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Podcast #67 – The sit down money episode.

The one where I discuss the new and improved version of communism known as universal basic income.
Also, a dangerous journey in the snow, cooking for bachelors, and much more.

And our Christmas tree!


Communism attempts to reinvent itself as a universal basic income.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The Inspiration edition.

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  1. Wow, I am basically caught up on podcast listening and not chiming in two weeks late like I normally do.

    I was a fairly big supporter of BMI on the presumption that it would completely replace the rest of the welfare state. The biggest problem there is that there is no way that it ever would. There would be a BMI and then the progs would start in on “but the children…” and the welfare state would come screaming back in all it’s glory.

    The advantage of BMI over the current system (if you could eliminate etc etc) is that it would require budgeting skills by recipients. No more free food, free rent, free everything, but a check that you use to pay your bills. Hard choices to be made and many would improve their daily living skills.

    Disadvantages of BMI (even clean) are, as you coherently state, that it is “sit down money”, a phrase I love and will now adopt. It dis-incentivizes work and self improvement. I also suspect that it would never be enough. I recently finished reading David Weber’s Honor Harrington series and (other than the “women are just as great as men at everything and better at some things” meme), the problem with the big antagonist, the People’s Republic of Haven, is that the vast majority of the people are on BMI with constant pressure to increase it regardless of affordability, and that there is no incentive to work which means that the PRH needs to expand or die. It has the ring of truth based on my knowledge of the human condition.

    Final note: I hate the move to video pod-casting. I have no desire or inclination to sit and watch someone talk. I want to listen so that I can do other things simultaneously. I don’t know where this got started but I wish it would go away.

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