few hours …
… The correct response to the sideways girlgaze is the opposite of what most men do: instead of trying harder to reach her, you put less effort into reconnecting. Her sideways gaze is your cue to flirt with other women, such as the waitress, or a passing rando. Miraculously, her wandering oculars will spring back to you, peripherally offended and yet enticed by the gauzy apprehension of your aloof and indifferent ZFGness. It’ll amaze and astound how quickly a girl’s interest reignites when presented with the possibility that the man she had begun writing off has legitimate competing objects for his affection.


Is aerobic cardio exercise a waste of time?

Unless you are deconditioned, geriatric, or have a heart problem, extended (40-60+ minutes) of pure aerobic activity offers minimal fitness gains. For some people, though, a morning 3-mile jog is a pleasurable wake-up, and pleasure is good. That’s recreation, not fitness-training.

The gym is full of these people, slowly moving on some electronic contraption, convincing themselves that they are “fit” while their body atrophies.

I say that if you can breathe or talk, it isn’t exertion: it’s recreation.

Damn straight. If you’re lifting weights and chatting to someone then you’re worse than useless.


If you could open and run your dream establishment what would it be? How about a truffle pasta and Led Zeppelin bar?

It prompted Mackintosh and Crago to seriously consider whether a restaurant that only sold fresh pasta with truffles, red wine – and which played only Led Zeppelin – would work. They decided it would … but only in Tokyo.
“Tokyo, for me, is defined by small experiences,” says Mackintosh. “Little wine or whisky bars, ramen counters, they’re all small, most of them seat like 10 people. So doing something very focused and narrow felt right in Tokyo.”

And the Zep is played from vinyl. Who are these people?


Apparently bitcoin contributes to climate change. No, really …

Vox and The New Republic (TNR) have pieces out highlighting the massive amounts of energy it takes to mine Bitcoins, most of which comes from fossil fuels. Most Bitcoins are mined in China, fueled by cheap coal power.
TNR’s Emily Atkin wrote that “Bitcoins are contributing to the warming of the atmosphere without providing a significant public benefit in return,” adding “[w]e only have 32 years left for carbon emissions to peak and then rapidly decrease, if our planet is to remain livable.”

I can’t even … keep her movin’.


Making Christmas gay.

Did I say season of peace? That would suggest that the gaystappo decided to take the season off from insulting Christians, but of course, that didn’t happen. Instead the LGBTQWTF brigade is out in force on Twitter trending the hashtag #Gaytivities, showing their personal nativity displays with two Marys or two Josephs kneeling over a baby Jesus …
… The LGBTQWTF crowd just loves urinating on traditions and then howling “homophobe” at the people whose traditions were just trashed. For decades now we’ve been asking nicely for them to please just leave us alone. Be whatever two-spirited, pansexual, transracial freak you want to be, but leave us (and our kids) out of it. They just can’t. Instead of creating their own alternative traditions and celebrations, they desecrate ours for fun. Marriage is a joke, entertainment is porn, sex education is a horror show, and now they want Christmas.

The good wife and I, inspired by our return to civilization, have this year made our very first Christmas tree. A real tree, the biggest one we could find. We got us some very nice lights; pale yellow which gives it that warm fuzzy feeling. The Dutch have a wonderful word for this: gezellig. To pronouce that you first of all need to say ‘huh’ and then proceed to spit halfway across the room.
We got lots of nice balls, tastefully selected by yours truly. I went with silver as the overall theme with hints of blue and then punctuated with red. It was quite fun to set up.
Oh, and there is a total absence of poofters.


Porn star commits suicide after mob hounds her for refusing partner who previously had gay sex.

However, her death is stirring up quite a controversy, because in the days leading up to it, Ames was being bullied heavily online, including several specific suggestions that she kill herself. Ames had tweeted that she had backed out of a sex scene because it wasn’t disclosed that the man she was supposed to have sex with had done gay porn.

Obviously the fag lovers left the ‘love trumps hate’ slogan at the door in this particular instance. Their time will come.


Music for the week for your enjoyment. As always I try to come up with something that the majority of people have never heard of before, or if they have then they’ve forgotten all about it. Rediscovery is sometimes just as rewarding as discovery.


Today’s hawt chick is brought to you by yoga. And losing your raisin in a gap.


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